Laura Black
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Laura Black (Character)
from Redbelt (2008)

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Redbelt (2008)
Laura Black: You work with the police?
Mike Terry: [nodding] I've trained the police.
Laura Black: And what do all the belts mean?
Mike Terry: The white belt is someone who walks in off the street. Black belt is someone that the teacher recognizes as fit to instruct. In between we have blue, purple, and brown.
Laura Black: What do you have to do to get a red belt?
Mike Terry: There's only one.

Mike Terry: Conquer your fear and you'll conquer your opponent.
Laura Black: Yes, um...Mr. Terry, a man raped me. He held a knife to my throat, a man twice my size, and then he raped me.
Mike Terry: He held a knife to your throat?
Laura Black: Yes. Look, I appreciate what you've done, it's just that...I don't think there's anything I could learn here that would really...
Mike Terry: There is no situation that you could not escape from. There is no situation that you could not turn to your advantage.