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Chester Grant (Character)
from "Monarch of the Glen" (2000)

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"Monarch of the Glen: Episode #6.8" (2004)
Chester Grant: There's one way out of this. We can shoot for it.
Lucy Ford: Of goody! Duel!
Chester Grant: Clays, Lucy.

McGonagle: The MacIntosh shuffle is reliable, but it's a bit old hat. Whereas the Morrocan double, that's very popular around here.
Chester Grant: Oh, I don't cheat, McGonagle. Never have, never will. I very much doubt that he will either.
McGonagle: Well that guy that failed to mention he was an ex-Para. Are you sure?
Chester Grant: True. We just won't mention your dark and murky past, then, eh?
McGonagle: You know this is extraordinary. This is going to be the first non-bent shooting match in Scottish history.

"Monarch of the Glen: Episode #6.10" (2004)
Chester Grant: It's just what the place needed. A good civil war.