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Quotes for
Bob (Character)
from "The Dresden Files" (2007)

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"The Dresden Files: The Boone Identity (#1.2)" (2007)
Bob: [after Harry has explained that he got beaten up by a ghost] Maybe she wanted company. You know, I'm not doing anything. Maybe I could find her frequency. Chat her up.
Harry Dresden: Her father would love that.
Bob: It could be our secret.

Harry Dresden: She won't move on. She wanted me to see that Boone was on a mission. Oh, something's not right.
Bob: Oh, I see another quixotic crusade looming on the horizon.
Harry Dresden: So do I.

Bob: A voodoo doll? How completely irresponsible of you. So you're going to reach out and touch Boone by bringing pain to Murphy's body.

Bob: Harry, that's black magic and you cannot afford to dabble in the black!
Harry Dresden: I need a way to convince Boone that he can run, but he can't hide. With th...
Bob: With that you run the risk of alerting the High Council and falling prey to your darker desires.
Harry Dresden: Do I have a choice? Huh? I got a dead billionaire. I got a possessed cop. I got a psychotic killer on the loose and in four hours, he''s going to meet up with a Vegas tycoon and he's going to jump into him and, in the process, he's going to blow Murphy's brains out! Now, have you got any better advice, Bob?

Bob: That Egyptian mumbo-jumbo's not my forte.
Harry Dresden: No... It's Saban's.

Harry Dresden: Can you check the garlic bread?
Bob: Why? I'm not eating.

Bob: Life is pain. So's dinner. You've burnt your garlic bread.

"The Dresden Files: Things That Go Bump (#1.11)" (2007)
Harry Dresden: Here's what I need you to do. I need you to lie low, stay out of the way. I need you to tell me if you NOTICE anything.
Bob: You want me to spy.
Harry Dresden: Pretty much.
Bob: How clandestine!

Bob: Has anyone ever explained the concept of cost benefit analysis to you?
Harry Dresden: I dropped out of High School, remember?
Bob: And you wonder why your life is an unending series of insurmountable intellectual, financial, and emotional hurdles.

Harry Dresden: I dropped out of high school, remember?
Bob: And you wonder why your life is an unending series of insurmountable intellectual, financial and emotional hurdles.

Bob: [sarcastically] Well, that's a happy thought.

Bob: We are for all intents and purposes... in Hell.

Bob: [Harry is breaking objects] Those things are expensive you know.

Bob: Well, you don't see *that* everyday.

"The Dresden Files: Hair of the Dog (#1.3)" (2007)
Bob: Dresden! Please don't drag me around like an in-bred cocker spaniel.
Harry Dresden: Well, keep up!

[Bob touches Mina's blood and turns into an image of a werewolf]
Harry Dresden: That was the girl?
Bob: A lycanthrope. It's there - it's in her blood.
Harry Dresden: How'd she die?
Bob: I tasted silver.

Bob: Where have you been?
Harry Dresden: In jail. I escaped.
Bob: You're a fugitive.
Harry Dresden: That's the least of my problems. Heather's missing and the Fed in charge of this is a lycanthrope.

Bob: They've killed eight lycanthropes? That's quite a tally.
[Harry stares off into space]
Bob: ...and I don't like that look.
Harry Dresden: It's not a tally, it's a recipe.
Bob: Recipe? For what?
Harry Dresden: A cure. "Kill nine remove the sign" - the sign of the wolf.

[last lines]
Bob: She'll be back.
Harry Dresden: Yeah, maybe... but maybe some day, she'll slip up and I'll have to hunt her down and kill her.

"The Dresden Files: Birds of a Feather (#1.1)" (2007)
Bob: [Harry is trying to find Scott Sharpe] Find some organic residue and cast a searching spell. Perhaps the child left some snot underneath the diner table.
Harry Dresden: Bob...
Bob: What? Where there's children, there's snot!

Bob: I call it the Doom Box.
Harry Dresden: Catchy. What does it do?

[Bob is writing an elaborate formula onto thin air]
Bob: Careful! These equations are very precise and if you walk through them, I will start belting show tunes from the 16th Century.
Harry Dresden: Please - anything but that.

Harry Dresden: I had that dream again about my dad.
Bob: That's the third time this week. I'd say were moving away from dreams and into signs and portents.

"The Dresden Files: Second City (#1.12)" (2007)
Harry Dresden: Well, I'm off the case.
Bob: Well that's never stopped you before
Harry Dresden: Yeah, but I've never gotten Murphy in this much trouble before.

Harry Dresden: Possibly. But you know what they say about life...
Bob: Tell me.
Harry Dresden: One to a customer.
[destroys enchanted branding iron]

Bob: And, uh, the Kiss?
Harry Dresden: I needed the jolt.
Bob: Oh, that's good, that's rich. I never heard that one before.

"The Dresden Files: Rules of Engagement (#1.4)" (2007)
Bob: And, so far, all you've managed to accomplish is getting your wand destroyed, alienating Murphy, losing a client, and attracting the attention of someone who treats helions as his own personal lapdogs.
Harry Dresden: Not a bad days work, huh?
Bob: Oh, no. I think you've botched this one very nicely! So, my advice for you; take the low road for once. Let it go, Harry.
Harry Dresden: Yeah, you're right. I mean, the last thing I need is to get caught up in a power struggle between two hellions or hung up on a girl with a thing for badboys, right? I mean, some of them, they just can't be saved.
[looks at Bob]
Bob: You're going to try to save her.
Harry Dresden: Yeah.
Bob: Of course.

Bob: Was she built?
Harry Dresden: Will you stop it?
Bob: Simple question.

"The Dresden Files: What About Bob? (#1.10)" (2007)
Harry Dresden: [near to crying, with Bob in his arms] Please don't die on me, Bob.
Bob: [his body disappears and he comes back as a ghost] That is really touching.
Harry Dresden: Bob! That's not fair. You...
Bob: [his hand goes through his skull] Once cursed, always cursed.

Young Harry Dresden: [finishes writing symbols on the blackboard] did i get it?
Bob: Well, that all depends... Are you trying to affect a human being or turn a Walnut inside out?

"The Dresden Files: Bad Blood (#1.5)" (2007)
Bob: Have you even considered the consequences here?
Harry Dresden: Uh, haven't got around to that yet.
Bob: Well let me enlighten you: If they catch you with her, she's dead, you're dead, and I'm homeless.
Bianca: How do you live with him?
Harry Dresden: Sometimes I wonder.
Bob: Oh it's no walk in the park for me either, darling... Ever!