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Quotes for
Jack Savage (Character)
from "Complete Savages" (2004)

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"Complete Savages: Tutoring (#1.2)" (2004)
Jack Savage: [waiting for report cards] Bill, bill, letter from grandma.

Nick Savage: [looking through his son's progress reports] Moving on... to Jack.
Jack Savage: Okay, I'm failing algebra. But, come on, when am I going to use algebra in real life?
Nick Savage: [thinking for a second] That's true.

"Complete Savages: Pilot (#1.1)" (2004)
Jack Savage: Why don't you ask Angela from across the street?
Chris Savage: Yeah, you love her!
Sam Savage: No, I don't!
Jack Savage: You're always staring out the window at her!
Sam Savage: No, I'm not!
Jack Savage: You put more drool on that window than the dog.
T. J. Savage: You wanna marry her!
Chris Savage: Yeah, you wanna be Mr. Angela Savage!

Jack Savage: I'm not cleaning anything. And I don't think you should either.
Sam Savage: You're crazy. Dad'll kill us.
Jack Savage: No.If we clean this place he'll know we can do it. He'll never hire anyone again. And it wont stop there. He'll have us...
[plays a chord on his guitar]
Jack Savage: ... ironing...
[playing a chord]
Jack Savage: ... buying groceries...
[playing a chord]
Jack Savage: ... darning socks... Whatever that is... You want aprons for christmas?

"Complete Savages: Saving Old Lady Riley (#1.16)" (2005)
[after finding out they have to give CPR to Mrs. Riley]
Jack Savage: T.J., come on. time to be a man.
T. J. Savage: What? No way. Ask Kyle to do it. He'll put his mouth on anything.