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Quotes for
Madeleine (Character)
from Witless Protection (2008)

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Witless Protection (2008)
Madeleine: Why do I bother with a man who keeps a possum in his glove compartment?
Larry: Wally's in the glove box? Wally! Wally!

Larry: You know, the only way to get them folks to back off is if you give them the key to the access codes.
Madeleine: Or if I'm dead.
Larry: Wait a minute. Sure, I can kill ya. Then I'd have a lot of explaining to do.

Madeleine: Are you trying to imply that you didn't just break wind?
Larry: That little squeak? That was all you, sugar. Believe me, if I let one fly, they'll pick that up on the Doppler.

Larry: Wait here.
Madeleine: Alone?
Larry: If I get killed or captured or knocked in the head with a ball peen hammer, call Doc Savage.
Madeleine: On my two-way wrist TV?
Larry: That's Dick Tracy. Rondog Savage. My brother-in-law. He's the medical examiner around this area.