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Mary Brien (Character)
from "Press Gang" (1989)

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"Press Gang: The Rest of My Life (#2.10)" (1990)
Spike Thomson: [to Mary] You sure you're okay?
Mary Brien: I'm okay, so long as you're talking. How long can you keep talking, Spike?
Spike Thomson: Hey, you're talking to an expert talker here. The question is how long can you keep listening?
Mary Brien: The rest of my life.

Spike Thomson: [theorising as to what caused the explosion in the record shop] My guess is, it was a gas leak. I was saying to this guy just before I could smell gas and he couldn't. I said it must be time for me to change my underwear.
[Mary laughs]
Spike Thomson: See, you find that funny! He didn't get it! I had to spend about an hour explaining it to him! I've still got the diagram somewhere. Are you okay in there?
Mary Brien: I'm fine. Keep talking.
Spike Thomson: Anyway, the next thing I'm at the counter buying a tape for a friend. That old shopkeeper, the guy with the moustache, he's just ringing up on the till and I'm just realising that I don't have any money on me. Then, the shop blows up, and I remember thinking what a lucky break!
Mary Brien: At least you're keeping your sense of humour.
Spike Thomson: It's the last thing to go. I'm told I joke when I'm nervous.
Mary Brien: Who told you that?
Spike Thomson: Someone. Okay, a girl. Okay, a girl I go out with. Do you have to ask so many questions?
Mary Brien: Tell me about her. Keep talking.
Spike Thomson: Well...well, she's kind of...what can I say? Well, she's got a temper as short as her skirt, but great legs, though. I'm not always sure where her head's at. Then again, I'm not always sure where my head's at. We're great together, though, we just don't have heads!
Mary Brien: Sounds interesting.
Spike Thomson: We got this kind of, thing together, you know? I'm not sure what kind of thing it is, it's just a thing thing. It's all still a secret, anyway. I'm swearing you to secrecy, you understand that, don't you?
Mary Brien: What's her name?
Spike Thomson: Er, you're gonna have to speak up, you're fading on me there.
Mary Brien: [more clearly] What's her name?
Spike Thomson: Okay, I'll tell you, but, this is secret information. Okay? Her name's Lynda. Lynda Day.

Mary Brien: Talk to me, Spike. It gets very lonely when you're quiet.