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T-Shirt (Character)
from "Wonders in Letterland" (1985)

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T-Bag's Christmas Turkey (1991) (TV)
[first lines]
Tabatha Bag: Oh, the place hasn't changed a bit. Depressing as ever.
T-Shirt: Looks great to me.
Tabatha Bag: Yes, well you didn't have to spend the first four hundred years of your life here, did you?
T-Shirt: I can't wait to meet your mother. Is she anything like you? Or isn't she into biting the heads off live chickens?
Tabatha Bag: My mother's nothing like me.
T-Shirt: Things are looking up.
Tabatha Bag: Leaving home was the best move I ever made.
T-Shirt: Anybody would think you didn't like living with your mother.
Tabatha Bag: I felt like Pinocchio stuck in a lift with a wood pecker. Peck, peck, peck.

Mumsy Bag: Don't forget I'm the mum who had to change your nappies.
T-Shirt: Mumsie, remember, every mother has to do that.
Mumsy Bag: Yes, but not for thirty two years.

"T-Bag Bounces Back: Black Hearted Belle (#1.4)" (1987)
T. Bag: T. Shirt, show this person the door.
T. Shirt: Right. This is the door, here. Nice, isn't it?
Mrs. Merry: [laughs] A proper little joker you got there, Mrs!
T. Bag: A proper little pain, more like!

"T-Bag Strikes Again: Long John Sylvia (#1.7)" (1986)
T. Bag: What's fidgety freckle-face up to now?
T. Shirt: You mean Debbie?
T. Bag: Oh please! Don't make my headache any worse than it is already!