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Batmanuel (Character)
from "The Tick" (2001)

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"The Tick: Arthur Needs Space (#1.5)" (2001)
Batmanuel: General, if it pleases the court...
General Thomas: Who the hell are you?
Batmanuel: I am...
[unfurls wings]
Batmanuel: Batmanuel!
General Thomas: Make it fast.
Batmanuel: Batmanuel never makes it fast. That is unless the husband is in, y'know. Anyway, General, your national anthem, is it not "America The Beautiful"?
General Thomas: No.

Captain Liberty: ["the birds and the bees" from The Tick's perspective] Tick, sometimes when a man person, and his lady friend - blah blah blah Tick, blah blah blah wine and cheese, blah blah blah love, blah blah blah babies.
Batmanuel: [jumping in] blah blah blah condom, blah blah blah call girl, blah blah blah paternity suit, blah blah blah excellent lawyer.
The Tick: [stunned] Aah...
Captain Liberty: Is that clear to you now?
The Tick: Is what clear to who, when?

Batmanuel: Herein, you see the power of the suit. Women cannot resist the suit. Men cannot resist the suit. Dogs...
Arthur: Yeah, I get it.

Arthur: So, you think she's only talking to me because of the suit?
Batmanuel: *I* am only talking to you because of the suit.

Arthur: Actually, it was kind of a relief. This costume is giving her expectations I'm pretty sure will not be forthcoming.
Batmanuel: Once again, I cannot relate.

Batmanuel: Tick, you don't by any chance have super-hearing?
The Tick: What?

Batmanuel: So, what will you do, if they decide against you?
Captain Liberty: Oh, probably work the auto show circuit.
Batmanuel: A wise choice. But in your haste, don't forget boat shows.

"The Tick: The License (#1.4)" (2001)
The Tick: Does it really matter what you call me, Arthur? Or what I call you? Isn't the most important call the one we make to that party-line of the collective unconscious, that string of mysterious arbitrary digits that we add up on our mental abacus and call 'us'? We call us and who answers? We do.
Batmanuel: What the hell did he just say?

Batmanuel: [Arthur has ended his partnership with The Tick] So, how is life post-Tick? And be prepared, if your answer is not scintillating, my interest will wane rapidly.

"The Tick: Couples (#1.3)" (2001)
Batmanuel: "Alone" is a pathetic predicament. "Lone" is an aesthetic choice.

[last lines]
Captain Liberty: [walking her dog - the dog is out-of-frame] Well, you gotta admit, he's much better behaved, now.
Batmanuel: Yes, well, neutering a dog will have that affect, though I must question your methods.
The Tick: [walks up to greet, sees the dog] Captain Liberty! Batmanuel! Long time, no see. Geronimo! Where'd ya get the platypus?

"The Tick: The Big Leagues (#1.6)" (2001)
Arthur: [just back from League initiation] Can you believe that six months ago I was a bean counter at an accounting firm?
Batmanuel: Yes, yes I can.

Batmanuel: [getting off the phone with lawyer] They proposed a settlement.
Captain Liberty: No. Batmanuel, look at these people. This case isn't even about me any more. If I were to take a settlement now, I wouldn't be able to live with myself.
Batmanuel: *I* will live with you. In a big house, with big gates to keep people like this out.

"The Tick: Arthur, Interrupted (#1.8)" (2002)
Batmanuel: Poetic justice.
Arthur: Is there any other kind?
The Tick: Puppet-show justice.

"The Tick: Pilot (#1.1)" (2001)
Batmanuel: [last lines - answering cell phone] Diego! Ha ha ha, how is your sister...

"The Tick: The Funeral (#1.2)" (2001)
Captain Liberty: You know, you should soak it up while you can. It's the closest you will ever be to a real superhero.
Batmanuel: Please. I'm a better hero than The Immortal. I slept with you lots of times. I never died.