Det. Tom Spellacy
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Det. Tom Spellacy (Character)
from True Confessions (1981)

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True Confessions (1981)
Tom Spellacy: [arrives at a nursing home to visit his mother] Mrs. Phil Spellacy, please. I know the way.
Older Nun: You'll have to wait. She's receiving communion.
Tom Spellacy: [pushing past the nun] May all your sons be Jesuits, Sister.

Tom Spellacy: How's ma? Is she still eating with her fingers?
Des Spellacy: Well, she says the early Christian martyrs didn't have spoons.
Tom Spellacy: Tell her they didn't have Instant Cream of Wheat, either.

Tom Spellacy: I want you to get me a list of all people with the same M.O.
cop on the phone: That's gonna take awhile, sergeant.
Tom Spellacy: She was cut in two. Do you think it's an epidemic, like the flu?

[Tom gives Des the rosary he took from the priest who died while in bed with a prostitute]
Des Spellacy: He might have been there on a pastoral call.
Tom Spellacy: When was the last time you hung your pants over the side of the bed while making a house call?
Des Spellacy: I admit, that's not the way they teach you at the seminary.

Tom Spellacy: Msgr. Spellacy's table, please.
Headwaiter: I thought that Msgr. Spellacy would be dining with Mr. Amsterdam.
Tom Spellacy: Well, you thought wrong, fuckhead.

Howard Terke: How about it, Tom? Can you get your brother the monsignor to say a mass for this cunt? It'll make the front page.
Tom Spellacy: Howard, we don't even know yet whether or not she was a Catholic cunt.

Tom Spellacy: [to receptionist after the intruder at Standard's office gets away] What do you do here?
Girl: Me? I do great French.

Tom Spellacy: [Talking to Des about their father to Des] One thing the old man never missed was a wake. Good booze and plenty of it!

Tom Spellacy: [Feeling a twinge of conscience after slapping Brenda] I'm sorry about that.
[after a pause]
Tom Spellacy: Okay?
[after another pause]
Tom Spellacy: You know my temper.
Brenda Samuels: I need you like I need another fuck.

Tom Spellacy: [Talking about the priest's heart attack death in the brothel] How long was he here?
Lorna Keane: It was the second one that did it.

[last lines]
Tom Spellacy: This is it. This is it.