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Quotes for
Chris Savage (Character)
from "Complete Savages" (2004)

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"Complete Savages: The Complete Savages in...'Hot Water' (#1.19)" (2005)
Nick Savage: [Nick and Jimmy are in the hot tub with the boys behind them] - This is the life!
T. J. Savage: [Checking the tub and quietly says] - No leak so far...
Chris Savage: That glue is like having a license to break stuff.
Jimmy Savage: Hey Nick... Toss me a beer.
Nick Savage: - You got it.
[Releases he can't get hes arm off the tub's side]
Nick Savage: - I can't move...
Jimmy Savage: [Also tries] -... The hell? Neither can I!
Sam Savage: [Acting innocent] - Whats wrong?
Nick Savage: - It's like we're glued to the tub
[the boys slowly step away and attempt to get in the house]
Nick Savage: - Freeze! Why Can't we move?
Chris Savage: [the boys turn around again slowly]
[Chris makes a funny face]
Chris Savage: - 'Cause you're getting old?

"Complete Savages: Tutoring (#1.2)" (2004)
Chris Savage: My muscles spit on your brain!

"Complete Savages: For Whom the Cell Tolls (#1.7)" (2004)
Chris Savage: Have you ever seen a banjo-playing frog? It's pretty funny.

"Complete Savages: Pilot (#1.1)" (2004)
Jack Savage: Why don't you ask Angela from across the street?
Chris Savage: Yeah, you love her!
Sam Savage: No, I don't!
Jack Savage: You're always staring out the window at her!
Sam Savage: No, I'm not!
Jack Savage: You put more drool on that window than the dog.
T. J. Savage: You wanna marry her!
Chris Savage: Yeah, you wanna be Mr. Angela Savage!