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Roman Bellic (Character)
from Grand Theft Auto IV (2008) (VG)

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Grand Theft Auto IV (2008) (VG)
Roman Bellic: We are going to die. I don't want to die, man! Not like this!
Niko Bellic: How would you like to die?
Roman Bellic: Having a threesome on my hundredth birthday. I don't fucking know! I'm scared you cold bastard. What are we going to do?
Niko Bellic: I'm not cold.
Roman Bellic: You're cold... all you care about is revenge and getting your own way.
Niko Bellic: And all you care about is money, and gambling it away on the internet. Oh! Isn't America great? I get to sit in front of a computer and play Mr. Rich Man and get into debt with crooks.
Roman Bellic: Okay, I messed up... I know I did. I thought things would be different. I don't understand this place so good. Oh, man. What are we going to do?
Niko Bellic: Stop sitting in front of the computer gambling our money? Stop getting into illegal card games? Stop spending all our money?
Roman Bellic: Yes...
Niko Bellic: Thank you.
Roman Bellic: And stop thinking about the Russians. Man, we just need to disappear as far as they are concerned. Disappear!
Niko Bellic: Okay, okay. But I want Florian and Darko. I need to know what happened. Give me that.
Roman Bellic: Fine. But leave the Russians alone.

[When Niko crashes his car]
Roman Bellic: You drive like you are drunk.

Roman Bellic: Niko, you're a bitch!

[Niko drags Vlad's body toward the water. Roman runs over]
Niko Bellic: Eeeh, you're a big boy Vladdy.
Roman Bellic: Niko!
Niko Bellic: Well, I guess this is over.
Roman Bellic: What have you done?
Niko Bellic: What does it look like?
Roman Bellic: We're dead!
Niko Bellic: No, he's dead... we're fine.
Roman Bellic: He has powerful friends... serious people... I told you to be calm you hot headed chump!
Niko Bellic: I am calm. He tried to kill us. He screwed your girlfriend. What do you expect? I give him a massage?
Roman Bellic: Shit! Shit! Shit!
Niko Bellic: When I was in the army... we were going on a mission... to ambush a squad who had killed a lot of innocent people. They were our enemies... but we never did it. There were fifteen of us. All boys from the village. But one of us betrayed the group. It was a setup... for money! Twelve people died, three escaped. I know the traitor was not me... So for ten years I've been searching for the other two. One of them lives here.
Roman Bellic: Why are you telling me this now? Do you always get sentimental after you kill people?
Niko Bellic: You kept asking...
Roman Bellic: Wonderful! You're here on some revenge mission for something that happened ten years ago. And you don't care whose life you ruin on the way?
Niko Bellic: No.
Roman Bellic: Well what?
Niko Bellic: I don't know... I just want to know why they did it.
Roman Bellic: Let's hide the body, at least for a while...
Niko Bellic: Put him in the river...
[Together, they roll his body toward the water. A police siren wails in the distance]
Roman Bellic: Shit. We should get out of here.
Niko Bellic: You go. I'll catch up with you later.

Brucie Kibbutz: Let's put some bitches to the sword, VIP style! YEAH!
Niko Bellic: He's a cool guy...
Roman Bellic: Yeah...

Roman Bellic: My God, for a sociopathic killer you're also a really miserable bastard!

Roman Bellic: [When going into a bar with Niko] I'll buy the first round, that is if I remembered my wallet.