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Rassilon (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (1963)

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"Doctor Who: Hell Bent (#9.12)" (2015)
The President: What's his plan?
Ohila: I think he's finishing his soup.

The President: Who the Hell does he think he is?
The General: The man who won the Time War, sir.

Ohila: The Doctor does not blame Gallifrey for the horrors of the Time War.
The President: I should hope not
Ohila: He just blames you.

The President: You have nothing, Doctor. Nothing! Do you know what I have, out here in the dry lands, where there's nobody who matters?
The President: No witnesses.
The Doctor: Me too.

The President: Take aim!
[soldiers raise their weapons]
The President: Aim at *the Doctor*!

"Doctor Who: The Five Doctors (#20.23)" (1983)
Rassilon: Others have claimed inmortality throughout the ages. It was given to them as it shall be given to you. Your place is prepared Lord President Borusa.
Borusa: Oh! Oh!
[Lord Borusa looks backwards at the space Lord Rassilon has prepared for him. His face appears etched in stone. Lord Borusa's eyes twitch before turning to stone]
Rassilon: And what of you Doctors? Do you claim inmortality too?
First Doctor: No!
Second Doctor: No no!
Third Doctor: No!
Fifth Doctor: That's quite alright.

Second Doctor: We can't allow it, you know.
Third Doctor: The tomb is sealed for the best of reasons.
First Doctor: And when we get back to our own time-streams, it must be sealed again.
Second Doctor: Doctor, we need you! Join us!
First Doctor: He can't. It's some kind of mind lock. Fight it, my boy, fight it! Concentrate!
Second Doctor: We must be one!
Fifth Doctor: [the first three Doctors break Borusa's control over the Fifth Doctor] You see, Borusa? Together, we're a match for you!
Borusa: Perhaps, but you will never overcome it.
Fifth Doctor: But Chancellor Flavia will be here with her guards... or will you overcome the entire High Council?
Rassilon: [suddenly appearing as a hologram above the crypt] This is the Game of Rassilon!
Borusa: I am Borusa, Lord and President of Gallifrey.
Rassilon: Why have you come here?
Borusa: I come to claim that which is promised.
Rassilon: You seek immortality?
Borusa: Yes.
Rassilon: And who are these three?
Borusa: These are my servants.
Second Doctor: [angrily] We most certainly are not!
Third Doctor: Don't believe him!
Fifth Doctor: That's nonsense!
First Doctor: Don't believe them, Lord Rassilon! President Borusa speaks the truth!
Rassilon: You believe that President Borusa deserves the immortality he seeks?
First Doctor: Indeed I do.
Rassilon: He shall have it. Take the ring. Do you claim immortality, Lord Borusa? You will not turn back?
Borusa: Never!