Chance Wayne
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Chance Wayne (Character)
from Sweet Bird of Youth (1962)

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Sweet Bird of Youth (1962)
Chance Wayne: It's okay, Princess.

Chance Wayne: George, George. You're the only grown man I know that still says "gee" and "golly" and "gosh."
Dr. George Scudder: Well, I'm not as sophisticated as you.

Chance Wayne: Oh, man. Don't you know only squares drink gin martinis with olives?

Scotty: Leroy, did you know this is Chance Wayne... the famous Hollywood and Broadway celebrity?
Leroy: Really?
Bud: Sure. All bartenders become movie stars. Right, Chance?
Chance Wayne: Oh, well. What he's trying to say is that I had your job for too long.

Chance Wayne: Well, some more oxygen?
Alexandra Del Lago: No. No, I must look hideous in it.
Chance Wayne: Oh, no, honey. You just look exotic. Yeah. Like a princess from Mars or a... big magnified insect.

Alexandra Del Lago: Did we spend the night together?
Chance Wayne: Oy, yes, ma'am. But I did not molest you.

Chance Wayne: I like you. You are a nice monster.

Chance Wayne: This is pretty high-class pot. Where'd you get it?
Alexandra Del Lago: You beautiful, stupid young man. That is not pot. It's hashish, Moroccan, and the finest.

Chance Wayne: Princess, just smoke.

Chance Wayne: I had my picture on the cover of Life magazine! Woo-ha!
Chance Wayne: And at the same time I was... employing my other talent, lovemaking.
Alexandra Del Lago: That may be the only talent you were ever truly meant for.

Chance Wayne: The big difference between people is not between the rich and the poor, the good and the evil. The biggest of all differences between people is between those who have had pleasure in love and those who haven't.

Dr. George Scudder: [He's just observed Chance popping a pill] What is that you just took?
Chance Wayne: [Indifferently] A pill.
Dr. George Scudder: What kind of pill?
Chance Wayne: Oh, Benny. Benzedrine.
Dr. George Scudder: On prescription?
Chance Wayne: Yeah, sort of...
Chance Wayne: [Cynically] A goofball makes the world keep its balance.

Chance Wayne: [Parting words to Alexandra del Lago] Princess, each of us has his own private hell to go to.

Chance Wayne: I was employing my other talent: lovemaking.