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Krem (Character)
from "Star Trek: Enterprise" (2001)

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"Star Trek: Enterprise: Acquisition (#1.19)" (2002)
[the Ferengi have plundered Enterprise]
Captain Jonathan Archer: What do you need all this for, anyway? You seem to already have plenty of technology.
Krem: One can never have too much. The Rules of Acquisition say "Expand or die."
Captain Jonathan Archer: "Rules of Acquisition"?
Krem: Mm, that's rule number 45. I've memorized all 173, including the most important one: "A man is only worth the sum of his possessions."
Captain Jonathan Archer: Back on my homeworld, that kind of thinking almost destroyed our civilization.
Krem: You should've managed your businesses better.

Ulis: Krem, start loading the merchandise.
Krem: Why am I always stuck doing the menial labor?
Ulis: [pointing at Archer] Make *him* do it.

Krem: This female... is different from the others. What species is she?
Captain Jonathan Archer: She's a Vulcan.
Krem: Vulcan...
Captain Jonathan Archer: They're really not all that interesting once you get to know them.
Krem: I'd like to get to know this one. Maybe I won't sell her... not right away.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Trust me. She's got no sense of humor. She's always complaining.

Krem: [Rule of Acquisition #6] Never allow family to stand in the way of profit.

Ulis: Time's running out. Someone has to stay and finish loading the ship.
Grish: That's Krem's job.
Krem: I'm tired of doing this job. I don't wanna do all the menial work!
Ulis: Krem!
Krem: It's time that I showed a little initiative! I have the lobes for business. You just never give me the chance to prove it!
Ulis: [commanding] Get back to work!
Krem: [after a pause, subdued] Yes, cousin.
[the other Ferengi laugh derisively and leave]
Captain Jonathan Archer: [to Krem] You... sure told him.

[Archer and Tucker are staging a drama show for the Ferengi]
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: I'll show you the vault.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Trip?
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Leave the women here, and I'll let you have the gold.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Not another word, Commander, that's an order!
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: I'm not letting 'em take my wife!
Ulis: Wife?
Krem: She's not the one with the pointy ears, is she?
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: No. Her name's Hoshi. And you're gonna keep your filthy hands off her! Do we have a deal?
Captain Jonathan Archer: You take them anywhere near that vault and I'll throw you in the brig for insubordination.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: You don't give a damn about this crew. All you care about is your precious gold.
Captain Jonathan Archer: I'm warning you, Trip.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: You're a greedy son of a bitch!
Captain Jonathan Archer: What's your wife worth? Five bars of gold, maybe six? Let them take Hoshi, and I'll give you ten.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: What?
Captain Jonathan Archer: All right, fifteen!
[Tucker charges at Archer with a roar and continues the discussion in a brawl]

Captain Jonathan Archer: [trying to entice Krem] I'll take you to the vault. We'll split the gold, 50-50. I'll even throw in
Captain Jonathan Archer: the Vulcan female.
Krem: How do I know you won't try to double-cross me?
Captain Jonathan Archer: You're the one holding the gun. So... what'll it be?
Krem: [ponders, then holds up gun] Get back to work.
Captain Jonathan Archer: It's your loss.