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Adelle DeWitt (Character)
from "Dollhouse" (2009)

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"Dollhouse: Echoes (#1.7)" (2009)
Adelle DeWitt: [after hearing Dominic is infected by the drug] We need to know what it is.
Topher Brink: Yes, well, we will. When I figure it out.
Adelle DeWitt: And reversing the effect? Are you making any progress?
Topher Brink: I'm working! What are you doing? Besides being...
Adelle DeWitt: Being what?
Topher Brink: Wait a minute...
Adelle DeWitt: Sarcastic? Unfeeling? British?
Topher Brink: It's an animal.
Adelle DeWitt: Where?
Topher Brink: No, the word!
Adelle DeWitt: Still you have to admit, I am... very British. I don't say hard R's.
Topher Brink: You know what I like? Brown sauce. What's it made of? Science doesn't know!
Adelle DeWitt: It's made of brown.
Topher Brink: Brown. Mined from the earth by the hardscrabble brown miners of North Brownderton.
Adelle DeWitt: Oh, my God. I find lentils completely incomprehensible. What the sun-dappled hell is Echo doing at Fremont?
Topher Brink: That's got nothing to do with the drug, which means our problems are huge and indomitable.
Adelle DeWitt: Ooh. I could eat that word. Or a crisp. Do you have any crisps?
Topher Brink: You haven't seen my drawer of inappropriate starches? C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon!
[Adelle giggles; it is clearly apparent that both she and Topher are now infected by the drug]
Adelle DeWitt: [walking with Topher] Oh my god, I'm having such a terrible day.

Adelle DeWitt: [Hiding after November appears to self-trigger her lethal fighting skills] I don't hear anything. She didn't finish the trigger code... she's probably right as rain.
Topher Brink: Go check.
Adelle DeWitt: [Angrily] I am your superior!
Topher Brink: In every way. Go check.

Adelle DeWitt: My offer is this: your life for your life. I get five years, you get the rest. You'll be free.
Caroline: Is that you talking or the Rossum Coporation? Why me? Why did you pick me?
Adelle DeWitt: Caroline, you picked us. This is a good thing, Caroline.
Caroline: I know what I saw. What started this.

Topher Brink: You could've said no.
Adelle DeWitt: The Rossum Corporation is why we exist. And I believe in the work we're funding. I also believe that the only reason I don't have Clive Ambrose's job, is 'cause he couldn't handle mine!

Adelle DeWitt: Which college?
Boyd Langton: Fremont. I tracked Echo here.
Adelle DeWitt: Oh please, God, be joking!
Boyd Langton: Why? What's up?

Adelle DeWitt: It's not being sold, Topher. The effect is spreading. Mr. Dominic is exhibiting erratic behavior.
Topher Brink: [laughs nervously] He didn't take any. There's no way Dom would consciously try and have fun! It could be airborne.

Adelle DeWitt: I know why Echo went to Fremont.
Topher Brink: To punish you?
Adelle DeWitt: To let Caroline punish me.

Topher Brink: [infected Topher is talking to Victor-as-NSA-Agent on the phone] Listen to me carefully. I've got a huge phalanx of machines that go "PING!" And this drug is carried by anyone exposed to it... through touch! It is mandated that you get any Rossum operatives off the grounds and send them back here.
Adelle DeWitt: [Infected Adelle is jumping on a trampoline on the half-level below] Say Hi for me!
Topher Brink: [Ignoring Adele, continuing to talk to Victor over the phone] Nope. You Dolls, your...
[cringes at his mistake]
Topher Brink: By which... I mean of course... I mean NSA, CDC folks. You're safe as houses. Because of the government. They do things! But anyone else who comes into physical contact with the drug or anyone that is infected is susceptible. Am I sure?
[camera pulls back to reveal he's not wearing pants]
Topher Brink: I am fairly sure.
[to the infected DeWitt]
Topher Brink: Secret Agent Victor is so lofty.
Adelle DeWitt: I have a good story about him.
Topher Brink: Hold on, hold on.
[to himself]
Topher Brink: I have another call.
[into the phone]
Topher Brink: I have another call... I have a "better" call! Boyd. Did you find Echo?
Adelle DeWitt: [snatches phone and looks at Topher angrily] Boyd. Did you find Echo?
Boyd Langton: It's alright Miss DeWitt. I-I've worked it out.
Adelle DeWitt: Worked out what? Is Echo contained?
Boyd Langton: Just listen.
[the infected Boyd props cell phone up and starts playing the piano]
Adelle DeWitt: [the infected Adelle puts phone on speaker and she and the infected Topher smile blissfully and enjoy the music... both giggling insanely] Beautiful...

"Dollhouse: A Love Supreme (#2.8)" (2009)
Adelle DeWitt: One wonders how she managed. Out there. Alone. The odds of an active in an infantile state surviving outside the Dollhouse unprotected. I suppose we must take into account the fact that Echo is special.
Paul Ballard: You're punishing her for surviving. It's complete lunacy!

Paul Ballard: I know that you're looking for something that I don't think you'll find.
Adelle DeWitt: Well, you see in the Dollhouse, things aren't always what they seem.

Adelle DeWitt: Alpha? What proof do we have?
Boyd Langton: Aside from the note, nothing.
Paul Ballard: But it makes sense. He's the only only out there with knowledge of this place and an obsession with Echo.
Adelle DeWitt: I thought that was you, Mr. Ballard.
Paul Ballard: You're hilarious.

Adelle DeWitt: I'm very sorry for Echo's suffering, but we must have answers.
Paul Ballard: So, if she floats, she's a witch.

Alpha: Are you scared?
Adelle DeWitt: Out of my mind.
Alpha: Smart girl. Of course, I could never be out of my mind. I have so many, the second I'm out of one, I'm right into the next.

Alpha: What do you think of how I spent my summer?
Adelle DeWitt: Most intriguing.
Alpha: That's what I love about the British - your talent for understatement. Also Python. Well, tally-ho then! In fact, what say we tally your ho's? How many you got down there these days? A couple hundred? More? Less?

Adelle DeWitt: You can't hope to get to Mr. Mynor without security intervening.
Alpha: Well, we can always hope.
Adelle DeWitt: Why don't I have him simply sent up?
Alpha: What, with a puckish pinot?

"Dollhouse: The Public Eye (#2.5)" (2009)
Matthew Harding: [Speaking of November] Remind me why you released her from her contract 2 years early.
Adelle DeWitt: It was an internal matter.
Matthew Harding: [Looking at Ballard] Right. Something to do with keeping you from exposing this house to the public. Well, that worked out.

Paul Ballard: [Speaking of November] So just how much danger is she in?
Adelle DeWitt: A former active once made a passing reference to us in his blog... That was his *last* entry.
Paul Ballard: So going before the United States Senate that would be worse.
Adelle DeWitt: Considerably.

Adelle DeWitt: She's a sleeper.
Paul Ballard: An assasin you mean. Like Madeline when she was Mellie.
Adelle DeWitt: Oh please, she didn't kill you.

Adelle DeWitt: Once a Sleeper Active's protocol has been triggered, the thing you're facing will neither be reasoned with, or stopped.

Paul Ballard: This is the same tech that turned Echo into a serial killer.
Topher Brink: We said we wouldn't dwell on that. He's dwelling.
Adelle DeWitt: Just continue.

Senator Daniel Perrin: Why should I belive anything you say?
Adelle DeWitt: Because I am the person that programmed Bree to blackmail you. If I wanted to kill you, you'd be dead already.
Senator Daniel Perrin: Hey, you don't want me dead. Wow, I feel like we're really bonding.

"Dollhouse: Haunted (#1.10)" (2009)
Margaret: Addy. Adelle. What's wrong? You look terrible.
Adelle DeWitt: Margaret, I'm sorry to be the one to tell you. You're dead.

Margaret: I swear I've never felt this good. Did being young feel this good?
Adelle DeWitt: I seem to recall it was rather nice. I wonder why we gave it up.
Margaret: Please. You're, what, ten years younger than me?
Adelle DeWitt: And oddly, fifteen years older. Just remember, it's temporary.
Margaret: Just a chance to indulge my curiosity. See my own funeral. Who wouldn't want that?
Adelle DeWitt: To hear what the world really thought of us? To count up the number who love us?

Adelle DeWitt: Illusions aren't worthless. They're at the heart of most relationships.
Margaret: I suppose you'd be out of a job if they weren't.

Adelle DeWitt: Any idea who?
Boyd Langton: No. If I went in...
Adelle DeWitt: She has a new handler. You're going to have to get used to it.
Boyd Langton: Yes. I guess I am.

Adelle DeWitt: Tell me you weren't tempted, even a little not to come back here today. Just to disappear in this... body.
Margaret: Maybe a little. But I've had my turn. And the people I loved are moving on. Besides...
Adelle DeWitt: Besides?
Margaret: I know you, Adelle. You're too much like me. I wouldn't have gotten as far as the airport.

Adelle DeWitt: I'm not planning on presiding over the end of Western civilization. This is a one-time situation.

"Dollhouse: Man on the Street (#1.6)" (2009)
Adelle DeWitt: There are 3 flowers in a vase. The third flower is green.

Laurence Dominic: You played a good hand ma'am.
Adelle DeWitt: I played a very bad hand very well. There is a distinction.
Laurence Dominic: Of course.

Adelle DeWitt: Why didn't you tell us you were setting up Hearn?
Boyd Langton: He had to be clear. He had to be flush with success or he'd never have tried again.
Adelle DeWitt: You will never take action like that on your own again inside these walls. Am I clear?
Boyd Langton: You're clear.
Adelle DeWitt: A bonus is being wired to your account.
Boyd Langton: I don't need a bonus.
Adelle DeWitt: Well I need to give it to you. That's all.

Laurence Dominic: Ma'am, do you have an exit strategy? We have a handler abusing an active, Federal Agent interrupting an engagement, spilling his guts to the nearest civilian. I take much of that as my responsibility. But the higher ups will target *you* if this all goes south.
Adelle DeWitt: Your concern is touching, but my bags are not packed. You will bring the handler to me. And as for the interpid agent, tell Topher to prep Echo. I think they're ready for a second date.

Adelle DeWitt: Can you imagine at all, why it is you're not dead?
Hearn: You probably got something worse planned. You gonna erase my brain, turn me into one of your fantasy boys.
Adelle DeWitt: I find it a bit sad that you think of yourself as a candidate for anyone's fantasy.

Adelle DeWitt: Topher did everything he knows to remove the experience. Ignorance in this case, truly is bliss.
Laurence Dominic: I don't think they're as ignorant as they're supposed to be.
Adelle DeWitt: No. We're working on it.

"Dollhouse: Belonging (#2.4)" (2009)
Adelle DeWitt: Which Dr. Saunders would that be? The avuncular physician so brutally cut down not five feet from where you were standing? Or the last woman to whom you gave a permanent imprint, the other wounded flower you restored by offering her a new life. Who apparently found you so unbearable she had to flee the city, is it that one?

Boyd Langton: How did this get by DeWitt?
Topher Brink: We gotta tell her. She's going to flip her biscuits. Unless... you don't think she already knows?
Adelle DeWitt: She does now.

Matthew Harding: Do you really want to go to Rossum with this? And accuse one of their most valued assets of being a kidnapper and rapist.
Adelle DeWitt: That is what he is! And if we do this, what does that make us?
Matthew Harding: What we are already.
Adelle DeWitt: We're not slave merchants, Mr. Harding. I won't do this. However she got here, she's here. In my house, and therefore in my care!

Adelle DeWitt: The cold reality is that everyone here was chosen because their morals had been compromised in some way. Everyone except you, Topher. You were chosen because you had no morals. You had always thought of people as playthings. This is not a judgement. You always take good care of your toys. But you're going to have to let this one go.

Adelle DeWitt: I'd no sooner let you near another one of our actives than I'd let a mad dog near a child.
Nolan Kinnard: What did you say?
Adelle DeWitt: You're a rapist scumbag just one tick short of a murderer. I've forgotten, do you take sugar with your tea?

"Dollhouse: A Spy in the House of Love (#1.9)" (2009)
Adelle DeWitt: Everyone has their first date... and the object is to hide your flaws. And then you're in a relationship and it's all about hiding your disappointment. Then once you're married it's about hiding your sins.

Adelle DeWitt: [to Topher about Echo] She just saved the Dollhouse. Keep an eye on her. Echo might be useful to us in ways we haven't yet realized.

Boyd Langton: I appreciate the offer, but I prefer to stay with Echo. I need to take care of her.
Adelle DeWitt: Apparently you don't. It seems she's the one taking care of us.

Laurence Dominic: Did Rossum tell you why they're calling you in?
Adelle DeWitt: Considering our recent track record, I'm sure they want to pat me on the head and tell me I've been running a crackerjack operation. Maybe there'll be cake.

Adelle DeWitt: It's ironic. Sometimes I think you're the most real person I've ever met.
Roger: That's not irony. No one gets that right.

"Dollhouse: Omega (#1.12)" (2009)
Topher Brink: I made it very clear these imprints were prone to paranoia. I flagged it in the paperwork.
Adelle DeWitt: Just as a point of interest, how potentially lethal would you say these imprints are?

Adelle DeWitt: The Alpha situation was an unfortunate technological anomaly.
Paul Ballard: "A technological anomaly?" My God, what have you people done?

Adelle DeWitt: This isn't the end of your life.
Caroline: Then why do I feel like I'm walking to the gallows?
Adelle DeWitt: Five years, and to you, it'll feel like an instant.

Adelle DeWitt: Carl William Craft.
Paul Ballard: Three names. Always ominous

Adelle DeWitt: Well he never actually killed anybody.
Boyd Langton: Not until he came here.

"Dollhouse: The Hollow Men (#2.12)" (2010)
Topher Brink: I did all of this. I'm the one who brings about the thought-pocalypse.
Adelle DeWitt: Thought-pocalypse?
Topher Brink: Is brain-pocalypse better? I figure, if I'm responsible for the end of the world, I get to name it.
Adelle DeWitt: I gave the plans to Harding, I'm just as culpable.
Topher Brink: Thanks Adelle. You handed someone a piece of paper. I invented it. Which means I have to destroy it.

Adelle DeWitt: Is that even possible?
Topher Brink: The mad scientist in me says 'yes.'

Boyd Langton: The wedge must have been damaged.
Topher Brink: No! Bennett fixed the wedge. She *died* fixing it!
Adelle DeWitt: Then maybe Echo and Caroline aren't getting along.

Clyde: This world is for people who can evolve.
Adelle DeWitt: And does that include us?
Clyde: Isn't that what you're here to find out.

Boyd Langton: You've proven yourselves in so many ways. I-I-I wanted you all with me - except for Paul. There's always one relative you could live without. And, frankly, I never understood what you saw in him.
Adelle DeWitt: So you want us to keep you company? Fiddling while Rome burns. Thank you very much, I'd rather be dead.

"Dollhouse: Getting Closer (#2.11)" (2010)
Adelle DeWitt: Ms.Halverson, as you correctly noted, you have been abducted. Now, you can be treated as a prisoner or as a guest. It's entire...
[Topher moves his arms a bit out of sight from Bennett and Adelle understands asking Bennett]
Adelle DeWitt: Can I get you anything?
Bennett Halverson: [sigh] A diet soda.
Topher Brink: I have some! I mean, in my fridge. Come on. Well, lab's in here. You showed me yours. Let me show you mine.

Topher Brink: Ivy's right, we actually don't know what dumping Caroline into Echo's brain will do. Your original self comes home to find the house party that's going on inside your head. She might fight back.
Echo: She'd lose.
Adelle DeWitt: All right, pull Caroline from the Vault. Put Echo in the chair.

Adelle DeWitt: Caroline Farrel left quite a trail of unhappiness in her wake, and not a few bodies.
Echo: Are you saying she's evil?
Adelle DeWitt: Worse. An idealist. I shouldn't be at all surprised if it turned out her wedge had gotten up and walked out on its own.

Adelle DeWitt: [after Boyd kills some men in DeWitt's office] Well, I guess we can agree this carpet's done for.

Adelle DeWitt: You have much to answer for, young woman.
Echo: [as Caroline] *I* do?
Adelle DeWitt: You forced me to come to Arizona. I loathe Arizona.

"Dollhouse: Needs (#1.8)" (2009)
Laurence Dominic: I was just informed we have four actives preparing to escape.
Adelle DeWitt: [grins] Right on schedule.

Boyd Langton: We can't jump at shadows. I don't wanna report that my active asked for toast and have her sent to the Attic. We were hired to protect them.
Adelle DeWitt: In the field, yes, Mr. Langton. In here, we protect the house! A tide is rising. Until we learn how to turn it back, we pile up the sandbags together. Unless anyone here thinks they've got a better idea.

Laurence Dominic: [Realizing Echo's in the building] She was in the car.
Adelle DeWitt: Apparently she's got one step ahead of us. I should have seen this coming. This is Caroline, minus the memories. But it's her. And this is exactly what Caroline would do.

Echo: Who are you?
Adelle DeWitt: Adelle Dewitt. I am responsible for this facility and everyone in it.
Echo: Then you are one sick bitch!

Dr. Claire Saunders: We give them what they need.
Adelle DeWitt: Dr. Saunders?
Dr. Claire Saunders: Closure. If actives have particularly poignant or reoccurring experiences, these can cause desires, emotional needs, or reactivate old ones that existed before they came here. Open loops. If they're able to close those loops to get some sense of resolve...
Adelle DeWitt: You're recommending we allow them to take a self-guided journey.
Dr. Claire Saunders: Just the priority cases. Let the tide come in. It's the only way to wash it back out.

"Dollhouse: Meet Jane Doe (#2.7)" (2009)
Adelle DeWitt: It feels like ages ago that we actually weighed a request against an active's chance at survival. Let alone well being.
Boyd Langton: We've always put them at risk. We just don't lie to ourselves about it now.
Adelle DeWitt: You sound like Harding.

Boyd Langton: You need to take this house back.
Adelle DeWitt: And how am I supposed to do that?
Boyd Langton: The Adelle I knew would never ask me that question.

Topher Brink: I think they're trying to build a portable device that would be able to imprint anyone without any active architecture in place. Any innocent on the street with a new personality.
Adelle DeWitt: That's unnerving.
Topher Brink: What's unnerving is - I figured out how to do it.

Topher Brink: You are the coldest bitch on the planet!
Adelle DeWitt: That is the last time you will ever speak to me like that, or at all unless spoken to. You're off R&D and back on programming. You will imprint these dolls with dedication and precision. And you will follow every single one of my commands as if they were your hearts deepest desire.
Topher Brink: And what happens if I don't?
Adelle DeWitt: I would hope that, as some who does care for you, that you will never find that out. I rule this house! I won't let *anyone* challenge that, ever again!

"Dollhouse: Gray Hour (#1.4)" (2009)
Topher Brink: [after listening to a call between Boyd and Echo] That's not - Uh-uh. That didn't happen. How do I know that didn't happen? Because that *can't* happen!
Adelle DeWitt: Topher, what can't happen?
Laurence Dominic: This goes nowhere good.
Topher Brink: I'm pretty sure, I'm kind of positive, actually, that something happened - the exact same thing happened, except without the chair.
Adelle DeWitt: You've stated that remote wipes aren't possible.
Topher Brink: I've said they're untested. I-I've said they're a very bad, bad idea. I've said I can't do them.

Laurence Dominic: I'll notify Boyd. He may have to neutralize her.
Adelle DeWitt: No! I'm beginning to suspect he hasn't the proper distance. Send out for Ramirez and Hutchins. Put them on stand-by.
Laurence Dominic: I'm sorry.
Adelle DeWitt: Me too.

Topher Brink: It was Alpha, wasn't it? Nobody else could come even close to pulling off a remote wipe. He's alive. He's out there.
Adelle DeWitt: [Puts some papers on the table] You'll need to sign and initial at the bottom.
Topher Brink: Is this... Am I fired?
Adelle DeWitt: I'm upping your security clearance.

Adelle DeWitt: [to Topher] Sign and initial at the bottom. I'll tell you what I know about Alpha. You'll tell me how he did this and how we can keep him from ever doing it again.

"Dollhouse: Belle Chose (#2.3)" (2009)
Topher Brink: I have to finish mapping his neural landscape. But if I can figure a way to sneak up behind his reticular activating system. Give it a goose. That might do it. Could also give him a man reaction.
Adelle DeWitt: I choose not to hear that.

Bradley Karrens: Heh. What you know about is only what the family hasn't been able to scrub. There have been other... indescretions. Women. Survivors, I should call them. And when you have a survivor you have a person that might be persuaded monetarily or other means, to stay quiet. But when all you have are bodies...
Adelle DeWitt: I see.

Adelle DeWitt: Lovely. So you're saying that we've imprinted an active as a serial killer and blindly let him loose upon the streets.
Topher Brink: I wasn't saying that.

Victor: Dr. Saunders? Where is Dr. Saunders please?
Boyd Langton: She's not here Victor.
Victor: [points to room where Karren is comatose] There is a man, he's not his best. Dr. Saunders can help him.
Adelle DeWitt: Thank you Victor, we'll help him,

"Dollhouse: Epitaph Two: Return (#2.13)" (2010)
Paul Ballard: The point is Topher thinks he can flip it. Create a pulse to restore all the wiped minds.
Zone: Yeah? He also thinks he's a little teapot, short and stout.
Adelle DeWitt: [Rising] Topher Brinks is a genius! And you will keep a civil tongue in this house, or I'll cut it out and put it in the stew.
Caroline Farrell: Good to see you've mellowed.

Adelle DeWitt: Explosion?
Topher Brink: It does the work for you.
Adelle DeWitt: You said it could only be activated manually... You're not coming back.
Topher Brink: Small price to pay... I didn't want to cause any more pain.

Adelle DeWitt: You don't have to do it, you know? At least not alone.
Topher Brink: I do. I'll fix what we did to their heads. You fix what we did to the rest of the world. Your job's *way* harder.

Adelle DeWitt: Funny, that the last fantasy the Dollhouse should fulfill... will be yours.
Echo: I don't have any fantasies, Adelle.
Adelle DeWitt: More's the pity.

"Dollhouse: Vows (#2.1)" (2009)
Paul Ballard: You're working an angle?
Adelle DeWitt: With the exception of the very special and the comatose, have you ever met someone who wasn't?

Adelle DeWitt: [to Boyd] We made a deal with Paul Ballard. Either we honor the deal or he exposes us, I order you to do something... extreme. I'd like to avoid the latter two. I have plans for the erstwhile agent.

Boyd Langton: The one who wanted to be rolled in eggs and flour and dipped.
Adelle DeWitt: Ahh, Tempura Joe. Such a lonely soul.
Boyd Langton: Thought I'd seen it all. But this engagement, *honestly*, this one's sick!

Paul Ballard: I don't work for you.
Adelle DeWitt: No, you work for the betterment of mankind, fighting crime by listening to Echo have sex. It's terribly noble.

"Dollhouse: The Attic (#2.10)" (2009)
Topher Brink: [Speaking of Ballard] Alpha mapped his entire brain. I'll try and piece it back together.
Adelle DeWitt: Maybe not. I plan on making some changes around this house today. Perhaps his petulant personality's a good place to start. And we are in the market for a - strapping new Victor, are we not?

Topher Brink: I've done nothing wrong. Apart from the things that got you your job back.
Adelle DeWitt: You gave us extraordinary technology which will be used soon. The question is whether you have anything more to offer. Whether you can accept radical change, or buckle under pressure.
Topher Brink: I don't buckle. Occassionally, I swashbuckle.
Adelle DeWitt: Yes, you're quite the pirate hero. Swinging in and dismembering Nolan Kinnard. If you try and keep secrets from the corporation, you may have every expectation of being chopped into pieces yourself. How do you imagine that would feel?

Adelle DeWitt: You didn't come to the Dollhouse because of Echo. You came because you work for Rossum. That means your option tend to slim to three: carry out Rossum's work without question, the attic or death. The moment you stepped into this house, you, in effect. gave us your life. And you must decide if that is to be put to good use, or laid to waste. I have see the future, Mr. Langton. And it is not for the weak.

Adelle DeWitt: We're ready.
Echo: No. We're one soldier shy.
[Echo rises]
Echo: It's time for me to meet Caroline. It's time to win her war.

"Dollhouse: Stop-Loss (#2.9)" (2009)
Adelle DeWitt: Just make sure this doesn't happent with any other actives. We can't have clients being rejected by dolls who are programmed to love them.
Topher Brink: Yeah, we're lucky this happened to you.
Adelle DeWitt: [Long pause] If anyone finds out about this, you *won't* be so lucky!

Adelle DeWitt: Do you think anything goes on in my house wihout my knowledge?
Echo: I don't know. It seems like a lot went down without you knowing.
Adelle DeWitt: Yes. While I'm not surprised that Paul... and Boyd managed to keep your secret. But *Topher*? He can barely keep his belch to himself.

Boyd Langton: We may not have agreed in the past. But at least we put this house and the actives *first*. What happened to that woman?
Adelle DeWitt: She's standing in front of you.
Boyd Langton: No she's not! If you don't find her soon, you're going to lose control of this house. And *I'll* the one knocking down the door.
Adelle DeWitt: I hope it doesn't come down to that Mr. Langton.

"Dollhouse: Briar Rose (#1.11)" (2009)
Boyd Langton: It came in an envelope. It was hand delivered. Who else would be trying to contact you covertly?
Adelle DeWitt, Mr. Dominic: Alpha.
Adelle DeWitt: I guess he didn't hear about the regime change.

Adelle DeWitt: [to Ballard] Did you really think you could just walk into the Dollhouse? When everyone knows it doesn't exist.

Paul Ballard: You really justify this? What you do to these people... you can live with this?
Boyd Langton: You're the one who came in here and assaulted one of our residents.
Adelle DeWitt: Yes, there's indignation enough for everyone to have seconds.

"Dollhouse: Ghost (#1.1)" (2009)
Boyd Langdon: You cannot wipe her right now!
Adelle DeWitt: I can do any damn thing I see fit! Echo botched the engagement! She jeopardized this entire operation!
Boyd Langdon: *You* botched it Miss DeWitt! You gave her the memory of an abused girl. And you put her face-to-face with her abuser! She recognized one of her kidnappers and she can find them again. She's the only one who can!

Adelle DeWitt: We do not have a client.
Boyd Langdon: We have a mission!

[first lines]
Adelle DeWitt: Nothing is what it appears to be.
Caroline: It seems pretty clear to me.
Adelle DeWitt: Because you're only seeing part of it. I'm talking about a clean slate.
Caroline: You ever try and clean an actual slate? You always see what was on it before.
Adelle DeWitt: Are you volunteering?
Caroline: I don't have a choice, do I? How did it get this far?
Adelle DeWitt: Caroline, actions have consequences.

"Dollhouse: True Believer (#1.5)" (2009)
Adelle DeWitt: It's not the irony that concerns me. You're asking me to place an active with a federal agency.
Senator Boxbaum: Indirectly, yes.
Adelle DeWitt: I don't wish to be vulgar, but one of the many benefits of having you as a client is that you help us avoid entanglements with federal agencies, Senator.

Laurence Dominic: It's not the job. I'm confident Langton can handle the ATF. It's Echo. Her field responses have been wildly erratic lately.
Adelle DeWitt: She's demonstrated a talent for adaptability, which is precisely what's required in this instance.
Laurence Dominic: They shouldn't be adaptable; they should be predictable. If Alpha didn't teach us that much?
Adelle DeWitt: You don't like Echo, do you, Mr. Dominic?
Laurence Dominic: It's not that I don't like her. It's that sometimes I worry you do.
Adelle DeWitt: Your objections have been noted. Thank you, Mr. Dominic.

Laurence Dominic: If I may, Echo has been exhibiting the same signs Alpha did before his composite event. Now, if you're not willing to send her to the attic...
Adelle DeWitt: Don't gamble on what I'd be willing to do, Mister Dominic. Take the stairs.
[Entering the elevator, she closes it before he can enter]

"Dollhouse: The Target (#1.2)" (2009)
Adelle DeWitt: In their resting state, our actives are as innocent and vulnerable as children. We call it the tabula rasa, the blank slate. Now imagine the imprint process filling it. Creating a new personality, a friend, a lover, a... confidante in a sea of enemies. Your heart's desire made flesh. And when the engagement has been completed, all memory of you and your time together will be wiped clean.

Adelle DeWitt: Our company policy requires a small additional fee against any unforseen complications.
[Shows Richard the new fee. Richard coughs]
Richard O'Connell: Small, huh?
Adelle DeWitt: To my employers, very.
Richard O'Connell: Well if this girl's everything you promised, it'll be worth it.
Adelle DeWitt: Just make sure you return her safe and sound otherwise, there will be... additional costs.
Richard O'Connell: I'll keep it low key.

Adelle DeWitt: In the light of recent events, we've decided to engage individuals with a more, shall we say, intensive background. If you're amenable to the terms of your contract, you will be assigned to Echo, one of our most requested actives.
Boyd Langdon: What happened to her last handler?
Dr. Claire Saunders: [Dr. Saunders enters] You're standing in him.
[Boyd notices the dried pool of blood he's standing on]

"Dollhouse: The Left Hand (#2.6)" (2009)
Adelle DeWitt: [Seductively] I would like to think we could achive a... mutually beneficial... compromise.
Howard Lipman: Compromise can be fun...
[DeWitt grabs a part of Lipman's body]
Adelle DeWitt: If you don't return my Active, I will send someone to cut these off. You will be killed horribly over a long period, and never found. Now look me in the eyes Stuart, and tell me if I've learned how to bluff.
Howard Lipman: [In a pained voice] Ok.
Adelle DeWitt: Compromise.

Adelle DeWitt: Finding him obstinate, are we?
Topher Brink, Victor: Yes!... This is so weird.

"Dollhouse: Epitaph One (#1.13)" (2009)
Laurence Dominic: It takes two hours to upload an imprint, so I don't see you having any time...
Topher Brink: Whoa! Two hours? What? Are they memorizing their personalities?
Adelle DeWitt: Two hours is the standing record for any house. Do you think you can beat it?
Topher Brink: Uh, to a pulp. Yeah.

Adelle DeWitt: Mr. Dominic is my eyes and ears.
Topher Brink: Can I be your nose and throat?

"Dollhouse: Instinct (#2.2)" (2009)
November: Adelle, don't misunderstand. It's nice to see you. But I have this irrational fear that if I say one wrong thing, men in suits are going throw me in a black van and take me away.
Adelle DeWitt: Not at all. Your obligation to the Dollhouse is complete.

Adelle DeWitt: Are we looking at another composite event Mr. Brink?
Paul Ballard: I don't think so. I think we're looking at a genius.
Topher Brink: I'm not as comfy with you saying that as I thought I'd be.

"Dollhouse: Echo (#1.0)" (2009)
[first lines]
Adelle DeWitt: The world is a very simple place... at first. Then, as we grow up, it grows around us, a dense thicket of complication and disappointment. Unbearable for some. And even for the luckiest of us, still sometimes more than we can handle. Less than we'd hoped.