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Quotes for
Ren (Character)
from "The Pirates of Dark Water" (1991)

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"The Pirates of Dark Water: Panacea (#2.4)" (1991)
Ren: This should be easier than taking candy clams from a baby.
Niddler: [They suddenly hear a very loud growling that sounds like it is coming from a very big monster] What kind of babies do *you* know?

Ren: This is going to be a long trip...

"The Pirates of Dark Water: A Drop of Darkness (#2.2)" (1991)
Ren: Cray!
[sees Cray lying on the floor]
Ren: Cray!
Cray: [weakly] Go! You must go!
Ren: Cray, can you stand up?
Cray: Ren... it's too late.
Ren: Oh Cray, I'm so sorry. Whatever my father did to hurt you...
Cray: It wasn't his fault. I just couldn't let go of the past. Forgive me!
[She gives Ren her bouquet from their would-be wedding]
Cray: Please take this as a remembrance...
Ren: [Cray dissolves into dark water before Ren's eyes] Cray!

"The Pirates of Dark Water: Quest (#1.1)" (1991)
Ren: I can't ask you to continue with me on this dangerous quest. Name the port of your choice and I'll take you there.
Ioz: Which way does the compass point?
Ren: [Ren picks up the compass and spins it around] The second treasure of Rule... East!
Tula: The east it is! For adventure!
Ioz: For treasure!
Ren: For Octopon!
Niddler: For crying out loud! When are we gonna eat?