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General Blue (Character)
from "Dragon Ball" (1995)

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"Dragon Ball: Arale vs. Blue (#3.4)" (2002)
General Blue: [to Goku] When will you ever learn that there's nothing you possess which I cannot take away!

General Blue: [to Senbei] You've been very passive thus far. Do yourself a favor and don't mess it up now.

[spotting Goku and Arale]
General Blue: What? The kid, and the girl too! Why can't anything ever be easy?

"Dragon Ball: Penguin Village (#3.2)" (2002)
[Goku chases Blue]
General Blue: This is impossible! How can he keep up with me riding on a cloud?

Master Roshi: Who are you?
General Blue: [laughs] Someone you should fear, old man!
Master Roshi: You're not scary. You're sick!
General Blue: On the contrary. I've never felt better.
[picks up the Dragon Balls]

"Dragon Ball: Strange Visitor (#3.3)" (2002)
General Blue: What a nuisance! He won't give up! That little brat is the bane of my existence!

General Blue: I believe I owe General White an apology. I've never suffered a task as difficult as destroying that... child.