Lucrezia Borgia
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Lucrezia Borgia (Character)
from "The Borgias" (2011)

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"The Borgias: The Confession (#2.10)" (2012)
Lucrezia Borgia: [Referring to her fiance] A boy of clay to mold into a man of my liking.

Lucrezia Borgia: [Seductively] Take off your cloak.
Alfonso of Aragon: If I remove my cloak, what will you remove in return?
Lucrezia Borgia: You'll see.

Lucrezia Borgia: [Presenting herself as her own maid] Just as one would have one's groom break in a new horse, so it is with my lady's loves and me.

"The Borgias: Siblings (#3.3)" (2013)
Lucrezia Borgia: What rules this family, Mother?
Vanozza Cattaneo: [With uncertainty] Love.
Lucrezia Borgia: [She laughs derisively] Ambition... Ambition rules this family - my father's, my brother's, and I would have to add to it my own if I don't want to live in a garden of weeds.

Lucrezia Borgia: [about to commit incest with Cesare] Oznly a Borgia it seems can truly love a Borgia.

"The Borgias: Lucrezia's Wedding (#1.4)" (2011)
Giulia Farnese: You look ill, Lucrezia.
Lucrezia Borgia: Yes, I have been ill.
[Referring to the assassinated Djem]
Lucrezia Borgia: My dusky friend inhabits my dreams.
Giulia Farnese: Do not think so much of Djem, my dear.
Lucrezia Borgia: He has a secret that he can't speak of. His beautiful dark mouth opens, but no sound comes out.
Giulia Farnese: In your dreams?
Lucrezia Borgia: And I have to kiss those lips to comfort them.
Giulia Farnese: Oh, dear!
Lucrezia Borgia: Is it permissible, Donna Guilia, to kiss a dead Moor in my dreams?
Giulia Farnese: [She smiles] All things are permissible in our dreams.

"The Borgias: Relics (#3.6)" (2013)
Lucrezia Borgia: [to Cesare] If I married a thousand times, it would always be the wrong choice.

"The Borgias: The Beautiful Deception (#2.3)" (2012)
Lucrezia Borgia: Permit my Paolo a Christian burial.
Rodrigo Borgia: He is a suicide. It is impossible.
Lucrezia Borgia: [Handing it to her father] This note was pinned to his sleeve.
Rodrigo Borgia: [Examining it] Yes, a suicide note.
Lucrezia Borgia: But he could not read or write, Father. My Paolo could not even pen his own name.
Rodrigo Borgia: [after considerable thought] So it was murder! Where is the murderer?
Lucrezia Borgia: Too close for comfort.

"The Borgias: The Banquet of Chestnuts (#3.4)" (2013)
Lucrezia Borgia: [Clearly angry and humiliated that she has to consummate her marriage in front of witnesses] The act may be done in the night, but I will have blood for this!

"The Borgias: Stray Dogs (#2.4)" (2012)
Lucrezia Borgia: It would be fun to outwit a brace of cardinals.

"The Borgias: The Moor (#1.3)" (2011)
Prince Djem: You have news?
Lucrezia Borgia: I'm to be married.
Prince Djem: Oh, my dear!
Lucrezia Borgia: Have you been married?
Prince Djem: I have taken four women to wife.
Lucrezia Borgia: Four?
Prince Djem: Mmmm-hmmm,
Lucrezia Borgia: Where are they now,
Prince Djem: In the Serali of Topkapi Palace in Constantinople.
Lucrezia Borgia: Hoow many wives can you have?
Prince Djem: As many as Allah sees fit to provide.
[They both laugh]
Prince Djem: And as to concubines an infinite number.
Lucrezia Borgia: What is the difference, Djem, between wife and concubine?
Prince Djem: No difference really.
Prince Djem: [after a short reflection] Ah, you can beat a wife but not kill her.
Lucrezia Borgia: You can kill a concubine?
Prince Djem: If she displeases you. You can kill a wife too, but the displeasure must be great.

"The Borgias: The Face of Death (#3.1)" (2013)
Papal Physician: [after Lucrezia has instructed the Papal physician on how to force the liquid charcoal down her poisoned father's throat] But this is witchcraft!
Lucrezia Borgia: [Pointing a dagger at the physician] This is physic!
Cesare Borgia: Do what she says... every detail... and if his soul departs. I shall insure it does do so alone!