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Quotes for
Billy Kincaid (Character)
from "Spawn" (1997)

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"Spawn: Endgame (#1.6)" (1997)
Clown: [after seeing Spawn decide to spare Billy's life] What the fuck? hey you assholes that wasn't in the goddamn script! I don't think you realize what's at steak here, get with the fucking program!
[walks up to Billy]
Clown: Get up you worthless sack of shit!
Billy Kincaid: [gets up weakly] I want my ice cream
Clown: [to Billy] Sorry asshole we're all out of ice cream!
[pulls out a gun and shoots Billy in the head]
Clown: Good help is so goddamn hard to find!
[laughs and turns towards Spawn]
Clown: [in a sing-song voice] You make a fucking deal, the boss won't be happy when he hears about this, you really fucked yourself this time!
[turns into the Violator]
Clown: This ain't over Spawn, you made a fucking deal!
[laughs evilly]