Hal Carter
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Hal Carter (Character)
from Picnic (1955)

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Picnic (1955)
Hal Carter: I gotta get somewhere in this world. I just gotta.

Hal Carter: What's the use, Baby? I'm a bum. She saw through me like an x-ray machine. There's no place in the world for a guy like me.

Hal Carter: Now, don't you blow your top, ma'am. I'm leaving town.
[Turning to Madge]
Hal Carter: Aren't you gonna say good bye?
Madge Owens: bye.
Hal Carter: Are you mad at me?
Madge Owens: no
Hal Carter: I gotta know how you feel. Last night I thought you liked me.
Madge Owens: I did like you. I liked you from the first time I saw you.
Flo Owens: Madge, are you out of your senses?
Hal Carter: Look. I, I've been thinking all night. I've never said this before, because it... It'd make me seem like such a freak, but...
Madge Owens: What?
Hal Carter: I love you, Madge. Do you hear?
Flo Owens: Millie, I want you in the house this minute.
Hal Carter: Do you love me? Do you?
Flo Owens: I'm gonna call the police and have you put where you belong.
Hal Carter: [Train horn sounds] If you please, ma'am. I'm catching that freight. Meet me baby. We'll get married. They'll give me a room in the hotel. It'll be ok until we find something better.
Flo Owens: Oh, Madge, don't listen.
Hal Carter: Look, baby. I got a chance with you. It won't be big time, but that isn't important, is it? :
[Train horn sounds twice]
Hal Carter: Come on.
Madge Owens: oh, Hal, I can't.
Hal Carter: Why?
Madge Owens: Don't you see why? Don't you?
[Train horn sounds several blasts]
Hal Carter: Listen, baby, you're the only real thing I ever wanted, ever. You're mine. I gotta claim what's mine, or I'll be nothing as long as I live. You love me. You know it. You love me.
[as train passes, Hal runs to jump a freighter, shouting]
Hal Carter: You love me.
[Hal turns as he runs for passing freight train]
Hal Carter: You love me.
Flo Owens: oh, Madge...
[Madge runs up to her room and Flo walks to Mrs. Potts]
Flo Owens: You liked him, didn't you Helen?
Helen Potts: Yes, I did. I got so used to things as they were: Everything so prim, the geranium in the window, the smell of mama's medicines. And then he walked in, and it was different! He clomped through the place like he was still outdoors. There was a man in the place and it seemed good!

Hal Carter: I'm tellin' ya, Benson, women are getting desperate!