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DI Michael Jardine (Character)
from "Taggart" (1983)

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"Taggart: Violent Delights (#7.1)" (1992)
DCI Jim Taggart: Come on, I'll buy you both lunch.
Jackie Reid: [to Jardine:] Do you think mourning has affected him?
[referring to the recent death of Jean Taggart's Aunt Hettie, whom Jim passionately disliked]
Mike Jardine: Mourning? He couldn't stand the sight of her!

Mike Jardine: Not exactly a heavenly body...
[when Jardine looks through Philip Dempster's telescope to see Taggart in the house on the opposite side of the road]

Mike Jardine: He's refusing to tell us which coffins he put the body parts into. We'll have to exhume the lot.
DCI Jim Taggart: Well then, exhume the lot!
Mike Jardine: That unfortunately includes your Auntie Hettie, sir.
Supt. McVitie: Going somewhere, Jim?
[as Taggart walks to the exit]
DCI Jim Taggart: I'm away to see Jean, sir. Then... I think I'll emigrate!

"Taggart: Rogues' Gallery (#6.3)" (1990)
Jim Taggart: There's a nutter running around Glasgow, pumping bullets into people, locking them in car boots. I don't want to give them a third chance!
Mike Jardine: But sir...
Jim Taggart: What is it with you? Are you in heat or something?