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Jasper (Character)
from "My Name Is Earl" (2005)

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"My Name Is Earl: Very Bad Things (#2.1)" (2006)
Jasper: Same reason I don't let amateurs cut my hair, they make mistakes!
Tatiana: It was not mistake.
Jasper: Yeah well you better pray I find that ear lobe.
Tatiana: He won't mind. Jasper is too much sissie to be a real criminal, this is why we live in cement closet. Bring me to this truck and I will buy with my own money I steal from Jasper.
Joy: I like you. If I could ever get used to staring at that thing on your face we could hang out.

Jasper: [Looking at the picture of the Bargain Bag truck Joy stole] Not going to buy it.
Joy: Why not?
Jasper: Because I can't sell it.
Joy: What! You once tried to sell an Iranian baby on the Internet.
Jasper: Yeah, but he didn't have 'Iranian Baby' tattooed on his forehead.
Joy: Please; like they wouldn't find out he was Iranian when he started talking.
Jasper: Besides, you're an amateur and I don't buy from amateurs for the same reason I don't let amateurs cut my hair
[staring at Natalia]
Jasper: , because they make mistakes.
Natalia: It was not mistake.
Jasper: Well, you just better hope I find that earlobe.