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Quotes for
Sean O'Casey (Character)
from "Young Indiana Jones" (1992)

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"Young Indiana Jones: Ireland, April 1916 (#2.12)" (1993)
Sean O'Casey: Political! Legendary! Hairy fairy old bollocks!
Indiana Jones: He said he like your play.
Sean O'Casey: He did not! He said it was challenging. Challenging! That's only one step up from interesting. The last bloody thing any writer wants to hear.

Sean O'Casey: When a play is good it changes ya. Changes the way you look at things, changes the way you think.

Remy: How can they hope to win?
Sean O'Casey: They're not looking to win. What they are looking for is a glorious defeat.
Remy: Then they are insane.
Sean O'Casey: Are they? Ireland's always needed their martyrs. A blood sacrifice, that's what they're after.

Sean O'Casey: It's a bosses war you're fighting. You're going to be killed in the name of capitalist gain.
Indiana Jones: We'll try not to.
Sean O'Casey: Ah, the hell with ye! Good luck.

Sean O'Casey: Will you be comin' back?
Indiana Jones: I hope so.
Sean O'Casey: Better take a good look then. Because you'll never recognize her. The old Ireland's changed.