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Quotes for
Bucho (Character)
from Desperado (1995)

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Desperado (1995)
[customers enter a bar littered with corpses]
Bucho: Can't you see that we are fucking closed?

Bucho: [talking to his henchmen] It's one thing if you can't find someone running around the city hiding any place he chooses. I can understand that. What I can't understand is how you let him get away when you knew where he was! Now you drive around town. You see someone you don't know, you shoot them. How hard is that, huh?
[takes gun from Right Arm]
Bucho: Look over there.
[the henchmen look in different directions, unsure of where "over there" is]
Bucho: I don't know him. Never seen him before.
[the henchmen part, revealing Shrug]
Bucho: Look, he has a gun!
Shrug: [looks down at the gun tucked into his belt in dismay]
Bucho: Must be him!
Shrug: Hey...
Bucho: [shoots Shrug, then returns the gun to Right Arm] Now, how hard is that? It's that easy.

Bucho: [to El Mariachi, as they stare each other down] You come to kill me? Let me tell you something. You have already killed me!