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Ikkaku Madarame (Character)
from "Bleach" (2004)

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"Bleach: Formation! The Worst Tag (#2.6)" (2005)
Madarame Ikkaku: Yahoo! Man, am I lucky!
[jumps off the roof he & Ayasegawa were standing on; stands w/ his sword, sheathe & all, resting on his shoulder]
Madarame Ikkaku: I was slackin' off in a corner 'cuz it's a hassle to get to my post, then right before my eyes, down plops my reward.
[hops on his toes in a mock dance; sounding excited]
Madarame Ikkaku: I'm lucky, I'm lucky! Luck's on my side today!
[voice turns very serious]
Madarame Ikkaku: And you... got bad luck.
Kurosaki Ichigo: [finally recovered from their sudden appearance; sounds unconcerned] Huh?

Ikkaku Madarame: [after Ichigo manages to cut him; blood dripping from his head onto the ground] At least... tell me your name.
Ichigo Kurosaki: [brief pause, blood dripping from his head as well] Ichigo Kurosaki.
Ikkaku Madarame: Huh, Ichigo? That's a good name.
Ichigo Kurosaki: You think so? No one's ever told me that before.
Ikkaku Madarame: Yeah they say that guys with 'Ichi' in their names are overflowing with talent and good looks. At least that's what I've heard.
Ikkaku Madarame: I'm Third Seat Assistant Adjutant Squad 11. Ikkaku Madarame! Well, Ichi, what say we be friends!
Ichigo Kurosaki: Huh! Ain't gonna happen...

Ikkaku Madarame: [dancing on his toes; in a sing-song voice] Who is lucky? I am lucky. None so lucky but *meee*. That's right I said *meee*. Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, *lucky*.
[using his sheathed sword like a pommel horse to flip over, while "singing"-]
Ikkaku Madarame: Lucky, lucky, *luc-keeee*!
[lands w/ his sword in front, parallel to the ground]
Ikkaku Madarame: *Meeeee*
[holds the pose while Ichigo & Ganju look a little dumbfounded at his display; finally gets frustrated]
Ikkaku Madarame: What are you doing,
Ikkaku Madarame: you fools? Come on. Couldn't you see that I was doing my 'lucky dance' for you both while I was waiting for you to come crawling out of your stinking sandbox to fight me! And why are you two gaping at me like a couple of idiots?
Ichigo Kurosaki: [Ikkaku continues ranting; Ichigo looks like he's not sure what to think of this man; in semi-flat tone of voice] What the Hell's with him?

Ikkaku Madarame: [lines in preview for next episode] You're pretty good, Ichigo. But the real battle starts now. And it's to late to come crying with apologies!
Ichigo Kurosaki: Hey! That's my line! Fight!
Ikkaku Madarame: Hit it, cover it, rock paper, scissors!
Ichigo Kurosaki: No not that kind of battle!