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Sir Hugh Carleton Greene (Character)
from Filth: The Mary Whitehouse Story (2008) (TV)

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Filth: The Mary Whitehouse Story (2008) (TV)
David Turner: I've just had a spot of bother in Birmingham - I was ganged-up on by a group of schoolgirls and that demented housewife.
Sir Hugh Carleton Greene: Ah yes, of course. Now what *is* her name? No, don't tell me. Well you know what they say, old chap? Writing well is the best revenge.
[he turns to walk away]
Sir Hugh Carleton Greene: Though garrotting your enemy with cheesewire runs a close second.

[at breakfast, with his wife and two teenage sons]
Sir Hugh Carleton Greene: Pass the butter.
Elaine Carleton Green: What's the magic word?
Sir Hugh Carleton Greene: Pass the *fucking* butter.

[Mary Whitehouse has just sent a supposedly obscene script to the Postmaster General who has ordered an episode of Swizzlewick which lampoons her to be pulled mid-way through its broadcast. Sir Hugh is fuming]
Sir Hugh Carleton Greene: Who? Who? I want the traitor flushed out. I want strict controls of all scripts issued to anyone and everyone - anywhere and everywhere. Contrive some memo to that effect.
Miss Tate: Yes, Sir Hugh.
Sir Hugh Carleton Greene: And! And! I am issuing a directive with immediate effect. No-one connected to the Corporation is to have anything whatsoever to do with that woman, either socially or professionally. Though Christ knows why anyone would want to!
Miss Tate: Yes, Sir Hugh. You *do* mean Mrs Whitehouse?
Sir Hugh Carleton Greene: I don't want to hear her name.

Sir Hugh Carleton Greene: The woman wants to censor us, Hill. If she had her way, all we'd show would be Andy bloody Pandy - and she'd stop him climbing into that basket with Looby Loo, let alone Teddy, lest some innocent child be corrupted by the whiff of puppet troilism. And bestiality, I suppose - or *would* it be bestiality with a teddy bear rather than a real bear?