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Jacob Stock (Character)
from "The Equalizer" (1985)

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"The Equalizer: The Defector (#1.3)" (1985)
Robert McCall: [Irate] You hung me out to dry on this.
Control: I told you minimum backup.
Robert McCall: Minimum? I didn't get any backup. Your fair haired young man, cut and ran as soon as the noise started.
Control: He was operating to my instructions.
Robert McCall: Your instructions to him were to bungle the cross over?
Control: He was instructed to minimise his exposure. I wasn't going to blow his cover or the cover of any East Coast operative for a worthless defector.
Robert McCall: Worthless?
Robert McCall: [Stock enters the room] Stock! There's your worthless one.
Jacob Stock: You have any complaints about me McCall?
Robert McCall: Mister!... McCall. You are just a common garden variety coward, you're not even worth discussing.
Jacob Stock: I was acting under orders.
Robert McCall: Yes, orders. The famous excuse for brutality and cowardice.