Harry Pfarrer
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Harry Pfarrer (Character)
from Burn After Reading (2008)

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Burn After Reading (2008)
Harry Pfarrer: Go around the corner, we'll do it in the back.
Katie Cox: You're so coarse.
Harry Pfarrer: Back of the car... not the... rear-entry situation...

[repeated line]
Harry Pfarrer: Well, hello!

Harry Pfarrer: Ya wanna come downstairs? Ya like surprises?
Linda Litzke: [cheerful] Well, I'm always open to new experiences.
Harry Pfarrer: [walking downstairs] Yeah, I tell ya. I saw an ad for this in a gentlemen's magazine. Twelve hundred bucks. I'm lookin' at this thing and I think, 'You gotta be kiddin' me.' I'm a hobbyist. Thing's basically nothing but speed rails. I figure I'd go down to Home Depot and whip this up myself for... a hundred bucks.
Linda Litzke: What is it?
Harry Pfarrer: What is it?
[pats the seat of the mechanism]
Harry Pfarrer: You sit down there, make yourself comfortable, put your feet in the stirrups, and...
[cycles the mechanism]
Linda Litzke: Oh my God.
[awed whisper]
Linda Litzke: That's fantastic.
Harry Pfarrer: It's something, isn't it? Hundred bucks, all in - not counting my labor, and the... cost of the dildo. Those things aren't cheap. See, I'd like to...
Harry Pfarrer: ...I'm not set up to mold hard rubber.

Harry Pfarrer: Oh my fuck... I just killed a fucking spook!

Harry Pfarrer: Who the fuck do you work for, you fucker?

Harry Pfarrer: Maybe I can get a run in.

Katie Cox: Do you think that's enough carrots?
Harry Pfarrer: What?
Katie Cox: For the salad?
Harry Pfarrer: You know you really are a negative person.
Katie Cox: What?
Harry Pfarrer: Yeah. I've tried to ignore it. To remain upbeat. You just can't help dragging everything down.
Katie Cox: Harry, stop the foolishness and behave. You're not talking to one of your *shithole* buddies.

Harry Pfarrer: You work for Tuchman Marsh?
Tuchman Marsh Man: Yes.
Harry Pfarrer: Is that a law firm?
Tuchman Marsh Man: No, a rock band - yes it's a law firm...

Harry Pfarrer: [Looks at floor] What is this? Pine?

Harry Pfarrer: Twenty years of Marshal Service, I never discharged my gun.
Osbourne Cox: That sounds like something you ought to be telling your psychologist.

Osbourne Cox: Lactose Reflux? Do you mean Lactose intolerance or Acid Reflux? They're two different things!
Harry Pfarrer: This is cheese, so... Lactose intolerance.
Osbourne Cox: So you misspoke.