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Rachael (Character)
from American Psycho II: All American Girl (2002) (V)

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American Psycho II: All American Girl (2002) (V)
Rachael Newman: [after strangling Brian with a condom] Ribbed, for her pleasure.

Barbara: Excuse me!
Rachael: Oh bite me, Barbie.

Rachael: [voiceover] My heart rate nearly triples when I get to the party and see that the vultures have already descended upon Starkman.
Starkman: He broke the mould because he only murdered two people in his entire career.
[the group of students around him laugh]
Rachael: [voiceover] I must have lost track of time running. I had planned to get here early to get as much face time with Starkman as possible and now I'm late.
[Barbara pushes her to the side]
Rachael: [voiceover] This is a disaster.
Barbara: Bitch.

[first lines]
Rachael Newman: [narrating] Clara was my babysitter. I was only 12 years old. Naive, and somewhat trusting. But all that was about to change. You know how some babysitters take you to the movies, or rollerblading in the park? Mine brought me along on a date with a serial killer. Patrick Bateman. Not my idea of a romantic evening. God, I mean look at her. All drugged-up and tied to a chair. I knew we should have gone to the movies.
Rachael Newman: At first I was scared. I wanted to get out of there as fast as I could. But then, something came over me.
[young Rachael frees her hands and peels the tape off her mouth]
Rachael Newman: As soon as I was free, I got really pissed.
[grabs ice pick]
Rachael Newman: And he was about to make a real mess of my babysitter. So I did what I believe many of you would do in similar circumstances. I took matters into my own hands. And it changed my life forever.
[plunges the ice pick into the killer, and walks out of the room]
Neighbour: Is everything all right in there? I thought I heard a crash.
Young Rachael: Yes, everything's fine. Thanks...
Rachael Newman: [narrating] They found Bateman and his final victim a few days later. The FBI quickly uncovered a psychopath, and pinned a few extra murders on him, and he became an instant celebrity. An overnight sensation. I think they even wrote a book about him. Only in America. As for me, I was never tied to the scene. And rather than self-destruct, or spend the rest of my life on some shrink's couch, I told no one what had happened. I silently vowed to devote my life to stopping other psycho killers. I couldn't wait to grow up.

Rachael Newman: I'll let you be in my dreams if I can be in yours.
Brian: What?
Rachael Newman: It's a quote. Bob Dylan. Maybe you've heard of him.

[last lines]
Rachael Newman: [narrating] It's like they say: the brightest futures are based on forgotten pasts. In the end, I did put Dr. Daniels in a bit of a pickle. But, you've gotta give to take, you know? He gets his national best seller, which is ever so flawed. I wonder how he sleeps at night knowing that I still walk the streets. Me? I need for him to know. I mean, what's the point of pulling off the perfect set of murders to realize my dream, if there isn't someone alive who knows about it? It would be as if I've done nothing at all.