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Gilora (Character)
from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (1993)

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"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Destiny (#3.15)" (1995)
Gilora: Why didn't you tell me you replaced the secondary field coils?
Chief O'Brien: Well, if you had told me what you were planning to do, I would have.
Gilora: [sighs] I don't have time to explain everything.
Chief O'Brien: What - you think I won't be able to understand?
Gilora: It has been my experience that it...
Chief O'Brien: What? That Humans aren't good engineers?
Gilora: No, not Humans. Males.
Chief O'Brien: I beg your pardon?
Gilora: Men just don't seem to have a head for this sort of thing. That's why women dominate the sciences.
Chief O'Brien: Maybe on Cardassia. But on this station, this man is Chief of Operations, and I know more about these systems than anyone, including you.

Gilora: I'll try to figure out what we should do next.
Chief O'Brien: Well, I think our best bet would be to go...
Gilora: Please! Please, just give me a moment to think.
Chief O'Brien: [irritated] Fine. I'll just sit here quietly.
Gilora: Huh... In that case, could you get me a cup of red leaf tea?

Gilora: [to O'Brien] I assure you I'm... quite fertile. I could provide you with many healthy children, if-if that's your concern, but... quite frankly, I think you're getting a little ahead of yourself.

[Gilora has mistaken O'Brien's gruff behavior for sexual advances toward her]
Gilora: [embarrassed] Oh, my. I'm afraid this is a case of... cross-cultural misunderstanding.
Chief O'Brien: [relieved] I think so. I'm not remotely interested in you.
[Gilora stares at him]
Chief O'Brien: That's not what I meant. No - you are very attractive, and I'm flattered of course...
Gilora: [sourly] Please, Mr. O'Brien, there's no need to continue. You've made your feelings clear.

Gilora: [before returning to Cardassia] What's your wife's name?
Chief O'Brien: Keiko.
Gilora: A lucky woman.