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AC Henry Parkins (Character)
from "Foyle's War" (2002)

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"Foyle's War: Casualties of War (#4.4)" (2007)
AC Henry Parkins: I need Mr. Foyle's driver to take me to the Regency Hotel. Where is he?
Samantha Stewart: Oh... That's me, sir.
AC Henry Parkins: What?...
Samantha Stewart: I'm Mr. Foyle's driver.
AC Henry Parkins: But that's not a police uniform.
Samantha Stewart: Well, no, I was, um, transferred from the MTC. I know it's a bit irregular, but what with the war and everything, there was no one else.
AC Henry Parkins: It's more than irregular! A transfer from the MTC, it's unheard of! How long has this been going on for?
Samantha Stewart: About three years... I don't mind, really...
AC Henry Parkins: It's not you I'm thinking of, it's police procedure!
Sgt Brooke: Well, would you rather walk, sir?

AC Henry Parkins: Morning, I've finished my investigation of the south coast and have to get back to London.
Christopher Foyle: Well, absolutely no intention of keeping you. Well, I'm primarily here to find out about the De Perez situation.
AC Henry Parkins: I'm afraid I can't help you. He's attached to the embassy, as he told you and as such he is beyond our reach. Spain declared their neutrality back in september '39... However, many of their diplomats, the consular service, the police and the coast guard work for the germans. I got this from a friend in whitehall. He suggested we pass on what we know about De Perez, to the security services
Christopher Foyle: And what will they do?
AC Henry Parkins: I doubt they will do anything. They know who he is, and what he is. Doubtless they have their own reasons for keeping him at large.
Christopher Foyle: And so he is free... Well, that's marvellous, they all go free.
AC Henry Parkins: What do you mean?
Christopher Foyle: Well, him, Evelyn Richards, Lindemann...
AC Henry Parkins: Lindemann?
Christopher Foyle: Lindemann.
AC Henry Parkins: You're not saying he's involved, are you?
Christopher Foyle: I am.
AC Henry Parkins: What on earth are you suggesting?
Christopher Foyle: On the day he dies, how does Michael Richards, er, in such an extremely good mood, as a result of taking a phonecall, come to be so very angry and violent so very shortly afterwards. If he goes to the research center with the intention of doing as much damage as possible, why does he need his best suit and a bunch of flowers to do it? How does a woman with no experience of firearms manage to shoot her drunk, violent husband so very presicely in between the eyes and such premeditated fashion. I'm suggesting, that she made the call to her husband inviting him to the center, with the prospect of an improvement in their relationship, where he was shot, by Lindemann.
AC Henry Parkins: And why would they do this?
Christopher Foyle: Because they are having an affair - for which we do have proof.
AC Henry Parkins: It's not enough.
Christopher Foyle: Right... Well it certainly is for me.
AC Henry Parkins: Foyle -...
Christopher Foyle: No, with this sort of thing. um, virtually condoned for the sake of the war effort - A man guilty of coercion and sabotage can't be touched, while two boys guilty of nothing more than slipping of the rails because of lack of parental conltrol, will get several years of hard labour, assistant commissioners doing their very best to undermine me in front of my staff - yeah, I'd say I've had enough.
AC Henry Parkins: Look, I... I know, you and I got off to a bad start, Foyle. It was my fault and I apologize for it. But it's not too late, we can have an other look at mrs. Richards. And I'l tell you what. You know a young woman, Lydia Nicholson? I have here a report concerning an attempted suicide, a recommendation to prosecute.
[Parkins tears the report in half]
AC Henry Parkins: You see, justice can sometimes be manipulated to help the individual.
Christopher Foyle: Your justice perhaps, not mine.
[Leaving a letter on the table]
AC Henry Parkins: Look, You can't do this!
[Foyle leaves without saying another word]
AC Henry Parkins: Damn it!
Christopher Foyle: [voice-over as AC Parkins reads the letter] Assistant Commissioner Parkins: I have suggested to you that maintaining the law in time of war is all but impossible. I have now reached the conclusion that I am no longer up to the task, and it would seem therefore that there can be no useful purpose in me remaining in my position. I'm therefore offering you my resignation effective as of now. I remain, sir, your obedient servant, Christopher Foyle.

"Foyle's War: Plan of Attack (#5.1)" (2008)
AC Henry Parkins: [as Foyle is walking toward him] Mr. Foyle.
DCS Christopher Foyle: Uh-oh!
Rev. Aubrey Stewart: What is it?
DCS Christopher Foyle: Trouble!