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Ed Spengler (Character)
from Return of the Ghostbusters (2007)

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Freddy vs Ghostbusters (2004)
Neil Anderson: [looking with disgust at the Ghostbusters uniform Ed has given him] Why do I get the messed- up uniform?
Ed Spengler: They're hand-me-downs.
Neil Anderson: So? Why do I get the hand-me-down that looks like a ghost wiped his ass with it?
Ed Spengler: It's ectoplasm.
Neil Anderson: [confused] Eck, Ecto...
Ed Spengler: Slime. And probably a little bit of marshmallow.
Neil Anderson: [very softly, to himself] Marshmallow?

Neil Anderson: [looks at proton packs] You can't be serious.
Ed Spengler: I'm always serious.

Neil Anderson: What kind of experiments are you here for anyway?
Eugene O'Fitzpatrick: Paranormal investigations. He thinks he's Fox Mulder or something.
Neil Anderson: Oh, for God's sake, Ed! You're not following in the footsteps of your crazy uncle with all that ghost busting nonsense!
Ed Spengler: Maybe I am...
Eugene O'Fitzpatrick: Well, I know one thing... those proton packs... they're hella cool.

Ed Spengler: The readings I'm getting on this are off the charts. If the neuro-psychokinetic energy is constant, this demon of yours may be invincible.
Neil Anderson: No, no no no no. There's got to be a way to stop him.
Eugene O'Fitzpatrick: I GOT IT! Maybe we could shoot 'em in the face!
[He gets a bunch of blank looks]
Eugene O'Fitzpatrick: It'd kill me.

Return of the Ghostbusters (2007)
Ed Spengler: Pavel, you're just in time. Ed's making another apocalypse prediction.

Levar Gordon: Hey, why don't you use your "talents" to benefit mankind instead of enslaving its afterlife.
Ed Spengler: Maybe I'll save a soul for you. Seems like you can use one.

Theater Manager: Thank God you guys are here.
Ed Spengler: How many are there?
Theater Manager: Uh, more than one for sure. This isn't too much trouble, is it?
Neil Anderson: Only for your bank account, pal.