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Bernie Adler (Character)
from "Law & Order" (1990)

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"Law & Order: Talking Points (#17.13)" (2007)
Judge Martha Archer: A sawbuck says... there's no need to ask for a plea.
Malcolm Yates: Not Guilty.
Judge Martha Archer: Ah! I should get on a bus to Atlantic City.
Bernie Adler, Defense Attorney: Your Honor...
Judge Martha Archer: Oh, lighten up, Counselor.
A.D.A. Connie Rubirosa: People request bail in the amount of one million dollars.
Bernie Adler, Defense Attorney: Mr. Yates is a student who can barely afford his rent.
Judge Martha Archer: Let's cut that in half.
A.D.A. Connie Rubirosa: It's fine by me, Your Honor.
Judge Martha Archer: So what do you say, Mr. Adler? Deal... or no deal?
Judge Martha Archer: I'm sorry, I just can't resist.
Bernie Adler, Defense Attorney: Do I have a choice?
Judge Martha Archer: Not really.

Bernie Adler, Defense Attorney: [in the District Attorney's Conference Room] No Danish, no deal.

"Law & Order: Paradigm (#15.1)" (2004)
Lt. Colonel Milton Danbury: These prisoners were arrested because they were trying to kill people. This was a war!
Bernie Adler: Don't we have rules of war? Rules of engagement?
Lt. Colonel Milton Danbury: Yeah, we do. But in case you haven't noticed, the enemy doesn't follow those rules.