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Mike Terry (Character)
from Redbelt (2008)

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Redbelt (2008)
Richie: Hey, who do you like in the Morisaki fight?
Mike Terry: I'm sure one of them's gonna win.
Richie: Little word from the little bird?
Mike Terry: Yeah, I don't play that.
Richie: Well if you did who would you like?
Mike Terry: I can't help you, Richie.
Richie: You sure? Because you help me, I'm gonna help you. As a word to the wise, this fight is sufficient to put some grocery money in your pocket. Who does it hurt, Mike?
Mike Terry: I can't help you, Richie. You know as much as me.
Richie: [walking away] I know as much as you.

[repeated line]
Mike Terry: There's always an escape.

Mike Terry: A man distracted is a man defeated.

Mike Terry: There is no situation you could not escape from. You know the escape.

Mike Terry: Improve the position!

Chet Frank: So what is Jiu-Jitsu? You use one fighter's strength against him?
Mike Terry: Yes, in a way. You let him use his strength, and you use your understanding.
Chet Frank: So it's a form of wrestling?
Mike Terry: Yeah.
Chet Frank: Like we see in the Mixed-Martial Arts competitions?
Mike Terry: Yeah, that's right.
Chet Frank: You compete?
Mike Terry: No.
Chet Frank: Because...?
Mike Terry: Competition is weakening.
Chet Frank: Because it's fixed. Two guys in a ring, people betting money...
Mike Terry: It may be fixed. Any one fight may be fixed.
Chet Frank: Ah, but you train people to fight.
Mike Terry: No, I train people to prevail. In the street, in the alley, in...in combat, the bodyguard, the cop, the soldiers. One rule - put the other guy down. And you have to train in order to do that. Any...any staged contest must have rules.
Chet Frank: Everything has rules. The problem is sticking to them.

Sondra Terry: You think it was noble? The code of the warrior. You think it's noble?
Mike Terry: No, I think it's correct.

[first lines]
Mike Terry: Tie him up.
[to class]
Mike Terry: The hands are not the issue. The fight is the issue. The battle is the issue. Who imposes the terms of the battle will impose the terms of the peace. Think he has a handicap? No. The other guy has a handicap if he cannot control himself. You control yourself, you control him.
[to student]
Mike Terry: Take him to court.

Mike Terry: [while watching students fight] Take him to Brazil!

Mike Terry: Control your emotions.

Mike Terry: You want the officer to walk you home? Huh? It's rough out there.
Snowflake: Well after he gets his black belt he can walk me to the car. That'll make me feel secure.
Mike Terry: How's the belt going to make you feel secure?
Snowflake: I know his fucking pants aren't going to fall down.

Gini Collins: Joe still inside?
Mike Terry: No, he just left.
Gini Collins: Left?
Mike Terry: Yeah, maybe he went to the club.
Gini Collins: What happened to the window?
Mike Terry: Isn't he on at the club?
Gini Collins: Um, that's funny.
Mike Terry: Weren't you going to the mountains?
Gini Collins: Why would he go to the club?
Mike Terry: Isn't he working tonight?
Gini Collins: The club? No. No, no, no. He hasn't worked at the club in months. Listen, uh, I have to tell him something. Okay? Tell him.
Mike Terry: Why?
Gini Collins: Why what?
Mike Terry: Why hasn't he been working there?
Gini Collins: Yeah, I know. Listen, I gotta get home.

Sondra Terry: Officer Joe let the girl walk.
Mike Terry: I suppose he did.
Sondra Terry: That was generous of him.
Mike Terry: Yeah, I think so.
Sondra Terry: Why did he do that?
Mike Terry: He didn't want to bring dishonor on the academy.

Sondra Terry: My father made money, my brothers make money, and you are somehow too pure. You're too pure to compete.
Mike Terry: It...
Sondra Terry: Weakens the fighter?
Mike Terry: That's right.
Sondra Terry: Because a competition is not a fight.
Mike Terry: That's correct.
Sondra Terry: And what about the fighter's family, Mike? What do they eat, while he's being so pure?

Officer Roberts: Mike, tell him what's the best weapon in the world.
Mike Terry: The best weapon in the world is a flashlight.
Officer Roberts: Tell him why.
Mike Terry: So you can look deep into the other guy's eyes.

Mike Terry: I got something for you.
[pulls out black belt]
Officer Joe Collins: No.
Mike Terry: Yeah.
Officer Joe Collins: [taking the belt] I don't deserve it.
Mike Terry: It's overdue.
Officer Joe Collins: I...
Mike Terry: The belt is just symbolic. The belt, as Snowflake says, is to just keep your pants up.

Mike Terry: [handing Joe a box] Open it later.
Officer Joe Collins: [immediately opening it] What is it?
Mike Terry: Well apparantly it's a wrist watch.

Mike Terry: What does the black belt mean?
Officer Joe Collins: That I represent the academy.
Mike Terry: Then respect your teacher.

Laura Black: You work with the police?
Mike Terry: [nodding] I've trained the police.
Laura Black: And what do all the belts mean?
Mike Terry: The white belt is someone who walks in off the street. Black belt is someone that the teacher recognizes as fit to instruct. In between we have blue, purple, and brown.
Laura Black: What do you have to do to get a red belt?
Mike Terry: There's only one.

Chet Frank: Booze, women - what in this life that doesn't get you in trouble?
Mike Terry: Turn to the side. Everything has a force. You embrace it or deflect it. Why oppose it?

Jerry Weiss: Movies...We get up in the morning like the military. You in the military?
Mike Terry: Yes, I was.

Mike Terry: The fighters before a fight...
Sondra Terry: Three marbles.
Mike Terry: Each fighter has a two-in-three odds of chosing a white marble. White marble's a pass.
Jerry Weiss: White marble's a pass. What if he picks the black marble?
Mike Terry: Black marble is a handicap.
Jerry Weiss: What does that mean, a handicap?
Mike Terry: Well, you lose the use of an arm or...
Jerry Weiss: Because?
Mike Terry: Because you never know when you may be disabled.

Jean Jacques Machado: [on film set] Mike, what the fuck are you doing here?
Mike Terry: I don't know. Jerry Weiss?
Jean Jacques Machado: You coming on the show?
Mike Terry: No. He just got all wannabe.
Jean Jacques Machado: He ask you if you were in the military?
Mike Terry: Yeah.
Jean Jacques Machado: You tell him what you did?
Mike Terry: No. He didn't ask.

Chet Frank: [questioning military lingo] What does AOC mean?
Mike Terry: Ass on curb.

Mike Terry: Conquer your fear and you'll conquer your opponent.
Laura Black: Yes, um...Mr. Terry, a man raped me. He held a knife to my throat, a man twice my size, and then he raped me.
Mike Terry: He held a knife to your throat?
Laura Black: Yes. Look, I appreciate what you've done, it's just that...I don't think there's anything I could learn here that would really...
Mike Terry: There is no situation that you could not escape from. There is no situation that you could not turn to your advantage.

Mike Terry: [as Laura cries] It's alright. There's no one here but the fighters.

Mike Terry: [to Sondra] You borrowed thirty thousand dollars from a loan shark? Are you crazy?

Augusto Silva: What do you want?
Mike Terry: You brought the old man up from Brazil for this bullshit?
Augusto Silva: You run your business, I run mine. Who I brought to where is of no concern to you.
Mike Terry: His life, his teachings...
Augusto Silva: What you know of his teachings? The hell do you know of his teachings? He's my family business, and it is a business, okay? What the hell did you think it is? There's still a vision out there. It's about to be big business. And no one has forgotten you, so cool down and sit down.
Marty Brown: None of the fighters know the fight is gaffed. You weren't supposed to know. You weren't supposed to know.
Mike Terry: I don't get it.
Marty Brown: We pick who gets the white marble. Here's what you're missing, here's what you invented. The thing - it's not a way to ensure the fight is fair. Any two guys fighting for money, no way the fight is fair. What you did is fix the fight without the fighters' knowledge.
Mike Terry: You stole my idea.
Marty Brown: How about that. So look, who gets the pass tonight? You. Every fight tonight the other guy gets the handicap. You win, you go home with fifty grand, you settle your various debts. How about that. Make a name for yourself. I love a fighter. What the fuck.

Mike Terry: You'd throw the fight in front of The Professor?
Augusto Silva: The Professor an old man.

Mike Terry: A guy killed himself because the window got broke. How'd you know how the window got broke?
Jerry Weiss: Your wife sold you out.
Bruno Silva: Well, who'd you think you married? Hmmm? Brazilian princess married the soldier. Five years and the soldier's pumping gas. Smart girl's gotta move on.

Mike Terry: What about the stolen watch? My friend...he shot himself because someone gave me a hot watch.
Jerry Weiss: A fella sold me a watch. I got a deal on a watch. How do I know where it came from? I gave it to you. What kind of stupid motherfucker pawns a watch he got from Chet Frank?