Lucrezia Borgia
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Lucrezia Borgia (Character)
from "The Borgias" (2011)

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"Borgia: 1504 (#3.11)" (2014)
Isabella d'Este Gonzaga: When I was little I used to come here to hide from papa. Papa still roams these halls.
Lucrezia Borgia: I have also lost my father, a god who walked among us. But now he is merely a story I tell my children - a story which they will truly never understand.

Cesare Borgia: We are born filled with the capacity to trust in something else, something... I was going to say greater, but perhaps that which controls us is not great. Perhaps God in something smaller or lesser than we are.
Lucrezia Borgia: Perhaps faith is not innate, but learned. What if the silly priest does not only teach us the answer, but also the question?
Cesare Borgia: But can a priest teach an emotion? When I gazed at you my heart swells. As long as you exist, I know that there is something other then me. What do you see when you see me?
Lucrezia Borgia: My brother.
Cesare Borgia: Is that faith? That what you see and what you believe is not only the same, but is also true? If I believe our father is alive, is he alive? If I believe Julius Della rovere is dead, is he dead?
Lucrezia Borgia: For you, yes.
Cesare Borgia: Well, this is where we differ. One of these men is definitely alive, and one is definitely dead. Over time I've replaced my faith in God alone, in the Church, in Fortuna, in Astrology, in myself, in you - none seem to last.

Lucrezia Borgia: You throw your soul to the wind like a rock, as if the rock will grow wings and fly.
Cesare Borgia: So you would have me what, surrender?

Cesare Borgia: Lucrezia! You are my priest, my prophet. You elevate my being. You enliven my mind. Faith must never harden. Faith must... flow, and rise, and fall, and change. In that I can trust. I must go.
Lucrezia Borgia: I must stay.

"Borgia: Miracles (#1.10)" (2011)
Juan Borgia: I should come with you, Father.
Rodrigo Borgia: We need you here. You must charm the King as long as possible, giving us time to move northward, and for Spain to lay siege to Naples.
Lucrezia Borgia: But Father, the last time Charles came to Rome, you remained.
Rodrigo Borgia: Last time, Charles believed us weak, we believed *ourselves* weak. There was no threat to him. Now the outcome is unknowable.
Lucrezia Borgia: So, when you are weak, you stay, but when you are strong, you flee?
Rodrigo Borgia: As long as even one Borgia dwells in Rome, our travels cannot be seen as flight, because your presence is a sign of our intention to return.
Lucrezia Borgia: But why must both of us stay?
Rodrigo Borgia: Charles will do you no harm.
Lucrezia Borgia: How can you be certain? You said no one would harm my mother.
Rodrigo Borgia: Because Juan will agree, on our behalf, to all the King's demands. Drown him in yeses. Any concordat can be reversed.
Juan Borgia: Holiness, I will reflect you as my armor does the sun.

Alfonso D'Este: I am being fumigated in a mercury bath. Uh, You look beautiful.
Lucrezia Borgia: What is that on your face?
Alfonso D'Este: I have contracted the Great Pox. That is why I am in Rome, for the best in medicinal treatments.
Lucrezia Borgia: You have the French disease?
Alfonso D'Este: Funny, the French call it the Italian disease. Uh, I'm told the pox actually came from the New World.
Lucrezia Borgia: And I am told the pox is contracted by sleeping with whores.

[last lines]
Lucrezia Borgia: [through the door] We beg sanctuary. We are running for our lives. Please, I beseech you, take us in.
Columba of Rieti: You seek sanctuary? From whom?
Lucrezia Borgia: From my father.
Columba of Rieti: Your father?
Lucrezia Borgia: Pope Alexander VI, Supreme Pontiff of Holy Mother Church.

Rosalina della Mirandola: [at the door in tears] My father has disowned me. I am dead, Lucrezia. I am dead.
Lucrezia Borgia: No, you stupid fool. You're not dead until you are dead.
Rosalina della Mirandola: Well, what should I do?
Lucrezia Borgia: Tell Lord Jaches that this is rumor, tavern gossip. That you are still a virgin.
Rosalina della Mirandola: You Borgia are all the same, a cabal of liars!
Lucrezia Borgia: Then suffer with your truth!
Rosalina della Mirandola: [gets up onto the open window]
Lucrezia Borgia: Rosalina?
Rosalina della Mirandola: "You are not dead until you are dead."
[leans back and falls]
Lucrezia Borgia: Oh!

Don Juan (1926)
Cesare Borgia: Ah, he is the one they call the great lover!
Count Giano Donati: The great forgetful lover!
Lucrezia Borgia: There might be one he could not forget.
Count Giano Donati: Only your illustrious highness would dare such a challenge.

Lucrezia Borgia: A little flat, perhaps, but you'll console yourself with the ample figure of her father's fortune - marry her by all means, Giano.

Lucrezia Borgia: The wisest man is the easiest to deceive.

Lucrezia Borgia: Your freedom shall be a gift from me - if you are capable of appreciating it.
Don Juan de Marana: I prefer the scaffold, Madame - it is less dangerous.

"Borgia: 1495 (#3.1)" (2014)
Riario Sansoni: The Jude Borgo should be leveled, and the Rome Jews banished along with the Portuguese.
Lucrezia Borgia: Eminence, I invited you to my home in hopes of easing the tensions between us, but your intolerance is intolerable. Rome has always been a sanctuary for the refuges of the world; diversity has been our strength. Would you turn away Jesus because he was a Jew?

Johan Burchard: Pope Alexander, Pontifex Maximus, finds you guilty of stealing three carrots from the bin of Angelo Rodi.
Rodrigo Borgia: Three carrots, three lashes...
Defendant: Sire, I am like you foreign-born. I have left Portugal with my family.
[being dragged away]
Defendant: We came to Rome for a better life. Then came the rack of inquisition to find torture of starvation. My babies are dying!
Lucrezia Borgia: [observing her father's indifference] STOP! Holiness, a question. What is most fair, to punish or to provide? The answer is both.
Lucrezia Borgia: After the three lashes, you will be gifted three ducats.

Lucrezia Borgia: Discontent sits among us. This is only natural. When people come together to discuss how best to fight evil, there is disagreement. To stifle a voice because the voice opposes one's own opinion, brings disaster. I denounce such deeds.

Rodrigo Borgia: Tell us, Lucrezia, and be brave in your honesty. Should we step done?
[presents his ring]
Lucrezia Borgia: I could never have sent a man to such a death. Without an iron will and a cruel confidence, I would not be a better sovereign than you.
[handing the ring back]
Rodrigo Borgia: This is true, my daughter. But you are a better person.

"Borgia: 1501 (#3.7)" (2014)
Lucrezia Borgia: [entering] Della Rovere will surrender Bologna.
Rodrigo Borgia: [chuckles] How I God's great heaven did you convince that son of a fish monger to help your cause?
Lucrezia Borgia: We danced.
Johan Burchard: Dance? Della Rovere danced?

Lucrezia Borgia: My son suffers from my mistakes.
Cesare Borgia: As most children do from their parents.

[last lines]
Lucrezia Borgia: Were you involved in Alfonso di Calabria's death in any way?
Alfonso D'Este: My love, no! After the feelings you and I have shared, the truth of our inner selves, how can such an accusal come to you mind? I do not kill. Yes, Alfonso and I were at odds, but... well, he wanted me dead - he even tried once. But I did not kill him, Lucrezia. And I am wounded that you would even ask... You believe me, do you not?
Lucrezia Borgia: I do.
Alfonso D'Este: Then come, be my glorious "Helen."
[offers some of his orange]

"Borgia: The Serpent Rises (#1.12)" (2011)
Pedro Calderón: [taking his leave] Pray for me, sweet Lucrezia.
Lucrezia Borgia: I was almost happy!
Rodrigo Borgia: Lust is not happiness, child. Being faithful to God's truth is.

Lucrezia Borgia: Do not fear the devil, Juan, for you are he.

Lucrezia Borgia: I tried to give myself to God, but he refused. And am I not following the example of my father and brothers? Am I not a Borgia? Do not hate me.
Cesare Borgia: I have a great many feelings towards you. Hate is not one of them. You have acted bravely. More bravely than I. In the Garden of Eden, Eve showed more courage than Adam. When the serpent offered the forbidden fruit, she knew that there was something better than paradise.

"Borgia: 1503, Part One (#3.9)" (2014)
[first lines]
Soldier: Fire!
[loud cannon causes Lucrezia's horse to throw her off]
Alfonso d'Este: Lucrezia!
Lucrezia Borgia: [picks herself up and approaches the throne] Pardon me your grace. My poor horse is tired, the journey has been long.
Ercole d'Este: Impressive. You've just handle yourself exactly as a d'Este would.

Lucrezia Borgia: I have heard you are called the cleverest brother.
Giulio d'Este: Many have called me the most handsome, too.
Lucrezia Borgia: Oh, who exactly has called you that?
Giulio d'Este: Mainly me.

Lucrezia Borgia: You must admire these nun's unwavering faith.
Giulio d'Este: If faith brought them here. Some are sent by their fathers to avoid paying a dowry. Or they are the elicit sport of some priest or prince.
Lucrezia Borgia: The girls win too. They avoid being stuck in loveless marriages.
Giulio d'Este: Is that what you have with Alfonso?
Lucrezia Borgia: No, our love bloomed before our betrothal. But I cannot deny that our wedding pillow is filled with a down of politics.

"Borgia: 1502 (#3.8)" (2014)
[first lines]
Lucrezia Borgia: Mama!
Vannozza Catanei: I love to hear you call me "mama."
Lucrezia Borgia: Well, are you not my mother?
Vannozza Catanei: Not enough. I have acted more like a chalice sister. Once it was like Rosa, the most beautiful woman in Rome. More beautiful than Giulia. These days, I look in the mirror, and I see a face I do not recognize. The time has come to... accept that she is me.

Rodrigo Borgia: We celebrate. Darling girl, this is your chance for happiness, love, peace.
Lucrezia Borgia: Then why does it not feel so?
Rodrigo Borgia: Because you're unaccustomed to happiness, love and peace. Joys of life are not a given, you must fight for them.

Lucrezia Borgia: You are the best of brothers!
Cesare Borgia: And that is all that I am - all I will ever be to you. We need to begin a new life - informed by our old lives, but invented a new. We must finally and forever say goodbye to the past.
Lucrezia Borgia: No! I am not ready.
Cesare Borgia: I'm not either, but the future does not care. I love you, Lucrezia...

"The Borgias: The Confession (#2.10)" (2012)
Lucrezia Borgia: [Referring to her fiance] A boy of clay to mold into a man of my liking.

Lucrezia Borgia: [Seductively] Take off your cloak.
Alfonso of Aragon: If I remove my cloak, what will you remove in return?
Lucrezia Borgia: You'll see.

Lucrezia Borgia: [Presenting herself as her own maid] Just as one would have one's groom break in a new horse, so it is with my lady's loves and me.

"Borgia: 1496 (#3.2)" (2014)
Rodrigo Borgia: Tell us, why do we imprison men?
Canale: To deprive miscreants of liberty as punishment for wrong doing.
Rodrigo Borgia: Excellent. So then why do allow murders and thieves to leave Terranuova at night?
Canale: Beause they have purchased passes, but must return at dawn.
Lucrezia Borgia: In between they commit more crimes.
Canale: Privileges have always been allowed for those who can afford them.
Rodrigo Borgia: As of this day the sale of passes and privileges is no more. Prisoners must fear time spent in Terranuova.
Canale: What of my income?
Rodrigo Borgia: [raising] You dare to whine to the Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church about your petty insignificant needs? We speak of justice! Be gone, Canale.
[sitting back down]
Rodrigo Borgia: We will close our eyes, and when we open them, you will be gone.
[closes his eyes]
Canale: [hesitates, then begins running down the aisle, then collapses clutching his chest]
Gacet: [runs to him] He is dead.

Lucrezia Borgia: Show Giovanni Christ's mercy.
Cesare Borgia: Christ's mercy? And where will I find that rare gem?
Lucrezia Borgia: In your own heart - or in mine, which loves Jesus in every way.
Cesare Borgia: Ah, so you're a Christian then?
Lucrezia Borgia: My faith in Christ is absolute. My faith in Christianity is less certain.

Lucrezia Borgia: Your secret plan... You plan, papa plots, and I ROT!
Cesare Borgia: Your voice will wake the dead.
Lucrezia Borgia: My voice once commanded the living. But now I atrophy. An unused muscle in the Borgia body.

"Borgia: 1506 (#3.13)" (2014)
Lucrezia Borgia: I will do the one thing for my husband that his sister cannot, an act which will bind me to him: the birth of a legitimate male heir. Sex becomes for me not a way to pleasure, but to survival.

Lucrezia Borgia: Secrets corrupt the mind and kill the soul.

"Borgia: Prelude to an Apocalypse (#1.8)" (2011)
Lucrezia Borgia: How you enjoy playing games with our lives. Your heart may care about Cesare, but your soul is dead.
Rodrigo Borgia: [slaps her face] My soul is Rome, and we will make any sacrifice, even our daughter, to save this city!

Lucrezia Borgia: [to Giovanni] Die for Rome, and you die for me.

"Borgia: Pentecost (#2.6)" (2013)
Lucrezia Borgia: Alfonso? Where are you going?
Alfonso di Calabria: To hunt.
Lucrezia Borgia: You would rather chase wild deer than cuddle with your wife?
Alfonso di Calabria: Familiarity kills romance...

[last lines]
Lucrezia Borgia: I knew you would be here. I could not sleep last night. I could not stop thinking about you. What you have done for me, who you are to me. You do not have to go.
Cesare Borgia: I am naked without land or title.
Lucrezia Borgia: And that is when I want you most.
Cesare Borgia: Our family's survival depends on my success in Lyon, or we will perish when our father's no longer pope. There are too many enemies. We must make new and powerful allies.
Lucrezia Borgia: You're a good man, Cesare.
Cesare Borgia: [suddenly starts kissing her, then stops] No. No. Stop. I must depart.
Agapito Geraldini: [interrupts] You told me to bring this when it was finished. From the blacksmith, Whittaker.
Cesare Borgia: [to Lucrezia] My new sword and scabbard. The Goddess of Peace. Created in your image. I will come back for you one day, as an emperor.

"Borgia: Ash Wednesday (#2.2)" (2013)
Isabella Matuzzi: The last time I saw you, you were but a cherub. Now look at you. I must seem a haggard crow. My name is Isabella Matuzzi.
Lucrezia Borgia: I am sorry, I do not recognize you, or your name.
Isabella Matuzzi: I am your sister - half sister. When papa was with your mother, he was with mine.
Lucrezia Borgia: Is this true?
Vannozza Catanei: Yes.
Lucrezia Borgia: I am constantly learning new secrets about my family! My uncle is my father. I have an older sister. When they say I am a child who knows nothing, that is because they tell me nothing.

Isabella Matuzzi: Consider this. Now you have a sister who knows what you go through better than a priest.
[in a whisper]
Isabella Matuzzi: Or a mother.
Lucrezia Borgia: Do you still see papa?
Isabella Matuzzi: The last time I saw him was around the last time I saw you. And then he was done with me.
Lucrezia Borgia: Some times I wish he would shun *me*.
Isabella Matuzzi: Do not say that! To be cast out from Rodrigo Borgia heart...
Lucrezia Borgia: He uses me.
Isabella Matuzzi: To be a woman is to be used.

"Borgia: The Time of Sweet Desires (#2.1)" (2013)
Pietro Bembo: [below her window] Do you ever wish to excel at something beyond measure, and yet at each attempt, you get progressively worse?
Pietro Bembo: Pietro Bembo, your servant...
Lucrezia Borgia: Go away.
Pietro Bembo: Pietro Bembo, your *disobedient* servant.

Pietro Bembo: Do you play the flute?
Lucrezia Borgia: Not well...
Pietro Bembo: Then we must play together. Perhaps our sour notes combined will turn vinegar into wine.

"Borgia: 1505 (#3.12)" (2014)
Alfonso d'Este: We must make a public decree condemning Cesare.
Lucrezia Borgia: Never.
Alfonso d'Este: To risk even the appearance of alliance with Cesare is to gamble with our lives. Our son's life. Our entire duchy.
Lucrezia Borgia: I would sooner kill our son.
Alfonso d'Este: How can you say that?
Lucrezia Borgia: Better him dead that alive in a world where a sister betrays her brother.

Lucrezia Borgia: You are the representative of Jesus Christ on earth. Why do you allow your hatred and envy for my father to lead you to sin?
Giuliano della Rovere: Not sin. Syncopy. One must strike out all traces of one's predecessor, otherwise we will be tied to his precedents, and our successes will be based on *his* legacy. We do this, not for ourselves, but for the spiritual rebirth of the church.
Lucrezia Borgia: You shoot at conflicting targets, Holiness. The purpose of spirituality to expand one's life. The purpose of religion is to limit it.

"Borgia: A Morality Play (#2.8)" (2013)
Alfonso di Calabria: How long until France's crusade tramples Italy? All the while, Cesare kisses the feet of the same Sodomites who held him hostage.
Lucrezia Borgia: How many Borgia must my father marry into your family before you realize that we are not your enemy?
Alfonso di Calabria: Your family licks the ass of the very men who drove my father from his throne - his final days in madness.
Lucrezia Borgia: The French did not drive your father mad. The House of Aragona is filled with those who foam at the mouth.
Alfonso di Calabria: The Army of France raped our women, then cut off their fingers just to steal their rings.
Lucrezia Borgia: Oh, I forgot! Italian women are only here for Italian men to rape.

Alfonso di Calabria: You do not grasp the fullness of my love. My deep desire for us to be truly man and wife.
Lucrezia Borgia: Man and wife, never woman and husband.

"The Borgias: Siblings (#3.3)" (2013)
Lucrezia Borgia: What rules this family, Mother?
Vanozza Cattaneo: [With uncertainty] Love.
Lucrezia Borgia: [She laughs derisively] Ambition... Ambition rules this family - my father's, my brother's, and I would have to add to it my own if I don't want to live in a garden of weeds.

Lucrezia Borgia: [about to commit incest with Cesare] Oznly a Borgia it seems can truly love a Borgia.

"Borgia: The Seven Sorrows (#2.11)" (2013)
Isabella Matuzzi: Will you not ask me why I lied?
Lucrezia Borgia: No. For us women, secrets serve as armor.

"Borgia: Ascension (#2.5)" (2013)
[last lines]
Alfonso di Calabria: [under the sheets] Are you nervous?
Lucrezia Borgia: Are you?
Alfonso di Calabria: Oh, indeed. But I do not mind. You are worth the world, my love.
[they kiss]
Oliviero Carafa: [watching from the foot of the bed] Convincing, but not enough.
Rodrigo Borgia: Alfonso, pull back the sheets.
Alfonso di Calabria: [to Lucrezia] I hear and see only you. Cling tightly. Hear and see only me.
Oliviero Carafa: I still cannot tell whether this is acting.
[taking a candle]
Oliviero Carafa: I am sorry but where is his penis?
Rodrigo Borgia: [with growing discomfort] Children, we must witness the penetration.
Lucrezia Borgia: [getting on top] Fuck me, husband. Yes, fuck me! Fuck me harder! Harder, fuck me! Yes, you - are - a - god! - A - god.
[cry out]

"Borgia: Maneuvers (#1.7)" (2011)
Cardinal Sforza: As a priest, I believe that in the eyes of Mother Church, the sacrament of marriage is a divine union between a man, his wife, the Lord, and no one else.
Lucrezia Borgia: But what if Giovanni does not see the circumstances that way? Fear, retribution has clouded his ardor.
Cardinal Sforza: Then you must do what all women do to save their marriages. You must tell your husband what he wants to hear.
Cardinal Sforza: Whether it be the truth, or not.

"Borgia: Pax Vobiscum (#2.4)" (2013)
Rodrigo Borgia: I understand. You're embarrassed being in proximity to a former husband and his new bride, as well as Alfonso D'Este with whom you shared a flirtation, and *his* new bride, while you are alone.
Lucrezia Borgia: Giovanni and Alfonso almost came to blows over me. And now I am of less interest to them than an empty bottle of wine. Do you blame me for my agido?

"Borgia: Who Is Like God? (#2.12)" (2013)
Lucrezia Borgia: Dear Fiametta, I have stumbled through life from flute to harp, from God to orgasm, from grievous sin thing to pleasant joy. That joy is family - even a family as peculiar as we Borgia.

"The Borgias: Lucrezia's Wedding (#1.4)" (2011)
Giulia Farnese: You look ill, Lucrezia.
Lucrezia Borgia: Yes, I have been ill.
[Referring to the assassinated Djem]
Lucrezia Borgia: My dusky friend inhabits my dreams.
Giulia Farnese: Do not think so much of Djem, my dear.
Lucrezia Borgia: He has a secret that he can't speak of. His beautiful dark mouth opens, but no sound comes out.
Giulia Farnese: In your dreams?
Lucrezia Borgia: And I have to kiss those lips to comfort them.
Giulia Farnese: Oh, dear!
Lucrezia Borgia: Is it permissible, Donna Guilia, to kiss a dead Moor in my dreams?
Giulia Farnese: [She smiles] All things are permissible in our dreams.

"Borgia: God's Monster (#1.11)" (2011)
Lucrezia Borgia: Do you know what God sounds like? Like a dove flying through a gentle snowfall. I have been searching for the sound of His voice, the clarity, ever since.

"The Borgias: Relics (#3.6)" (2013)
Lucrezia Borgia: [to Cesare] If I married a thousand times, it would always be the wrong choice.

"Borgia: The Assumption (#2.10)" (2013)
Lucrezia Borgia: [winning the people over] Forgive. For if even one of you keeps venom in your heart, then all of us are tainted. Forgiveness is a gift which God has given us to give to others. When we die, God will not ask: 'How many men have you avenged?' But: 'How many did you forgive?' If a man is truly sorry and you cannot embrace him, then you have sinned and you will suffer.

"Borgia: Transfiguration (#2.9)" (2013)
Lucrezia Borgia: The Terni captain is quite fine. What is his name?
Giovanni di Fonsalida: Sidonius Grimani, from a very noble ancient Ternian family.
Angela Borgia Lanzol: [eagerly] Is he married?

"The Borgias: The Beautiful Deception (#2.3)" (2012)
Lucrezia Borgia: Permit my Paolo a Christian burial.
Rodrigo Borgia: He is a suicide. It is impossible.
Lucrezia Borgia: [Handing it to her father] This note was pinned to his sleeve.
Rodrigo Borgia: [Examining it] Yes, a suicide note.
Lucrezia Borgia: But he could not read or write, Father. My Paolo could not even pen his own name.
Rodrigo Borgia: [after considerable thought] So it was murder! Where is the murderer?
Lucrezia Borgia: Too close for comfort.

"The Borgias: The Banquet of Chestnuts (#3.4)" (2013)
Lucrezia Borgia: [Clearly angry and humiliated that she has to consummate her marriage in front of witnesses] The act may be done in the night, but I will have blood for this!

"The Borgias: Stray Dogs (#2.4)" (2012)
Lucrezia Borgia: It would be fun to outwit a brace of cardinals.

"The Borgias: The Moor (#1.3)" (2011)
Prince Djem: You have news?
Lucrezia Borgia: I'm to be married.
Prince Djem: Oh, my dear!
Lucrezia Borgia: Have you been married?
Prince Djem: I have taken four women to wife.
Lucrezia Borgia: Four?
Prince Djem: Mmmm-hmmm,
Lucrezia Borgia: Where are they now,
Prince Djem: In the Serali of Topkapi Palace in Constantinople.
Lucrezia Borgia: Hoow many wives can you have?
Prince Djem: As many as Allah sees fit to provide.
[They both laugh]
Prince Djem: And as to concubines an infinite number.
Lucrezia Borgia: What is the difference, Djem, between wife and concubine?
Prince Djem: No difference really.
Prince Djem: [after a short reflection] Ah, you can beat a wife but not kill her.
Lucrezia Borgia: You can kill a concubine?
Prince Djem: If she displeases you. You can kill a wife too, but the displeasure must be great.

"The Borgias: The Face of Death (#3.1)" (2013)
Papal Physician: [after Lucrezia has instructed the Papal physician on how to force the liquid charcoal down her poisoned father's throat] But this is witchcraft!
Lucrezia Borgia: [Pointing a dagger at the physician] This is physic!
Cesare Borgia: Do what she says... every detail... and if his soul departs. I shall insure it does do so alone!

"Borgia: The Invasion of Rome (#1.9)" (2011)
Giovanni Sforza: Allow me to try once more. The ducats are not what matter, but rather my reputation. Impotence! The whole of Italy will ridicule me.
Lucrezia Borgia: We could try to fornicate again.
Giovanni Sforza: Yes?

"Borgia: Palm Sunday (#2.3)" (2013)
Lucrezia Borgia: Have you not heard the rumors? That I am no longer a virgin? That I have a child out of wedlock? That word means exactly what it says. After you are wed, you are locked.