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Quotes for
Amy (Character)
from Sleeping Dogs Lie (2006/I)

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Sleeping Dogs Lie (2006/I)
[first lines]
Amy: My name is Any and, yes, at college I blew my dog.

Amy: Anyone here besides me know what canine semen tastes like?

Amy: Men are insecure enough about their penises. There's no need to bring the whole animal kingdom into it.

John: Whatever happened to your dog?
Amy: I gave him away.
John: Why?
Amy: He got too big.

John: When I was a boy and I first played with myself, first time I came I thought I broke my bits.
Amy: [laughing] How old were you?
John: I was twenty.

Amy: I had never had sex with Linda or any other woman. The idea of sex without a penis is like a sandwich without the meat.

Ed: Hey, um, what do you like most about teaching.
Amy: Hmm. I would have to say... the microwave food.

John: I have blue balls.
Amy: Is it my sexy nightgown?
John: Tents make me horny.

Amy: Why don't you go talk to him?
John: Not now. He's got an axe.

Amy: You wrestled another woman in your underwear while Elvis beat off... and you didn't even get laid?

Amy: You're not hard.
John: I will be. Just shut up and kiss me.

Amy: I have a confession to make.
John: You're a dude?

Randy: Oh, yeah, hey, uh, my mom made this casserole and wanted me to bring it over to ya.
Amy: Oh... well, thank you.
Randy: Uh-huh. Bounced around in my truck a little bit. Should be okay. It smells like ass but... probably doesn't... taste like it.

Randy: You look really pretty when you're sad.
Amy: You, too.

Amy: You have a nice penis.

Amy: [voiceover] It's important to lie. It's trying to live up to the lies that we tell about ourselves that makes us better people.