Deedee Rodgers
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Deedee Rodgers (Character)
from The Turning Point (1977)

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The Turning Point (1977)
[looking back at old pictures of themselves]
Deedee Rodgers: Oh God, I looked like shit.
Emma Jacklin: Next to Wayne, we all did...

Deedee Rodgers: Oh, Emma... if only she knew what we know now...
Emma Jacklin: It wouldn't matter worth a damn...

Deedee Rodgers: I know you're angry.
Emilia: I'm not angry.
Deedee Rodgers: You damn well are. You're just covering it up with ice. That little Russian behaved like a bastard, so you're taking it out on me.

Rosie: Oh, I had the hots for you back in those days. Only I never came up to you because you were always at the barre. And I didn't look so good in tights. And now the toe shoe is on the other foot.
Deedee Rodgers: Oh, really?
Rosie: Yeah. Now we BOTH don't look so good in tights.
Deedee Rodgers: Speak for yourself.

Deedee Rodgers: Emma said some things. First, she said I married you and had a family with because I knew I wasn't good enough to go professional as a ballet dancer. That wasn't true. But... she also said I had a child with you to prove that you were straight. That was sort of true. I wanted
Wayne: I know.
Deedee Rodgers: You... you do?
Wayne: Yeah. I guess I wanted to prove it myself.

Deedee Rodgers: That jealousy - it's poison.