Colleen Donaghy
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Colleen Donaghy (Character)
from "30 Rock" (2006)

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"30 Rock: Hiatus (#1.21)" (2007)
Colleen: [Jack's mother is visiting him in the hospital] Tell him his mother's here. An' she loves him. But not in a queer way.

Phoebe: No, no there has to be some sort of mistake. I'm his fiancée!
Hannah: I'm sorry. You're not family and you're not his emergency contact. His mother can go in if she wants to.
Colleen: Oh, no! I'm not going in there. I go in there, I get bird flu, I don't come out.

Colleen Donaghy: Tell him his mother's here. And she loves him. But not in a queer way.

"30 Rock: Ludachristmas (#2.9)" (2007)
Colleen Donaghy: Jack, this coat isn't gonna take itself off.

"30 Rock: Christmas Special (#3.6)" (2008)
Colleen Donaghy: Exhibit A: You're cell phone bill. You made a call to 911 at 8:16 AM. Exhibit B: The watch that my son gave me for Christmas. Not the one I wanted by the way. You had just set it before it broke of course when you car rammed into me down in Florida. And it stopped at 8:08. Exhibit C: 16-8=8! Numbers, unlike children, don't lie. What kind of son...
Jack: What kind of mother tells her son that John Kennedy died because he talked in church? Or tells her son when he was voted captain of the diving team, quote "What a great way to meet guys?" Or invites strange men over on Christmas Eve?