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Chief Dan Mathews (Character)
from "Highway Patrol" (1955)

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"Highway Patrol: Gambling (#1.5)" (1955)
Chief Dan Mathews: It isn't the car that kills - it's the driver!

Chief Dan Mathews: What'll you buys bet the door is still there and workin'?
Sheriff Bishop: Well, I never gamble, Dan - not when I'm betting against a sure thing.

[Dan forces the manager into the casino where the police raid is taking place]
Chief Dan Mathews: Shall we go inside and see if I can find a little action?

[Sergeant Corey has just served as the inside man for the raid of Dyer's illegal casino]
Chief Dan Mathews: Nice goin', Sergeant.
Ollie Dyer: Sergeant!
Chief Dan Mathews: Don't take it personally. You can't win 'em all.

Ollie Dyer: We'll open again - that's a promise!
Chief Dan Mathews: And we'll close you again. That's a promise, too.

[last lines]
[Sheriff Bishop snaps handcuffs on Sandy's wrists]
Al Sandy: Is this necessary, Sheriff? After all, we're not criminals.
Chief Dan Mathews: You're so wrong.

"Highway Patrol: Plane Crash (#1.23)" (1956)
Officer Barney: This Barlow - he's mixed up in the rackets, isn't he?
Chief Dan Mathews: Yeah, the numbers.
Officer Barney: I never heard of him connected with anything rough, though.
Chief Dan Mathews: Well, you have now.

Chief Dan Mathews: Figure it out - plane lands on an isolated firebreak, apparently no emergency. Ranger reports the landing, ranger turns up dead, plane turns up deserted. Whoever set the plane down had a good reason; didn't wait to share the secret with the ranger.
Officer Barney: On the other hand, it might be somethin' real simple... engine trouble.
Chief Dan Mathews: Barney, the ranger didn't die of engine trouble.

Chief Dan Mathews: You played your part real well, but you don't ad-lib so good.
Steve Wasson: W-What do you mean?
Chief Dan Mathews: Figure it out.

Officer Barney: How'd you figure that one out?
Chief Dan Mathews: I went to Patrol Academy, remember?

"Highway Patrol: Retired Gangster (#1.11)" (1955)
Jack McCall: The state got me into this mess.
Chief Dan Mathews: No, that's where you're wrong. You got yourself into this mess a long time ago.

[last lines]
Jack McCall: You mind if I say something?
Chief Dan Mathews: No. Go right ahead.
Jack McCall: I think you'll want to know this. When I go in, I'm gonna talk, lay it on the line.
Chief Dan Mathews: Why the change of heart?
Jack McCall: Oh, I don't know whether it's out of gratitude for what you've done or respect for what you've done.
Chief Dan Mathews: Respect - that's a pretty nice word. After you talk to the grand jury, maybe you'll have more self-respect. You know, I gotta admit it: I'm very happy that you're gonna talk.
Jack McCall: Why?
Jack McCall: I wanna be proud that I kept you alive, that's all. Get in.
[McCall enters the police car]

Chief Dan Mathews: Highway Patrol headquarters, this is Mathews. I want a tail put on Pete Roberts. He's been out of the pen for about three months... What? Occupation? He never had one he could mention.

Chief Dan Mathews: Jimmy Wilson's in the hospital. He's hurt bad. Hope nobody else gets hurt because you won't help.

"Highway Patrol: Lookout (#1.4)" (1955)
Chief Dan Mathews: No matter how new, the safest device in your car is you!

Chief Dan Mathews: Leave blood at the Red Cross, not on the highway.

[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: You're going to have to come with me, Joe.
Grace Bradshaw: He's not a criminal, Mr. Mathews.
Chief Dan Mathews: Yeah, I know. A very luck guy. He'll be coing back to you. Mrs. Bradshaw. Let's go.

"Highway Patrol: Prison Break (#1.1)" (1955)
Officer Brown: How can anyone break out of a prison like that?
Chief Dan Mathews: Anyone can't - Neal did. Neal usually gets what he wants. He had nothin' to concentrate on 24 hours a day but escape.

Chief Dan Mathews: Every job he's ever been mixed up in there's been a shooting. He'll go for a gun first. Better notify all units that any crime involving an auto, gun, clothes or money, we'll assume it do be Neal and follow it up immediately. He's going to move fast; we've got to move faster.

Ralph Neal: Okay, copper, unless you want to see this innocent bystander shot, you'll throw out that gun and the keys to that patrol car.
Chief Dan Mathews: No, Neal, you won't shoot him. He's your shield and dead weight doesn't make a good shield.

"Highway Patrol: Amnesia (#2.17)" (1957)
Chief Dan Mathews: It isn't the car that kills - it's the driver!

[Mrs. Karney, an amnesiac, has been brought to the place where Sergeant Walters first found her wandering near a mountain road, in the hope that she will lead the Patrol to her missing husband. She starts walking toward the other side of the road, and Sergeant Walters is about to stop her. Dan Mathews stops him]
Chief Dan Mathews: Wait a minute. Where you goin'?
Sergeant Walters: Well, I'm gonna stop her.
Chief Dan Mathews: Why?
Sergeant Walters: She's going the wrong way.
Chief Dan Mathews: How do you know?
Sergeant Walters: When I first saw her, she was coming from this side of the road.
Chief Dan Mathews: I got a feelin' somebody's guiding her who knows more about this than we do. I'll follow 'er and find out.

[last lines]
Sergeant Walters: How's Mrs. Karney?
Chief Dan Mathews: Oh, she's awright.
Sergeant Walters: Well, are you gonna come with us, or are you gonna go back and check on the campsite?
Chief Dan Mathews: Well, I'll go with you. Send some of the other men back to camp. I'm no woodsman. I don't want a searching party looking for me.

"Highway Patrol: Reckless Driving (#1.3)" (1955)
Chief Dan Mathews: The careless driver isn't driving his car - he's aiming it!

[Matthews sticks a pin in a map at the location of a fatal accident]
Chief Dan Mathews: Eight major accidents in two weeks on a brand new stretch of highway. Come on over here and look at this with me. Right here, from the end of the divided highway all the way to the end of the cutoff at Overland City - in two weeks we've had four fatals, seven injuries and fourteen or fifteen fender benders. If this keeps up, we're going to run out of people before we run out of pins!

[last lines]
Officer Gus Johnson: Poor guy. He's still got that traffic court to face.
Chief Dan Mathews: Yeah. But he's already had his punishment. He's got a lifetime sentence of living with himself.

"Highway Patrol: Prospector (#1.38)" (1956)
Chief Dan Mathews: Has he ever had this kind of money before?
E.L. Dunn: Mr. Mathews, the only time that I ever knew Asa to have a couple of hundred dollars in a lump sum was right after he came in and borrowed it from the bank. He has nothing.

Sergeant Corey: Look, why don't you cover me? I'm younger - maybe faster.
Chief Dan Mathews: I'm old enough to be scared. That makes me just as fast.

[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: Feel like movin'?
Asa McQueen: I'm just lyin' here thinkin'. What's the point in going back? Bought all that stuff. Owe more money than I can ever pay.
Chief Dan Mathews: I don't think they'll press you for the few hundred you spent.
Asa McQueen: Seek and you shall find. I've done my seekin', mister. Where's my find?
Chief Dan Mathews: That all depends on what a man's lookin' for.
Asa McQueen: A bullet in my leg? My age I can't make it back to the hills anymore. I gotta stay in Folkston.
Chief Dan Mathews: Well, why don't you look there?
Asa McQueen: Folkston?
Chief Dan Mathews: Mm-hmm.
Asa McQueen: Yeah, I might register my next claim there.

"Highway Patrol: Hitchhiker (#1.6)" (1955)
Sergeant: Why would anybody plant a phony identity on a poor fruit picker?
Chief Dan Mathews: Maybe to lose his own identity - commit suicide and live to tell about it.

Carl Seward: Man, did he get mad! I couldn't see out of this eye for a week, but maybe next time, I'll get a good shot at him.
Chief Dan Mathews: There's not going to be a next time, kid.

Chief Dan Mathews: Well, we've had a big day - chase a killer and wind up catchin' a guy who's been stealing apples.

"Highway Patrol: Tear Gas Copter (#3.22)" (1958)
Chief Dan Mathews: If you care to drive, drive with care!

Chief Dan Mathews: [writes the word 'RUN' on a slip of paper] Get over there, and guard that position. Watch the door.
Officer Simpson: Think the woman will react to the note?
Chief Dan Mathews: I don't know, but if she starts runnin', cover her with all the lead you can.

[last lines]
Grier: [after being handcuffed] What are you going to do to me?
Chief Dan Mathews: I'm going to introduce you to thirteen friends of mine - a judge and a jury. Alright - move!

"Highway Patrol: Female Hitchhiker (#2.24)" (1957)
Chief Dan Mathews: Try to *be* as good a driver as you *think* you are!

[last lines]
[a blonde female suspect emerges from a clothes closet and is arrested by Dan Mathews, who was hiding behind the closet door]
Chief Dan Mathews: Awright, get over there. Let me have that bag. I imagine we'll find that the bullet from this gun killed Houston.
[as Mathews reaches into the woman's handbag, she asks him:]
The Blonde: How did you know I was in there?
Chief Dan Mathews: [Mathews has pulled a small perfume bottle out of the handbag] Your perfume. What you use to trap your victims trapped you. All right, turn around. Put your hands behind your back.
[He handcuffs her]
Chief Dan Mathews: Okay, go ahead.

"Highway Patrol: Family Affair (#4.3)" (1958)
Chief Dan Mathews: You been here all morning?
Myra Davis: That's right - all morning.
Chief Dan Mathews: You mind if I look around?
Myra Davis: You got a search warrant?
Chief Dan Mathews: You want me to send for one?!
Myra Davis: No, go ahead. If you look around now, I'll get rid of you that much sooner!

[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: [to Myra Davis] You're a smart girl. Too bad. You coulda had a nice family, too.

"Highway Patrol: Safecracker (#3.4)" (1957)
Chief Dan Mathews: Reckless driving doesn't determine who's right - only who's left!

[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: Did you enjoy the sermon, Wright?
Stanley Wright: You shoulda heard it.
Chief Dan Mathews: Lemme see your hands.
[to Officer Johnson]
Chief Dan Mathews: Gimme the light.
Stanley Wright: Fluorescent powder is used for a lot of things, Mr. Mathews.
Chief Dan Mathews: Yeah, sure is. It's all over your wife's hands and the package she didn't get to mail.
Mrs. Wright: Honey, I knew it wouldn't work. I told you we couldn't get away with it.
Chief Dan Mathews: You shoulda stayed and listened to the sermon. Take 'im away.

"Highway Patrol: Hypo Bandit (#3.1)" (1957)
Dan Mathews: It isn't WHAT you drive, but HOW you drive that counts!

[last lines]
Dan Mathews: [speaking into his police radio] 21-50 to headquarters.
Sergeant Moore: Headquarters by.
Dan Mathews: Varnum case closed. Send out the coroner.
Sergeant Moore: Will do... 21-50: Return to headquarters soon as possible - urgent. 10-4?
Dan Mathews: 10-4. Here we go again.

"Highway Patrol: Trailer Story (#2.3)" (1956)
Chief Dan Mathews: Would you recognize him if you saw him again?
Hal Bishop: Sure, I think so. Anyway, I know I'd identify the woman!
Chief Dan Mathews: All right, forget her. Take a look at these.
[hands Bishop several info sheets with photographs]
Hal Bishop: [examines photos] These two look a lot alike - Minnick and Talbot. I'm not positive, but I think Talbot's your man.
[hands back info sheets and photos]
Chief Dan Mathews: [reads from document] Steve Talbot - age 35. He's married. Wife's name Audrey - age 25. Five feet four, about 110 pounds. Has been known to be blonde, brunette, and redhead. She hasn't missed much - did time at Tahachopee.
Officer Dorsey: The lady in the jewelry store was positive the man was alone.
Chief Dan Mathews: Well, if it was Talbot, he could've planned to meet her after the job.

[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: Come on. I'll take you back to your husband.
Mrs. Rogers: That was an awful chance you took.
Chief Dan Mathews: You're taking a bigger one. I never pulled a trailer before.
[Mathews goes around Mrs. Rogers' car to the driver's door]
Officer Henderson: Here's the keys.
Chief Dan Mathews: Thanks.

"Highway Patrol: Car Theft (#1.21)" (1956)
Chief Dan Mathews: It isn't the car that kills. It's the driver!

Chief Dan Mathews: [picking up Leroy's cowboy hat] Looks like a home run.
Virgil Ferrest: That jerk! He forgot his hat a...
Chief Dan Mathews: I'll call it in
[to headquarters]
Chief Dan Mathews: as closed!

"Highway Patrol: False Confession (#4.11)" (1958)
Chief Dan Mathews: I've been in spots before, but I wouldn't give this one to a leopard.

[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: [to Jim Rogers] Hey look. If the judge gives you a break, we'll see what we can do about getting you a job.
Peg Rogers: Jim, are you all right?
[Mr. And Mrs. Rogers hug each other]
Chief Dan Mathews: Seeing as you delivered the killers personally, why don't you take this?
[He hands Mrs. Rogers a twenty-dollar bill]
Chief Dan Mathews: It'll hold you for a little while.
[to Jim Rogers]
Chief Dan Mathews: But you gotta come with us.
[to Sergeant Williams as they walk toward the Rogers' house]
Chief Dan Mathews: How about twenty till next payday.

"Highway Patrol: Mother's March (#3.15)" (1958)
Fred Briscoe: Mabel wouldn't have anything to do with this robbery - she's one of our best workers for the hospital.
Chief Dan Mathews: Well, maybe she's doing her best work for something else.

[closing lines]
Mabel Wayne: I hope no one got hurt.
Chief Dan Mathews: No. Nobody did.
[He takes from Mabel the bag containing the charitable donations that Harve Case had stolen]
Chief Dan Mathews: We'll keep this at headquarters.
Mabel Wayne: There's fifteen dollars missing.
Chief Dan Mathews: Oh, there is? Hold this for a second, will ya.
[He hands the bag back to Mabel, takes a bill from his pocket and places it in the bag, and takes back the bag]
Chief Dan Mathews: That's from the Highway Patrol.

"Highway Patrol: Girl Bandit (#1.15)" (1956)
Chief Dan Mathews: The clowns at the circus, they're real funny. But on the highway, they're murder!

[last lines]
[after stopping a suspect speeding in a stolen car, Dan Mathews walks to the driver's door]
Chief Dan Mathews: Well, Mrs. Douglas, it's nice to see you again. Let me see your makeup kit, will you.
[She hands over the makeup case. Mathews opens it, discovers that it is full of stolen money, and closes it]
Chief Dan Mathews: Awright. Come on. Let's go.
[Mathews escorts Mrs. Douglas to his patrol car]

"Highway Patrol: Killer on the Run (#4.29)" (1959)
Chief Dan Mathews: Reckless driving doesn't determine who's right - only who's left!

[last lines]
[Leonard Stone has been apprehended by the Highway Patrol after he fled in a car with two female hostages, and is being taken back to the patrol car. Mathews stops at Ella Brewster's car, which Stone had been driving]
Chief Dan Mathews: Awright, ladies. You can get up now. You know, I wouldn't advise it again, but that key bit, that took a lotta nerve.
Mrs. Ella Brewster: Well, if you'd seen him shoot that nice young man in cold blood...
Chief Dan Mathews: Now just a minute, ladies. I don't know how you're gonna take this, but this 'nice young man' you're talking about, he committed two murders today.
Mrs. Ella Brewster: [to Marie] Why, imagine! We've been riding all day with a murderer. Wait till Walter and Cathy hear about this.
Sgt. Ken Williams: [Approaches the car carrying a briefcase] Here's part of the motive - counterfeit plates.
[Takes money from the briefcase]
Sgt. Ken Williams: This stuff looks real.
Leonard Stone: It is real - twenty thousand dollars - and it belongs to me.
Chief Dan Mathews: You hear that, ladies? Take a look. Twenty thousand dollars. He's not gonna be able to spend a nickle of it.
[to Stone]
Chief Dan Mathews: Awright, move.

"Highway Patrol: Hot Cargo (#2.8)" (1956)
Sergeant Walters: Truck hijacking? I thought we killed that racket years ago.
Chief Dan Mathews: Any racket is dead until the next guy tries it!

[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: You're out of business. Also out of circulation, Pop. Let's go.
[to Sergeant Hawkins]
Chief Dan Mathews: You take care of things here.

"Highway Patrol: Phony Insurance (#1.12)" (1955)
Chief Dan Mathews: A leaky gas tank can set a highway on fire. A blowout can send a truck out of control and kill a lot of people. The clutch slips today, the brakes don't hold tomorrow, then we have a mass funeral for the victims. Now, if there's no evidence that these breakdowns are premeditated, let's find out fast!

[last lines]
Jenkins: We oughtta get special privileges. Gus just saved the state some money.
Chief Dan Mathews: That gives us more to use on you two.
[to first officer]
Chief Dan Mathews: Take 'em in.
[to second officer]
Chief Dan Mathews: Get an ambulance and a doctor here right away. This is one kind of a breakdown his insurance didn't cover.

"Highway Patrol: Trojan Horse (#2.23)" (1957)
Chief Dan Mathews: Leave blood at the Red Cross - not on the highway!

[last lines]
[Jim Stone has been placed under arrest]
Chief Dan Mathews: That Trojan horse switch of yours was pretty sharp.
Jim Stone: What are ya talkin' about?
Chief Dan Mathews: It's something I read about in a book once.
Jim Stone: I don't get much chance to read.
Chief Dan Mathews: You will.
[to Officer Morrison]
Chief Dan Mathews: I'll call an ambulance.

"Highway Patrol: Policewoman (#3.27)" (1958)
Chief Dan Mathews: No matter how new, the safest device in your car is you!

[last lines]
Martha Cole: I gave you a rather bad day, Mr. Mathews.
Chief Dan Mathews: Hey, you sure did. Oh look, will you do me a great favor? Go back to Ohio. We got enough trouble of our own right here.

"Highway Patrol: Ranch Copter (#2.16)" (1957)
Harry Johnson: Let me go after Ted. He's a hot-headed kid, Mathews. Father and mother have been dead for a long time and Iris has been more than just a sister to him. I know how to handle him.
Chief Dan Mathews: Up until now, I don't think you've done a good job! He's out there with a gun - the law will take it from here!

[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: You don't mind ridin' in that chopper over there, do you?
George Wilson: After what I've been through, nothing could scare me. And thanks.
Chief Dan Mathews: Well now, don't thank us. Thank your wife. Without her we wouldn'ta known. C'mon, let's go.

"Highway Patrol: Auto Press (#4.33)" (1959)
Mr. Larkin: I knew him pretty well, Mr. Mathews. He'd never let anybody push him around.
Chief Dan Mathews: Yeah, I know. The morgue is full that type.

[last lines]
Frank Tulley: My brother. He's had that comin' for years.
Chief Dan Mathews: Where you're going, you'll have plenty of time to explain that to 'im.

"Highway Patrol: Witness Wife (#3.9)" (1957)
Chief Dan Mathews: It isn't what you drive, but how you drive that counts!

[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: [Knocks on the door where Mr. and Mrs. Jensen are hiding] Mathews, Highway Patrol.
[He opens the door]
Martin Jensen: Boy, Mr. Mathews, am I glad to hear your voice, I was afraid there for a while I'd never get to testify.
Chief Dan Mathews: Don't worry. Nothing will keep you from testifying.
[to Mrs. Jensen]
Chief Dan Mathews: 'Scuse me.

"Highway Patrol: Deaf Mute (#3.23)" (1958)
Chief Dan Mathews: Alert all units about missing girl. Age 10. Blonde hair. Name - Susan Haskell. Last seen wearing a blue skirt and a gray sweater. Use caution - she's being held as a hostage. 10-4?
Dispatcher: 10-4.
Chief Dan Mathews: If anything happens to that kid!
[shakes head grimly]

[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: [to Susie Haskell] I'm going over and talk to your father. Do you wanna go with me?
[Susie nods. She gets into the front passenger seat of his patrol car, and Mathews goes around the front of the car as the scene fades to black]

"Highway Patrol: Taxi (#1.36)" (1956)
Chief Dan Mathews: What did you do with the driver of the sports car?
Steve Stankey: He was in the way. I got rid of him.
Chief Dan Mathews: Isn't one killing enough?
Steve Stankey: One's enough to hang you. The rest are on the house!

[last lines]
[Mathews subdues Stankey in the farmer's house, and Sergeant Moore handcuffs him]
Chief Dan Mathews: What did you do with the driver of the sportscar?
Steve Stankey: I tied him to a tree off the highway. How'd you guys know I was here.
Chief Dan Mathews: I got the message by telephone - the one he said he didn't have.

"Highway Patrol: Mental Patient (#1.28)" (1956)
Chief Dan Mathews: If you interfere with an officer, that's a misdemeanor. If you shoot somebody, that's a felony! Think before you do anything! Now, would you mind closing the door?
Milo Hobson: [closes car door] You can't threaten me - I pay your salary!
Chief Dan Mathews: You just got your money's worth in good advice!

[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: [on police radio] Twenty-one fifty to headquarters.
Dispatcher: Twenty-one fifty by.
Chief Dan Mathews: All units: Resume routine patrol. I'm comin' in. Ten-four?
Dispatcher: Ten-four.

"Highway Patrol: Counterfeit (#2.21)" (1957)
[first lines]
Narrator: In the endless battle against crime, law enforcement agencies are sometimes called upon to apprehend a particularly elusive type of criminal, such as the professional check forger. The thief with a pen has one unique advantage over the thief with a gun. A worthless check is like a bomb with a delayed-action fuse. By the time the damage is discovered, the criminal is miles away. The passer of forged checks is not necessarily a glib, well-dressed con artist. In a manufacturing area, he may look like any honest factory worker. Or the forger may appear to be an average housewife, presenting her husband's paycheck to a neighborhood merchant. Late in May, the Highway Patrol became aware that a ring of highly-skilled check forgers was operating in the state. Their targets were manufacturing plants employing large numbers of workers in semiskilled capacities.
Chief Dan Mathews: [on the telephone] Four firms have been victims in the past two months, including yours. These crooks are experts. But look, they're human. They gotta make mistakes someplace. We're gonna send the checks to our lab for the full treatment. I'll let you know.
Narrator: Highway Patrol laboratory technicians subjected the forged checks to careful examination. The printing was identified as to type style, and paper stock analyzed by experts.

[last lines]
[Dan Mathews and Officer Johnson have just arrested two men suspected of printing and passing counterfeit business checks. Mathews reaches into the inside jacket pocket of one suspect and pulls out an envelope]
Chief Dan Mathews: Payroll checks. All set for your next job, huh?
Scovill: Ain't a crime to print checks. In the jargon of the trade, we call them samples.
Chief Dan Mathews: My trade we call it evidence. Awright, c'mon move.

"Highway Patrol: Explosives (#3.35)" (1958)
Chief Dan Mathews: Leave your blood at the Red Cross, or your Community Blood Bank - not on the highway!

[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: For a second there, I didn't think he was gonna stop.
Policewoman Eleanor Scott: I didn't either. But you're the one that took the chance, Mr. Mathews. If he'd seen you a second before you grabbed him...
Chief Dan Mathews: You know, I think it's gonna rain.

"Highway Patrol: Escort (#1.13)" (1956)
Chief Dan Mathews: [to Milan] We can't stop a guy from being murdered if we don't know who he is, can we?

[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: Mr. Powers, we're gonna need you for information. I'd advise you to continue to cooperate.

"Highway Patrol: Wounded (#2.33)" (1957)
Sergeant Morris: Say, you don't think this whole thing's a wild goose chase, do you?
Chief Dan Mathews: If it is, I know a little wild goose that's gonna lose some feathers!

[last lines]
Dr. Elliott: Sorry I wasn't much help. I... I guess I was scared.
Chief Dan Mathews: You did exactly the right thing, doctor. You kept out of the way.
[He turns to Tommy Evans]
Chief Dan Mathews: Which is more than I can say for some people.
Tommy Evans: Are you mad at me?
Chief Dan Mathews: No... but I should be.
Tommy Evans: I'm glad because, well, I wish I could have a job like yours someday.
Chief Dan Mathews: Tell you what: You come and see me in about 15 years.

"Highway Patrol: Revenge (#4.23)" (1959)
Chief Dan Mathews: Did he hate John's father because of the automobile accident?
Tommy's aunt: Yes. Yes, he did. Tommy idolized his father, and Brent felt the same way about Tommy. They were always together! And then, when Brent was killed, Tommy almost went haywire!
Sergeant Ken Williams: Did you ever hear him threaten to kill Robert Hoffman?
Tommy's aunt: Oh, no! Tommy's a good boy. A little hot-headed, but he's a good boy!
Chief Dan Mathews: [dubiously] Yeah, I know, they always are.

[last lines]
[Dan Mathews has just killed Tommy Chugg, who was out for revenge against Robert Hoffman for the death of his father]
Chief Dan Mathews: [to Robert Hoffman] Are you all right?
Robert Hoffman: I guess so.
[looks at Tommy's body]
Robert Hoffman: Poor boy.
Chief Dan Mathews: I dunno. That's a matter of opinion. He killed your son this morning.

"Highway Patrol: Runaway Boy (#1.35)" (1956)
Chief Dan Mathews: The careless driver isn't driving his car - he's aiming it!

[last lines]
[after finding runaway Jimmy Adams, Dan Mathews escorts him to the patrol car]
Chief Dan Mathews: Awright, hop in, young man.
[to the Highway Patrol officer]
Chief Dan Mathews: Call Mrs. West and the doctor. Tell 'em we found the boy. He's okay.
Officer: [to Gorman] Obliged for your help. We'll drive you back to Bedford if you like.
Gorman: Uh, if it's all the same to you, I... I'd just as soon walk.
[Gorman starts walking on the shoulder of the highway. Mathews and the officer smile knowingly at each other, enter the patrol car, and drive down the highway, passing Gorman]

"Highway Patrol: Lady Bandits (#3.20)" (1958)
Officer Larrabee: [lays cover over dead loan company owner] He didn't even get a chance to get his gun out of the drawer.
Chief Dan Mathews: Why do they reach for their guns? That's our job!

[last lines]
[Dan Mathews and a Highway Patrol officer arrest Sally Warren and Peggy Banning and remove their hats]
Chief Dan Mathews: Pretty. Let's go.

"Highway Patrol: Careless Cop (#3.26)" (1958)
[last lines]
[Buck Lester and his wife have been arrested. Buck lies on the ground, wounded. Dan Mathews finds stolen cash in their car]
Dan Mathews: [hands the cash to Officer Larrabee] Well, take a look at that.
[to the Lesters]
Dan Mathews: Big spenders, aren't you.
Mrs. Lester: [to her husband] Thought you said you had everything figured out.
Dan Mathews: Remember that complaint you made, or you were gonna make, against one of our officers - number was twelve forty? The one you thought you killed? Well, he's alive. And now you got a real complaint.
[He hands the found cash to Officer Larrabee]
Dan Mathews: Here.
[to the Lesters]
Dan Mathews: You're gonna spend fifty years in the pen. Maybe on visiting days he might come up to see ya.
[to Mrs. Lester]
Dan Mathews: Awright, let's go. Move.

[last lines]
[Buck Lester and his wife have been arrested. Buck lies on the ground, wounded. Dan Mathews finds stolen cash in their car]
Dan Mathews: [hands the cash to Officer Larrabee] Well, take a look at that.
[to the Lesters]
Dan Mathews: Big spenders, aren't you.
Officer Ben Willkie: [to her husband] Thought you said you had everything figured out.
Dan Mathews: Remember that complaint you made, or you were gonna make, against one of our officers - number was twelve forty? The one you thought you killed? Well, he's alive. And now you got a real complaint.
[He hands the found cash to Officer Larrabee]
Dan Mathews: Here.
[to the Lesters]
Dan Mathews: You're gonna spend fifty years in the pen. Maybe on visiting days he might come up to see ya.
[to Mrs. Lester]
Dan Mathews: Awright, let's go. Move.

"Highway Patrol: Breath of a Child (#4.16)" (1958)
Chief Dan Mathews: Now, let me have that again, Doc.
Dr. Ronald Kincaid: Mrs. Hoffman just told me. The child was choking, and a sailor got him to breathing again. To do it, he breathed in the baby's mouth.
Chief Dan Mathews: Well - go on, go on, go on!
Dr. Ronald Kincaid: I'm almost sure the child has epidemic meningitis! It's highly contagious. I've just inoculated Mrs. Hoffman
Chief Dan Mathews: You say the sailor breathed in the kid's mouth. Where's the sailor now?
Dr. Ronald Kincaid: Mrs. Hoffman doesn't know. She doesn't even know his name.
Chief Dan Mathews: C'mon, Doc - tick it off for me fast!
Dr. Ronald Kincaid: Well, the sailor drove up for gas, he saw the trouble and he got the child breathing again. Then, he drove off without even giving his name.
Chief Dan Mathews: What are his chances?
Dr. Ronald Kincaid: Unless he receives inoculation within a matter of hours, he has no chance at all!

[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: [to Sergeant Williams] See you back at headquarters.

"Highway Patrol: Hitchhiker (#4.27)" (1959)
Walter Miller: How come he picked me? I only had $30 in my pocket.
Chief Dan Mathews: He didn't pick you - you picked him. Sucker!

[last lines]
[Joe Parker and his wife have been taken into custody]
Chief Dan Mathews: [Dan Mathews]
[to Joe Parker]
Chief Dan Mathews: You were pretty lucky. Awright, take 'em away. C'mon, move.

"Highway Patrol: Dan Sick (#3.38)" (1958)
Chief Dan Mathews: Reckless driving doesn't determine who's right - only who's left!

[final line]
Chief Dan Mathews: Guns can be awful dangerous.

"Highway Patrol: Hot Rod (#2.7)" (1956)
Chief Dan Mathews: What happened after you gave him the money?
Earl Davis: He told me not to follow him, or he'd kill me. Then he ran out. I called you as soon as I could.
Officer Dorsey: Did you see a car outside?
Earl Davis: No. No, I didn't see any car.
Chief Dan Mathews: Did you hear a car?
Earl Davis: Yeah, come to think of it, I did!
Chief Dan Mathews: Anything unusual?
Earl Davis: It made a roar. Extra powerful, like a racing car. Oh, it sounded like it could really go!

[last lines]
[Chief Mathews and Officer Dorsey drive onto the Burke brothers' property. As Harry Burke sees them exit their patrol car, he pulls out his gun. He exchanges shots with the officers and is badly wounded]
Tommy Burke: [sitting in his hot rod] Don't shoot.
Chief Dan Mathews: Now get out.
[Tommy exits his car]
Chief Dan Mathews: Put your hands on top of your head.
Officer Dorsey: We'll need an ambulance and probably a coroner for this one.
Chief Dan Mathews: Awright. I'll call in.
Tommy Burke: Harry's dead? It shoulda been me, I killed somebody drivin' that car. He never killed anyone.
Chief Dan Mathews: You both handled deadly weapons. You both handled 'em wrong. C'mon, let's go.

"Highway Patrol: Double Cross (#2.35)" (1957)
Chief Dan Mathews: It isn't the car that kills - it's the driver!

[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: What'dja come back for?
John Grolier: Was a double cross all around. He didn't have it, neither did she.
Chief Dan Mathews: You won't need it.
Sergeant Walters: I answered the call at the Maple Leaf Motel. I wasn't needed. Headquarters sent me down here. I brought her knitting.
[Walters hands the bundle of knitting to Mathews. Mathews checks the knitting and pulls out the stack of stolen money that Grolier had searched for]
Chief Dan Mathews: She knitted real good, didn't she? Awright, take him away.

"Highway Patrol: Suspected Cop (#2.22)" (1957)
Chief Dan Mathews: [hands Jackson money for gas] By the way, what's your name?
Chuck Jackson: [suspiciously] My name? Why, sir?
Chief Dan Mathews: I want to know who to ask for next time I come in.
Chuck Jackson: [relieved] Oh! Just ask for Chuck. Chuck Jackson
Chief Dan Mathews: Thanks, Chuck. I'll remember!

[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: It's a good thing you're wearin' that badge, Johnson.
Officer Johnson: Whaddaya mean?
Chief Dan Mathews: If you weren't, I'd have to run you in for illegal use of firearms. C'mon, let's go.

"Highway Patrol: Chain Store (#3.12)" (1957)
Chief Dan Mathews: Reckless driving doesn't determine who's right - only who's left!

[last lines]
[Sam Cowley and his wife have been taken into custody. Dan Mathews pulls out of his pocket a mask that Cowley had worn in a series of grocery store robberies]
Chief Dan Mathews: [to Crowley] When you get some time, put it back on. I think you'd look better in it.

"Highway Patrol: Father Thief (#1.10)" (1955)
Charles Elliot: What are you trying to do, turn my own son against me?
Chief Dan Mathews: You've already done that, Mr. Elliot! I've been on the Patrol a long time. I've seen evil and ugly things. But it's the first time I've seen a father allow his son to go to trial for crimes that he committed!

[last lines]
Grant Elliot: I... I don't know what to do, Mr. Mathews. He's still my father.
Chief Dan Mathews: Yeah, I know. You remembered it, but he didn't. But you're young.
[looks toward father]
Chief Dan Mathews: He's young, and when it's all straightened out, he'll have learned something.
[looks back toward son]
Chief Dan Mathews: C'mon kid, we'll go visit your aunt.
[Mathews and Grant exit the room. Sargent Betts takes the father into custody]

"Highway Patrol: License Plates (#1.29)" (1956)
Sergeant Corey: Looks like our man again, only now he's taking the county cars for a getaway.
Chief Dan Mathews: I'll make you a small bet - we take him to jail in a Highway Patrol car!

[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: Awright, come on, Jimmy. I'll take you home.
Jimmy James: Bye, everybody.
[Goodbyes are said by several indistinguishable individuals]

"Highway Patrol: Oil Lease (#2.9)" (1956)
Chief Dan Mathews: [gestures toward bulldozer] Didn't they use these against snipers in the Pacific?
Fletcher: They sure did - that's as good as light tank armor. But I don't think it'll stand a point-blank hit!
Chief Dan Mathews: Did Stocker ever see combat?
Fletcher: No - PX clerk. But he did go through basic training.
Chief Dan Mathews: All right - maybe he'll break and run!
Fletcher: He might.
Chief Dan Mathews: Let's try it!

[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: Don't worry. We'll book 'em.
Fletcher: Thanks, We'll work out prosecution with the FBI. One more day like this and I'm going to put in for a Combat Infantryman's Badge. Maybe we can find one for you, too.
Chief Dan Mathews: Thanks very much.
[Refers to the police badge he holds in his hand]
Chief Dan Mathews: This badge causes us enough trouble.

"Highway Patrol: The Collector (#4.22)" (1959)
Chief Dan Mathews: It isn't WHAT you drive, but HOW you drive that counts!

[last lines]
Marge Singleton: We were wrong, Jerry. We were wrong about the police.
Chief Dan Mathews: I wish you'd tell that to a few million other people.

"Highway Patrol: Dead Hunter (#3.10)" (1957)
Chief Dan Mathews: Foster reported the accident. He said he was out deer hunting, heard a noise in the thicket and he fired. He thought your father was quite a distance away.
Phyllis Chadwick: I... I can't believe it! What was my father doing out there?
Chief Dan Mathews: Well, he'd gone for a walk with Foster. Foster had his rifle with him.
Phyllis Chadwick: My father never went hunting in his life! He wouldn't even go around with anyone who carried a gun! He couldn't bear to see any living thing killed.

[last lines]
William Foster: Well, what is it now, Mr. Mathews?
Chief Dan Mathews: We wanna ask you some more questions.
William Foster: I promised to cooperate, but honestly, this continued harassment... Oh, I'm sorry. I guess you understand I... I've been under quite a strain.
Chief Dan Mathews: Yeah, sure. We know.
William Foster: I came up to pick up some business correspondence and some records.
Chief Dan Mathews: Do you mind givin' 'em to us?
William Foster: Oh, really they're of no significance to anyone outside the firm. They're merely records I didn't want anything to happen to.
Chief Dan Mathews: Oh, we'll make sure nothin' happens to 'em.
William Foster: All right, then. They're in the front seat. After all, I won't be needing them immediately. Well, is that all, Mr. Mathews? I mean, I'd like to get back to the city before dark.
Chief Dan Mathews: Yea, sure. You'll make it, and don't worry about the four grand you carry.
William Foster: What are you talking about?
Chief Dan Mathews: We're trying to figure out how Corbin coulda walked through the mud and kept his shoes clean.
[Foster tries to grab the gun in his jacket pocket, but he is disarmed by Mathews and taken into custody]

"Highway Patrol: Fear (#3.25)" (1958)
Chief Dan Mathews: Tobin - come out with your hands up!
Keith Tobin: Come and get me!
[hunkers behind car and aims gun at Dan and Officer Dennis]
Chief Dan Mathews: Tobin - don't shoot! Your little girl's in the trunk of your car!
Keith Tobin: You're lying - it's a trap!
Chief Dan Mathews: I give you my word - we'll hold our fire! But get her out of there!!
Keith Tobin: Debbie - are you there?!
Debbie Tobin: Daddy, daddy, I'm here!!

[last lines]
[Keith Tobin lifts his daughter from the trunk of his car. Dan Mathews then lifts her from Tobin's arms, and he is searched and handcuffed]
Debbie Tobin: What are you doing to my daddy? It was just a game. I was playing bandit, and Daddy taught me to hide in the car when I saw you drive up the first time, so I wouldn't get caught. Daddy, tell them it was only a game.
Keith Tobin: [to Mathews] Please, can we go now?
Chief Dan Mathews: Take 'im away.

"Highway Patrol: Copter Cave-In (#4.18)" (1959)
[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: [speaking to Sgt. Williams] You know, this is the first time in my life I've ever been shot at with my own gun.

Chief Dan Mathews: [to Sergeant Williams] If false alarms paid off, we'd be millionaires.

"Highway Patrol: Mountain Copter (#1.16)" (1956)
Mickey Demarest: All of a sudden, I'm a nice guy. I've got a gun on you, and so all of a sudden, you're on my side. My buddy!
Chief Dan Mathews: Look, we could've picked you off from the 'copter anytime. Used you for target practice. Let you lay out there while we sat in the rocks and told stories until you passed out. I'm coming down to get you 'cause I need information on that pharmacy job. So either use that gun or throw it away!

[last lines]
Mickey Demarest: [referring to the police helicopter] Hey, do I have to ride in that thing?
Chief Dan Mathews: Don't worry. Our hostess will take good care o' you. Get in.

"Highway Patrol: Rabies (#2.39)" (1957)
Chief Dan Mathews: [to Dr. Elliott] Let's go to Frenchman's Camp!
Snack stand operator: Say, if you're plannin' to run a race up that road, I'd forget it.
Chief Dan Mathews: No, I don't think you would, lady. Not this race, anyway!

[last lines]
[after administering a rabies shot to Kathy Marshall, Dr. Elliott carries her to where her mother and Dan Mathews are talking]
Dr. Elliott: Kathy's going to be just fine.
Chief Dan Mathews: Sure she is. C'mon Kathy. We'll take a ride in a real Highway Patrol car.
[Dr. Elliott hands Kathy to Mathews. Kathy's eyes start tearing]
Chief Dan Mathews: Hey. What are those tears all about, now?
Kathy Marshall: I'm sorry.
Chief Dan Mathews: Got something for ya. Here.
[He gives Kathy a candy bar]
Kathy Marshall: Thank you.
Chief Dan Mathews: Don't let that get around. Some people might consider it a bribe.

"Highway Patrol: Art Robbery (#1.34)" (1956)
Carter Giles: Really, Mr. Mathews, I can't conceive of anybody going to so low as to...
Chief Dan Mathews: What? Steal or commit murder?
Carter Giles: I can't conceive of it.
Chief Dan Mathews: Mr. Giles, there's a mathematical formula. You take what you don't wanna believe - add it to what you haf'ta believe. You come up with amazing answers.

[last lines]
George Mills: Mr. Mathews, you certainly don't intend to link a man in my position with this common gunman.
Chief Dan Mathews: Mr. Mills, judging from your position right now, it's gonna be easy, real easy. Awright, move.

"Highway Patrol: Missing Witness (#1.37)" (1956)
Chief Dan Mathews: Try to be as good a driver as you think you are!

[last lines]
[Chief Mathews captures Ralph Reagan in Molly Weems' house and brings him outside. Sgt. Corey begins to frisk him for weapons]
Joe Macklin: [to Reagan] Some newspaper man. Gimme my card.
Sgt. Corey: Oh, look at this little beauty.
[He hands Mathews a jackknife with a long blade]
Chief Dan Mathews: Oh, that's pretty, You coulda done a nice, quiet job on Miss Weems with this. Better than your Sunrise Park job.
Ralph Reagan: How'd she know? How'd that Weems dame know it was me in the park?
Chief Dan Mathews: She didn't. She couldn't identify you.
Ralph Reagan: She cou...? Then who did?
Chief Dan Mathews: You did. Move.

"Highway Patrol: The Sniper (#3.7)" (1957)
Fred Carter: Well, you are looking for boys, aren't you?
Chief Dan Mathews: Why should I?
Fred Carter: Well, you know how boys are.
Chief Dan Mathews: Sure I know how boys are, but that doesn't make them snipers.
Fred Carter: Well, grown men wouldn't go around shooting at cars.
Chief Dan Mathews: [wryly] You'd be amazed how many middle-aged juvenile delinquents there are.

[last lines]
[From a long distance, Sergeant Moore has shot murder suspect Fred Carter with his revolver]
Chief Dan Mathews: [to Sergeant Moore] I'll get an ambulance. Oh, by the way, you qualified with that pistol of yours this month.

"Highway Patrol: Reformed Criminal (#1.9)" (1955)
[Dan goes to confront the shotgun wielding McCauley with only a pistol]
Pastor Martin Rock: I'll say a prayer for you.
Chief Dan Mathews: Say a prayer for both of us.

[last lines]
Frank McCauley aka Frank Wood: I figured you'd be around. I'm ready to take what's coming on that old charge.
Chief Dan Mathews: The judge will decide that. I'd say you had some pretty good character witnesses.
Pastor Martin Rock: One passenger off the merry-go-round.
Chief Dan Mathews: Well, even one is important.
Pastor Martin Rock: We have the same motto, even in my work.
Frank McCauley aka Frank Wood: Well, who do I thank.
Chief Dan Mathews: You'd better check with the reverend. I'm sure he's got somebody in mind. C'mon, let's go.

"Highway Patrol: Framed Cop (#4.21)" (1959)
Officer Dennis (Dispatcher): Witness reports just in on that hit and run. We're running a check right now on license and car. Got a complete description. License number 2B683. Four-door gray sedan.
Sergeant Ken Williams: Hey, that can't be right!
Chief Dan Mathews: Why not?
Sergeant Ken Williams: Well, that's MY car and MY license number!
Chief Dan Mathews: [pause] Ken, pull up a chair and sit down!

[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: You wanna know something, Ken?
Sergeant Ken Williams: What's that?
Chief Dan Mathews: Your Aunt Audrey's relatives are creeps. Here. Here's your badge. Go out and catch somebody.

"Highway Patrol: Statute of Limitations (#2.18)" (1957)
Chief Dan Mathews: Leave blood at the Red Cross, not on the highway!

Chief Dan Mathews: I was with him when he died. All he could give me was a description. 5'11", 173 pounds, brown hair, and about 30 years old.
Officer Garvey: But Chief, there's a million guys that could fit that.

"Highway Patrol: Lie Detector (#1.17)" (1956)
Chief Dan Mathews: The careless driver isn't driving his car - he's aiming it!

[last lines]
Henry Carey: You'd never trap me without lyin'.
Chief Dan Mathews: I didn't trap you, kid. The truth did.
[to Officer Peterson]
Chief Dan Mathews: Bring him along.

"Highway Patrol: Dead Patrolman (#1.33)" (1956)
Chief Dan Mathews: Leave blood at the Red Cross - not on the highway!

[last lines]
[Two murder suspects have been apprehended on a highway. Suspect Larry Gardner is being searched by Officer Dorsey]
Larry Gardner: I've never used a gun.
[He gestures toward his partner]
Larry Gardner: He shot Allard.
Chief Dan Mathews: He pulled the trigger, you mean.
[Officer Dorsey handcuffs both suspects]
Chief Dan Mathews: Awright, move.
[Suspects are placed in Dan Mathews' patrol car for transport]

"Highway Patrol: Double Death (#3.13)" (1957)
Lieutenant Piersall: I've been on the force for 25 years. The one nightmare I've always had was sending an innocent man to jail.
Chief Dan Mathews: Yeah, I know how you feel. But look at it this way - It's your job to find evidence, the D.A.'s to build a case, the jury to bring in a verdict, and the judge to pass sentence.
Lieutenant Piersall: It was my evidence that built the case. Every time Thornton yelled that he was innocent, we yelled back that he was a liar. We called him "The Brain" because we could never collect the rest of the securities and the money. But now I don't know any more.
Chief Dan Mathews: We're gonna have to find Sylvester before Thornton really becomes a murderer. C'mon!

[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: [to Sergeant Garvey] Help Piersall.

"Highway Patrol: The Search (#2.1)" (1956)
Chief Dan Mathews: [to Sergeant Johnson] Make a note - another APB on Desmond. Have the fellows cover all points in this area. He might be traveling with a gal in a brown convertible.
[to Grundy]
Chief Dan Mathews: Describe her, will you?
Grundy: Well, about 25, 26.
Chief Dan Mathews: Oh, come on, Mr. Grundy - you've gotta do better than that!
Grundy: Well, brown hair, about five foot four or five. Kinda silly-lookin'.
Chief Dan Mathews: You have a doctor take a look at that neck of yours. I'll send an officer back to get a full report. Next time, look out for who you hire!
[to Sergeant Johnson]
Chief Dan Mathews: Desmond's got everything he needs - car, money, and a girlfriend. He's probably headed back for the city. If we don't pick him up before he gets there, we'll lose him again. C'mon - let's roll!

[last lines]
[Dan Mathews questions a man and a woman sitting in a booth in a restaurant. While standing behind a counter, pretending to be the restaurant owner, fugitive Irv Desmond draws his gun and is shot by Sergeant Johnson]
Chief Dan Mathews: Send for the ambulance.
Sergeant Johnson: How'd you know which one?
Chief Dan Mathews: Well, they were too nervous. He said he was a laborer. Look at his face. He's pale as a ghost.
Susan Keefe: I don't understand.
Chief Dan Mathews: Well, he *was* wanted for murder.
Susan Keefe: Murder? Oh, but he was...
Chief Dan Mathews: Yeah, sure. I know. He seemed like such a nice guy.

"Highway Patrol: Typhoid Carrier (#2.6)" (1956)
Chief Dan Mathews: APB on this guy. Lenny Forbes, also known as Lenny Frazier.
Officer Larrabee: Right.
Chief Dan Mathews: Alert all units Indian Valley - he was in that area this morning. Put that on the air, then meet me at the car.
Officer Larrabee: Where are we going?
Chief Dan Mathews: Indian Valley. We gotta find this guy - he's dangerous.
Officer Larrabee: Is he armed?
Chief Dan Mathews: He sure is - with typhoid!

[last lines]
[Hank Dooley has just shot his pistol at Leonard Forbes. Dan Mathews and Officer Larrabee arrive on the scene as Dooley runs toward Forbes with his gun in hand. Mathews disarms Dooley and Larrabee handcuffs him]
Hank Dooley: What are the cuffs for?
Chief Dan Mathews: Assault with a deadly weapon. That's a felony. So is attempted murder.
Leonard Forbes: It wasn't his fault, I caused it all.
Chief Dan Mathews: The doctor's not sure you caused it. How can you be sure. You know, I feel sorry for both of you.
[Officer Larrabee cuffs Forbes]
Chief Dan Mathews: I hope the courts will. Awright, let's go.

"Highway Patrol: Hit and Run (#3.24)" (1958)
Lois Emory: Mr. Mathews?
Chief Dan Mathews: Yeah, what?
Lois Emory: What did you mean when you said hope the man is alive, for MY sake?
Chief Dan Mathews: You hit a man, and you left him in the street. That's a felony. If he dies, it's manslaughter!
Peter Emory: Is she under arrest?
Chief Dan Mathews: No. We haven't got a victim or a witness.
Peter Emory: Can I take her home?
Chief Dan Mathews: Yeah, take her home.
Peter Emory: Thanks!
Chief Dan Mathews: Nowhere else!!

[last lines]
[Lew and Mike Parker have been arrested. Lew Parker lies on the floor, suffering from a gunshot wound in the chest]
Mike Parker: What about my brother?
Chief Dan Mathews: I'm gonna get him to a doctor. What can I get you? Awright move! C'mon, move!

"Highway Patrol: Harbor Story (#1.19)" (1956)
[last lines]
[Dan Mathews has just received word by police radio that suspect Miles Lorber has been captured by the Coast Guard]
Chief Dan Mathews: Tell the Coast Guard commander at Greenport I'll proceed there immediately.
Officer Hansen: Great day for the beach.
Chief Dan Mathews: Yeah... yeah, it sure is. You know, I envy those kids. I hope they find something. Let's go.

"Highway Patrol: Stolen Car Ring (#2.12)" (1956)
[last lines]
[Officer Dorsey has blocked the escape route of three car thieves who just entered their vehicle. They sit in their car as Dorsey and Chief Mathews run toward them with guns drawn]
Chief Dan Mathews: Awright, out! Move around here.
[the male driver stands with his hands on the car's hood, while the two female passengers go around the rear of the car to the driver's side]
Ann: [sarcastically to Wally] Almost a perfect operation.
Wally: [Officer Dorsey is frisking him] I never carry a gun.
Chief Dan Mathews: Thanks, Mrs. Bradley, for bringing your friend along. The redhead with the pretty pink ears. Awright, move out.

"Highway Patrol: Double Copter (#3.37)" (1958)
[last lines]
Joe: Had enough flying for the day?
Chief Dan Mathews: Not the flying that gets me. It's playing tag, especially when they're trying to make you "it".

"Highway Patrol: Reward (#3.39)" (1958)
[last lines]
John Alvin: I'm awful glad it's over, Mr. Mathews, even if you fellas get the reward. The way you walked into that barn, you earned it.
Chief Dan Mathews: Let me tell something, mister. No law enforcement officer ever gets the reward. That's in the line of duty. That's our job. Oh, by the way, Mrs. Alvin. I tell you one thing. You got yourself ten thousand dollars for the information you gave us. Spend it. Don't give it to these guys, just spend it.

"Highway Patrol: The Judge (#3.33)" (1958)
[last lines]
Judge Crosson: [looking at Red Baker's body] Dead, eh?
[Dan Mathews nods]
Judge Crosson: I'm sorry.
Chief Dan Mathews: Don't be sorry. Just consider yourself lucky. C'mon. I'll drive you to the courthouse.

"Highway Patrol: Plant Robbery (#1.25)" (1956)
[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: I'll call the ambulance. All the time he was just across the street.

"Highway Patrol: Gem Robbery (#4.19)" (1959)
[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: 21-50 to headquarters.
Dispatcher: Headquarters by.
Chief Dan Mathews: Evidence and coroner out here right away. 10-4?
Dispatcher: 10-4.

"Highway Patrol: Cargo Hijack (#4.26)" (1959)
[last lines]
[Vance Nolan has been killed after a short shootout with police. Sheila Nolan surrenders and is taken into custody]
Sgt. Ken Williams: He's dead.
Chief Dan Mathews: [to Sheila Nolan] Is that your husband?
Sheila Nolan: Yeah. My big, brave husband. What's gonna happen to me?
Chief Dan Mathews: Take a good look what happened to *him.*

"Highway Patrol: Express Delivery (#4.34)" (1959)
Chief Dan Mathews: [on the telephone] Did you see the woman hit the guy with the pistol?
Motel Manager: [in a phone booth] Yes. He went down like a sack of flour.

"Highway Patrol: Temptation (#3.3)" (1957)
Dan Mathews: It isn't WHAT you drive, but HOW you drive that counts!

"Highway Patrol: Transmitter Danger (#4.4)" (1958)
Chief Dan Mathews: So, in other word, any kind of a radio signal would set this thing off?
[Gestures toward blasting cap]
George Sharpe: Well, naturally we have our own frequency. But these things are new and they're tricky. If they get within a few hundred yards of a strong signal they'll go. And when they do
[Dan Mathews snaps fingers]
George Sharpe: , off goes the dynamite.
Chief Dan Mathews: Oh, thanks heaps!

"Highway Patrol: Narcotics (#2.36)" (1957)
Chief Dan Mathews: Leave blood at the Red Cross - not on the highway!

"Highway Patrol: Portrait of Death (#4.7)" (1958)
[last lines]
Malcolm: I told you, Blanche. I told you it wouldn't work.
Chief Dan Mathews: It never does.

"Highway Patrol: Fire (#4.38)" (1959)
[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: You all right?
Claude Norpell: I... I... I guess so. He wanted to burn down the barn and me with it. Why?
Chief Dan Mathews: I dunno. Maybe a doctor can come up with the right answer.

"Highway Patrol: Frightened Witness (#4.1)" (1958)
[last lines]
[Dan Mathews has arrested Peter Norton]
Jennifer Stone: Where's my husband?
Chief Dan Mathews: At the police station, where you shoulda come in the first place.
Jennifer Stone: But we were so afraid. That other man said he'd kill us, and we believed him!
Chief Dan Mathews: Next time, believe *us*.
[to Peter Norton]
Chief Dan Mathews: Come on, move.
[motions to Jennifer Stone]
Chief Dan Mathews: C'mon.

"Highway Patrol: Confession (#4.36)" (1959)
[last lines]
[Chief Mathews retrieves from his patrol car a package with stolen money]
Chief Dan Mathews: Mrs. Jordan, do you mind if I open this?
Gloria Jordan: Yes, I do mind. That's federal mail.
Chief Dan Mathews: Oh, it is? Let's go talk to the postal inspector.
[Sergeant Williams opens the passenger's door of the patrol car and places Mrs. Jordan in the back seat. As he gets into the back seat through the driver's door, Chief Mathews admonishes him]
Chief Dan Mathews: Oh, Williams, you're out of uniform.

"Highway Patrol: Hitchhiker Dies (#1.30)" (1956)
Chief Dan Mathews: The careless driver isn't driving his car - he's aiming it!

"Highway Patrol: Kidnap Copter (#2.2)" (1956)
[last lines]
Game Warden: Wonderful machine, that copter. A real instrument of mercy, I'd call it.
Chief Dan Mathews: I'll bet the kidnappers got a couple of other names for it. Come on, let's go.

"Highway Patrol: Machine-Napping (#1.2)" (1955)
Plainclothes Officer: He wants to be cooperative. The computer is on a farm southeast of Weberville.
Chief Dan Mathews: Mr. Ferris is gonna be glad to hear that. Why didn't you run?
Charlie - First Thief: I figured the odds.
Chief Dan Mathews: Didn't you figure the odds on this job?
Charlie - First Thief: Yeah. But I didn't figure on that.
[glances up at Highway Patrol helicopter]
Chief Dan Mathews: Yeah, they sure are crazy contraptions. I don't know what makes 'em fly! Take him away.

"Highway Patrol: The Truckers (#3.28)" (1958)
[last lines]
Julie Gibson: We'll have to remember next time, Bill, a guy that size takes two pills.
Chief Dan Mathews: There's not gonna be a next time. One pill is enough, believe me.
[Mathews begins to feel the effects of the drug that was slipped into his coffee at a restaurant. Getting groggy, he manages to get onto the driver's seat of the panel truck he was driving. He grabs the steering wheel with both hands, then slumps forward and falls asleep]

"Highway Patrol: Resident Officer (#2.19)" (1957)
[last lines]
[Linda and Marty St. Clair try to escape in their car, but Marty discovers that the ignition wires have been pulled from the distributor cap]
Chief Dan Mathews: Awright. Don't bother with the wires, I did a good job. Get you hands up. Put 'em on top of your head.
[to Linda]
Chief Dan Mathews: You, too.
Marty St. Clair: What's this all about, Mathews?
Chief Dan Mathews: You're under arrest for murder and violation of the Narcotics Act.
Marty St. Clair: What do you mean, murder?
Chief Dan Mathews: Officer Kline.
Marty St. Clair: You can't pin that on us.
Chief Dan Mathews: Female prints on the shotgun, with a cast of your tire tracks.
Linda St. Clair: Potter shot 'im. We're innocent.
Chief Dan Mathews: Innocent of murder? Innocent of marijuana traffic? How do you sleep at night? C'mon, let's go.

"Highway Patrol: Credit Card (#3.29)" (1958)
[last lines]
[Officer Dennis has killed a suspect, using a high-powered rifle]
Chief Dan Mathews: Well, thanks. That's one I owe you.

"Highway Patrol: Motorcycle A (#1.27)" (1956)
Mrs. Sills: Suppose that officer dies - what happens to the truck driver?
Chief Dan Mathews: Well, if Officer Anders dies, the truck driver's going to face a manslaughter charge.
Bernie Sills: Well, that ain't fair. It's those two men on motorcycles who ought to be punished. They come zoomin' into town just achin' to start trouble. Last year, just eight months ago, fifty of 'em swooped down on this place. Scarin' kids to death, breakin' up our property. Run my wife down and broke her hip, that's what they did - she hasn't been able to walk right since! And that wasn't enough for those punks. Oh, no. No, they gotta come back lookin' for more trouble!

"Highway Patrol: Narcotics Racket (#4.17)" (1959)
[last lines]
Honey: [as wounded Fred is handcuffed] Fred, are you all right? What 'ja have to shoot him for?
Chief Dan Mathews: Look, he's gonna live. He's not shot as bad as Ma Davis is.
Honey: I wish I'd killed both of you!
Sergeant Ken Williams: [as he handcuffs Honey] That's what I like about this job.
Sergeant Ken Williams: You meet such nice people.
Chief Dan Mathews: That's a matter of opinion.
[to Fred]
Chief Dan Mathews: C'mon, move.

"Highway Patrol: Convicted Innocent (#3.11)" (1957)
[last lines]
Jerry Reynolds: Mr. Mathews.
Chief Dan Mathews: Uh, what?
Jerry Reynolds: Been quite a trip and you saved my life, and I wanted to tell you how grateful I am. But can I pull out now? I'm way behind schedule.
Chief Dan Mathews: You sure can if I can have my 23 cents back.
Jerry Reynolds: [counts out 23 cents and gives the coins to Mathews] My life is certainly worth more than that.
Chief Dan Mathews: It wasn't a few minutes ago.
Jerry Reynolds: You're so right.

"Highway Patrol: Convict's Wife (#2.29)" (1957)
[last lines]
[Niles Brandon has just been killed in a gunfight. Dan Mathews returns to the car in which Mrs. Brandon is waiting]
Betty Brandon: Is he dead?
Chief Dan Mathews: Yes, I'm sorry to say. He is.
Betty Brandon: I don't know why I'm crying. He... He was so bad.
Chief Dan Mathews: You're crying for what might have been. When you feel better, you'll know this was the only finish. Slide over. I'll drive you home.

"Highway Patrol: Ex Con (#2.10)" (1956)
[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: I told you not to be a hero. You coulda gotten your head blown off.
Al Baldwin: I couldn't help it. When I saw her shovin' that gun at Kathy I... I guess I kinda lost my head.
Chief Dan Mathews: Mrs. Baldwin, You got a good guy here. Hang on to 'im.

"Highway Patrol: Gambling Story (#4.5)" (1958)
[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: [to Jim Garrett and Ed Peterson] You're both under arrest, for murder and attempted murder.
[to Gil Durbin]
Chief Dan Mathews: Thanks to you.
Gil Durbin: Ah, Mr. Mathews, that money - I don't want it. It was a bad gamble. What'll I do with it?
Chief Dan Mathews: Well, we'll leave that up to the courts. That kind of money is illegal in this state, and at the moment, so are you.
Gil Durbin: Me? Well, what do we do now?
Chief Dan Mathews: Well, after what you did for us, I think you'll find a friendly judge. Come on.

"Highway Patrol: Desert Copter (#1.24)" (1956)
[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: I'm Mathews, Highway Patrol. Thanks so much for your cooperation. You've been very kind.
Truck Driver: Glad to have helped.

"Highway Patrol: Revenge (#3.21)" (1958)
Officer Johnson: I remember now, too. He was a pretty bad character. Made a lot of threats in the courtroom against you.
Chief Dan Mathews: They always threaten the arresting officer.
Officer Johnson: Well, he continued making the threats long after he was in prison.
Chief Dan Mathews: That figures. After awhile, they get the business out of them, though. I'll ride over with you.
Officer Johnson: Oh, I can take care of it. No use in you getting involved.
Chief Dan Mathews: Threats are a dime a dozen, You can't tell what the farmers are gonna do. C'mon!

"Highway Patrol: Split Robbery (#4.13)" (1959)
[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: You all right, Mrs. Austin?
Sergeant Ken Williams: [to Mrs. Austin] I had to grab you pretty hard. I'm sorry.
Ruth Austin: 'Tsall right. I never felt better in my life. You know, for a minute there, I didn't think I was gonna live through it.
Chief Dan Mathews: Oh, Mrs. Austin, um, have you got a telephone?
Ruth Austin: I sure do.
Chief Dan Mathews: Do you mind if I use it?
Ruth Austin: No.
Chief Dan Mathews: Thanks.

"Highway Patrol: Gem Robbery (#2.32)" (1957)
Chief Dan Mathews: Leave your blood at the Red Cross - not on the highway!

"Highway Patrol: Dan Hostage (#4.31)" (1959)
Chief Dan Mathews: If you care to drive - drive with care!

"Highway Patrol: Christmas Story (#1.39)" (1956)
[last lines]
Santa Claus: How'd that sound, huh?
Chief Dan Mathews: Oh that was fine. C'mon, get in. I'll drive you back to town.
Santa Claus: No thanks. I've got my own means of transportation.

"Highway Patrol: Radioactive (#1.8)" (1955)
[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: Goodbye.
Mel: Goodbye, Mr. Mathews.
Ann: And thanks.

"Highway Patrol: Bank Messenger (#4.39)" (1959)
[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: All right, take beauty and the beast away.

"Highway Patrol: Dan's Vacation (#3.34)" (1958)
[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: Come on - I've got a reservation for you.

"Highway Patrol: Reformation (#2.30)" (1957)
[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: I'm Mathews, Highway Patrol.
Ginny Summers: Mr. Mathews, Ray had the money hidden in the cabin. We were really on our way to give it to Mr. Gordon.
Chief Dan Mathews: Yeah, I gathered that.
[Mathews hands Ray Summers the stolen money]
Chief Dan Mathews: I don't think you'll steal it or lose it, but do you mind if I tag along the rest of the way?
Ray Summers: No. We'd welcome it. We don't want any more excitement today.
Chief Dan Mathews: You're forgetting Mr. Gordon, aren't you?
Ray Summers: Oh.
Chief Dan Mathews: Let's go.

"Highway Patrol: Stripped Cars (#2.28)" (1957)
[last lines]
[Phil Hogan stops his truck after his brother is shot during a pursuit by the Highway Patrol. The patrol car was driven by Dan Mathews, with Sergeant Moore as a passenger. Hogan exits his truck]
Sergeant Moore: [to Hogan] Turn around. Put your hands up on the cab.
[as Sergeant Moore frisks Hogan, Dan Mathews check the body of Red Hogan, which lies in the truck bed directly behind the cab]
Chief Dan Mathews: He's flatter than the tires.
Sergeant Moore: We thought we were dealing with professionals.
Chief Dan Mathews: Oh, they are professionals. And they're gonna be paid for the job.
[Sergeant Moore handcuffs Phil Hogan and walks him to the patrol car]

"Highway Patrol: The Seventh Green (#3.18)" (1958)
Dispatcher: None of the references given by Hepner and Carroll are legitimate. The people listed as nearest relatives do not exist.
Chief Dan Mathews: What'd you get on Hepner?
Dispatcher: Fingerprints show that Hepner is really Leonard Gage. Two-time loser and murder suspect. Released from prison April 3rd this year. Wanted for robbery of Springfield Shoe Factory payroll and murder of guard April 5th. Gage positively identified by fingerprints on that job.
Chief Dan Mathews: Thanks!

"Highway Patrol: Diversion Robbery (#4.25)" (1959)
[last lines]
[Dan Mathews has finished patting down Bert Nelson to check for weapons]
Chief Dan Mathews: Okay, turn around.
Bert Nelson: Pretty good gimmick, wasn't it? The bomb, I mean. It was the last one that got us.
Chief Dan Mathews: Lemme show you a good gimmick, eh?
[places a handcuff on Nelson's right wrist]
Chief Dan Mathews: Awright. C'mon, turn around
[handcuffs his left wrist]
Chief Dan Mathews: Awright. C'mon, let's move.
[to other officers on the scene]
Chief Dan Mathews: It's all yours, boys.

"Highway Patrol: Resort (#1.14)" (1956)
[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: Well, Ed, there's your evidence, all packaged and delivered.
Ed Coleman: Thanks, Dan. Thanks for everything.
Chief Dan Mathews: Aw, it's nothing. Forget it. I'm just tryin' to help you keep a promise, that's all. Angie, remember?
[Ed nods]

"Highway Patrol: Suicide (#3.31)" (1958)
[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: Sorry, Mrs. Curran. I'm gonna have to take you in. That was attempted assault with a deadly weapon.
Mary Curran: But you got him. You got the supervisor.
Chief Dan Mathews: Well, that happens to be our job. I wish people would learn that. I'm sorry. C'mon.

"Highway Patrol: Hired Killer (#2.37)" (1957)
[last lines]
[Dan Mathews sits alone, on the aisle, in the rearmost seat on a bus, directly behind a murder suspect. The passenger sitting next to the suspect disembarks, and when the bus resumes its route, Mathews draws his gun and places the muzzle on the neck of the suspect]
Chief Dan Mathews: Keep your mouth shut. We get off at the next stop.
The Killer: What's this all about? You don't even know me.
Chief Dan Mathews: You're in the same spot the Santells were in. Slide over.

"Highway Patrol: Insulin (#3.17)" (1958)
[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: We're gonna hold you for attempted murder. What kind of animals are you, anyway?
Peter Barker: Just human animals, Mr. Mathews. I'd rather face a jail sentence any day than Bixby.
Chief Dan Mathews: Oh, you're gonna see Bixby. He's gonna be your cell mate.
[Turns to officer]
Chief Dan Mathews: Book 'em!
Chief Dan Mathews: [Watches as Barker and Dunning are taken for processing] Punks!

"Highway Patrol: Scared Cop (#1.18)" (1956)
[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: All right, Mark, you can wrap it up. When you get the highway cleaned up, ride back in with Blake. I'm going in to make a report.
Patrolman Mark Reynolds: Report?
Chief Dan Mathews: Yeah, on the suspect. What's his name again, uh? Oh, John Bennett. It slipped my mind for a minute.
[Mathews walks to a lit flare on the road, takes a sheet of paper from his jacket pocket, and places the paper on the flare to burn it. He then turns to Patrolman Reynolds]
Chief Dan Mathews: Your resignation.

"Highway Patrol: Brave Boy (#4.24)" (1959)
[last lines]
[Marty Hudson has been killed in a gunfight]
Sgt. Ken Williams: Little Billy's mother's gonna be all right.
Blanche Hudson: What am I gonna do now? He was all I had.
Chief Dan Mathews: What's Billy Redmond gonna do without his father?

"Highway Patrol: Train Robbery (#4.8)" (1958)
[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: Let's go.

"Highway Patrol: Mexican Chase (#4.20)" (1959)
[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: Thanks for your help, Julio.
Capt. Julio Gonzales: It was a pleasure.
Chief Dan Mathews: You know, I wish they had stolen my car - it needs a new paint job.

"Highway Patrol: Efficiency Secretary (#3.2)" (1957)
[last lines]
Doris Mauldin: How did you do it, Mr. Mathews?
[Mathews wipes a small amount of the powder on the back of Mauldin's dress]
Chief Dan Mathews: Your boyfriend's got long arms, just like the law. Awright.

"Highway Patrol: Phony Cop (#3.32)" (1958)
[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: That your husband?
Mae Loman: Yes. Is he dead?
Chief Dan Mathews: Ah, he can still smell flowers.
Mae Loman: I'd just like to know how you knew I wasn't a real hostage.
Chief Dan Mathews: Well, you're like all women. You're fascinated by a telephone. I talked to you three times today. C'mon, move.

"Highway Patrol: The Trap (#4.14)" (1959)
[last lines]
Dispatcher: Headquarters to twenty-one fifty. Headquarters to twenty-one fifty.
Chief Dan Mathews: Twenty-one fifty by.
Dispatcher: Report from the state penitentiary: Wilson safely delivered by helicopter.
Chief Dan Mathews: Okay. We got that.
Dispatcher: Oh, another thing. On that street barrier: Negative report from emergency street repair.
Chief Dan Mathews: Oh, that's just dandy. It's better late than never.
[to Sergeant Williams]
Chief Dan Mathews: C'mon, let's go.

"Highway Patrol: Magazine Writer (#2.5)" (1956)
[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: Dahlquist, I'm Dan Mathews, Highway Patrol.
Sam Dahlquist: I'm sure glad to see you, Mathews.
Chief Dan Mathews: You coulda had that pleasure earlier if you'd let me know as soon as you found out that Garrow was murdered. You woulda saved everybody a lot of trouble. Did you finish your article?
Sam Dahlquist: Yes. That's why I...
[Mathews interrupts Dahlquist]
Chief Dan Mathews: You write on dangerous subjects. Next time let's collaborate.

"Highway Patrol: Fisherman's Luck (#2.4)" (1956)
[last lines]
[Chief Mathews asks the cooperation of Gil Martin and his friend Joe in the investigation of a robbery and an automobile crash]
Chief Dan Mathews: That's beautiful equipment you've got there. New, too.
Gil Martin: Okay, Joe. Put the stuff away. And get rid of the bait.
Sergeant Johnson: I'll help you.
[Joe opens a fisherman's creel and reaches for a revolver inside it. Sgt. Johnson grabs the gun out of Joe's hand, and Mathews draws his weapon]
Sergeant Johnson: Hold it, sir.
[Johnson then searches the two men]
Chief Dan Mathews: [to Sgt. Johnson] Get on the radio to headquarters. Tell 'em to get a warrant out here so I can search the cabin.
[to the suspects]
Chief Dan Mathews: Unless you guys wanna tell us where the money is.
Joe: [exasperated] You hadda hang around here to fish.
Chief Dan Mathews: Okay, take 'em out.
[Sgt. Johnson leads the suspects to the patrol car]
Chief Dan Mathews: Not a bad catch for this early in the season.

"Highway Patrol: Illegal Entry (#4.28)" (1959)
[last lines]
[Standing next to the truck he wants to use for his getaway, human smuggler Ben Douglas holds Pablo Diaz hostage. When Dan Mathews tells Douglas he took the keys to the truck, Douglas threatens to kill Diaz if Mathews doesn't give them to him. Mathews throws a set of keys toward Douglas, and as Douglas bends down to pick them up, Captain Perez of the Mexican police shoots him. Mathews picks up the keys]
Captain Perez: [sighs] He is very dead, señor. I'm sorry.
Chief Dan Mathews: I'm sorry for what he did to your people.
Captain Perez: I will take care of everything.
Chief Dan Mathews: When you want me, call me for the inquest.
Captain Perez: Thank you, señor.
Pablo Diaz: Gracias señor. That was very close.
Chief Dan Mathews: It wasn't too close. These are the keys to my house. God bless.
Captain Perez: Bless you.

"Highway Patrol: Stolen Plane Copter (#2.31)" (1957)
Chief Dan Mathews: It isn't the car that kills - it's the driver!

"Highway Patrol: Hit and Run (#1.20)" (1956)
Chief Dan Mathews: All because she wouldn't stop!

"Highway Patrol: Anti-Toxin (#1.32)" (1956)
[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: Can I give you a lift, Doctor?
Dr. Leonard: I'd sure appreciate it.
Chief Dan Mathews: All right. Let's go.
[the doctor and Mathews exit the Bells' house and walk towards Mathews' patrol vehicle]
Dr. Leonard: Hey, let's watch out for the holes in the road this time, eh, Dan?
[Mathews looks bemusedly at the doctor, and the doctor laughs slightly]
Dr. Leonard: Heh heh heh.

"Highway Patrol: Desert Town (#1.7)" (1955)
[last lines]
Doc Taylor: You know everything now, Mr. Mathews. I ask you, did we do wrong?
Chief Dan Mathews: Well, you broke the law. There's gonna have to be a hearing. But the laws are made and administered by people like yourselves. They're human beings.

"Highway Patrol: Armored Car (#2.14)" (1957)
Tiny Elton: 10 seconds - you're digging this girl's grave!
Chief Dan Mathews: You're digging your own grave - the bluff won't work! A stretch in the pen is better than the chair!
Tiny Elton: Move that car, or she gets it!
Chief Dan Mathews: Take a good look at the girl. If you kill her, that's exactly how you'll feel when they throw the switch!
Tiny Elton: Move that car!!
Chief Dan Mathews: You'll beg for mercy, but you'll still die!

"Highway Patrol: Blast Area Copter (#1.31)" (1956)
[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: It's all over, kid. Chopper's comin' back for us.
Joe White: Hey, you don't... you don't need that gun, I'm not gonna run away.
[the chopper lands]
Joe White: Oh, and tell Marge, tell her I'm all through running away.
Chief Dan Mathews: Yeah, I know. And I'm gonna make sure of it.

"Highway Patrol: Hostage Copter (#2.38)" (1957)
[last lines]
[after a helicopter chase, Dan Mathews has shot the second of two men in a car]
Sgt. Walters: You'd think after his partner got it he'd call it quits.
Chief Dan Mathews: If they had another chance, they probably would. Stay with 'im. I'll call the ambulance.

"Highway Patrol: Psycho Killer (#3.30)" (1958)
[last lines]
Herman Warner: I... I didn't want to kill you. It was just her, Judy.
Chief Dan Mathews: Who's Judy?
Herman Warner: She's my wife. See, she ran off with all my money. She's no good. I've been trying to kill her for three months, but she won't die. She's in that house now, and I've got to go in and kill 'er before she ruins any more men like she did me.
Chief Dan Mathews: Stop worrying. We'll take care of 'er.
Herman Warner: You will? Oh I'm so glad. Now I don't have to keep trying to find her, trying to kill her. Now I can sleep.
Chief Dan Mathews: Sleep. I wish we could get some. C'mon, let's go.

"Highway Patrol: Escaped Mental Patient (#2.13)" (1957)
[last lines]
[Dan Mathews approaches from behind the parked car with Haldor Mattern in the driver's seat and Eileen Haley in the passenger's seat. The driver's window is open. Mattern is slowly strangling Haley with his right hand around the back of her neck. Mathews steps on some leaves and twigs, and Mattern turns his head toward the sound]
Chief Dan Mathews: Well hello there.
Haldor Mattern: Hello.
Chief Dan Mathews: Wait a minute. Your face is very familiar.
Haldor Mattern: Well, that's possible. I... I'm not unknown. Do you ever go to concerts?
Chief Dan Mathews: Violin recitals?
Haldor Mattern: Yes. Carnegie Hall?
Chief Dan Mathews: The violin virtuoso. You couldn't be.
[Mathews opens the car door and extends his hand. Mattern removes his hand from Eileen Haley's neck, exits the vehicle, and shakes hands with Mathews]
Chief Dan Mathews: Believe me, sir, this is an honor.
Haldor Mattern: Oh, you do remember my last concert at Carnegie Hall?
Chief Dan Mathews: I'll never forget it.
Haldor Mattern: Then would you do me a favor? - a great favor. Would you come back with me? There's a certain person I want you to tell that I did play there. He won't believe me, but he *will* believe you. Would you come?
Chief Dan Mathews: Yeah, sure. Where is it?
Haldor Mattern: Riverhead Hospital. You see, I hurt my hand. They're trying to cure it.
Chief Dan Mathews: How's the other one.
Haldor Mattern: Oh, it's all right. As good as ever. All I want for is to have you vouch for me, just to tell them that I did play there.
Chief Dan Mathews: Yea, sure. We'll go right away.
[He turns to Eileen Haley]
Chief Dan Mathews: Mrs. Haley, you stay here.
[to Mattern]
Chief Dan Mathews: C'mon, let's take my car.

"Highway Patrol: Hot Dust (#3.8)" (1957)
[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: [to Mr. Garson] You know something? I wouldn't have his job for a million dollars tax free, or yours either. Oh, by the way, pick up the stuff at the tree, will ya?

"Highway Patrol: Nitro (#2.25)" (1957)
[last lines]
Sergeant: This what you've been lookin' for?
[He hands a set off currency printing plates to Agent Taft]
Secret Service Agent Edward Taft: [to Mathews] These are the plates, all right.
Chief Dan Mathews: Looks like Warren's your boy. Take good care of 'im. We need him as a witness in a murder case.
Sergeant: [to Mathews] What about the nitro?
Chief Dan Mathews: We'll send for a demolition man. We need somebody who knows what he's doin'.

"Highway Patrol: Exposé (#4.15)" (1959)
[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: Well, Merrill?
Merrill Hartman: I got a story to write - a final one.
Chief Dan Mathews: I hope it's the final one.
Merrill Hartman: I'm glad I'm still able to write it.
Chief Dan Mathews: Yeah, look. I got a tag line for ya.
Merrill Hartman: "Crime Doesn't Pay"?
Chief Dan Mathews: Yeah, that's right. Now do me a favor, will ya? Go home and fill your typewriter.

"Highway Patrol: Slain Cabby (#3.16)" (1958)
[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: [to Officer Dennis] Awright, call headquarters. Tell 'em suspect's in custody. Cancel 11-9. Oh, wait a minute. Tell 'em to cancel me too till I get a night's sleep, will ya?
[to Officer Garvey]
Chief Dan Mathews: You know, if they'd gotten away, it woulda been your responsibility.
Officer Garvey: Well, they got a bad break - a little motor trouble.
[He hands Mathews a part he had removed from the car's motor]

"Highway Patrol: Hostage Family Copter (#3.6)" (1957)
[last lines]
Chief Dan Mathews: Say, by the way, would you do me a favor? Give me a ride down the hill.
Barbara Monroe: Oh, we'd be happy to , Mr. Mathews.
Daughter: And thank you, Mr. Mathews. We'd love to have you.
Chief Dan Mathews: [to Peter Monroe] Kinda made a mess outta your jacket, didn't I?
Peter Monroe: After all, you saved our lives, Mr. Mathews.
Chief Dan Mathews: Well, now you're savin' mine. I don't like to walk.

"Highway Patrol: Train Copter (#4.6)" (1958)
[last lines]
Vince Crater: All this, and I didn't get a chance to spend one dollar.
Chief Dan Mathews: As a matter of fact you spent your last dollar. C'mon, move.

"Highway Patrol: Migrant Workers (#2.15)" (1957)
Chief Dan Mathews: That's great - they break their backs all month picking fruit, and then on payday a couple of hoodlums pick their pockets. Let's go!

"Highway Patrol: Motel Robbery (#2.11)" (1956)
[last lines]
[Dan Mathews has just shot a robbery suspect. He speaks into the microphone of his police radio]
Dan Mathews: Twenty-one fifty to headquarters.
Police Dispatcher's Voice: Go ahead, twenty-one fifty.
Dan Mathews: I'm on Route 30, four miles north of the Eagle Motel. Send out an ambulance, and the coroner. Ten-four?

"Highway Patrol: Desperate Men (#4.35)" (1959)
Dr. Feuer: From the hospital's standpoint, they couldn't have picked a worse room!
Chief Dan Mathews: What do you mean?
Dr. Feuer: Well, it's called the boiler room, but actually it's much more than that. It controls not only heat and water, but the ventilating system and all our entire electrical power. They can cut off the oxygen tents, incubators. Why, they can do a disastrous amount of damage from that room if they discover it!
Chief Dan Mathews: They'll discover it!

"Highway Patrol: Hostage (#4.2)" (1958)
Mrs. Carter: I couldn't get excited, or scared, I've got a bad heart.
Chief Dan Mathews: I wish all our hearts were that bad.

"Highway Patrol: Human Bomb (#1.22)" (1955)
[last lines]
Demolition Officer Harry Sellars: Dan, did you run him off the road?
Chief Dan Mathews: No. Don't you start that story around, either. Do you want everybody to think I'm crazy?

"Highway Patrol: Fake Cop (#2.34)" (1957)
Chief Dan Mathews: It isn't the car that kills, it's the driver!

"Highway Patrol: Officer's Wife (#2.27)" (1957)
[last lines]
[Following the line-of-duty death of her patrolman husband, Patty March became a dispatcher at Highway Patrol headquarters]
Patty March: Headquarters to two-one-five-O.
Chief Dan Mathews: Twenty-one fifty by.
Patty March: Landline call from ex-officer Wylie. He would like you to call 'im at home.
Chief Dan Mathews: I think you mean Officer Wylie. Tell 'im I got the message.