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Quotes for
Emilia Rodgers (Character)
from The Turning Point (1977)

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The Turning Point (1977)
Yuri: Care to have supper?
Emilia: I'm busy.
Yuri: After supper?
Emilia: Bed.
Yuri: Ok!... Emilia, it's joke!

Emma Jacklin: It didn't work out.
Emilia: Oh, so what? He liked boys better than girls?
Emma Jacklin: Oh, not exactly. He knew my priority was dancing.
Emilia: Are you... sorry?
Emma Jacklin: No. I don't believe in being sorry. We are what we are.

Emma Jacklin: Am I like you?
Emilia: I don't know...

Deedee Rodgers: I know you're angry.
Emilia: I'm not angry.
Deedee Rodgers: You damn well are. You're just covering it up with ice. That little Russian behaved like a bastard, so you're taking it out on me.

Emilia: I'm on the pill... just in case.

Emilia: Daddy wouldn't do what you did.