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King Vultan (Character)
from "Flash Gordon" (2007)

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Flash Gordon (1980)
Prince Vultan: Onward my brave Hawkmen! Let this be known forever as Flash Gordon's Day!

Prince Vultan: GORDON'S ALIVE!

Prince Vultan: My thanks to you, Flash.
Flash Gordon: What for?
Prince Vultan: For giving an old bird a second chance!

Prince Vultan: [incredulous] What is this?
Dr. Hans Zarkov: [proud] Humanity.
Prince Vultan: Madness!
Dale Arden: [dreamily] Oh, Flash!

Flash Gordon: Biro's hit! I'm going in after him!
[flies off]
Prince Vultan: Grrrr! Impetuous boy!
Prince Vultan: Ah, well; who wants to live forever?
Prince Vultan: [laughs heartily, to the Hawkmen] DIVE!

Prince Vultan: [Flash is going to suicide ram Ming's palace, Vultan turns to Flash] That must be one hell of a planet you men come from!
Flash Gordon: Not too bad.

Prince Vultan: Flash... when the ship hits the forcefield you'll be killed; this is suicide!
Flash Gordon: No Vultan... it's a rational transaction! One life for billions...

Flash Gordon: The Greatest Adventure of All (1982) (TV)
Vultan: Ah, the Princess Aura. Ming has sired himself a beauty.
Princess Aura: [offended] You forget yourself, Vultan!
Vultan: [laughs heartilly] Never would I do that! It is of myself I am thinking. A princess royal to share my throne... and my life.

"Flash Gordon: Ascension (#1.5)" (2007)
Garus: Vulton, I have news I think will interest you. One of our brothers in Nascent City tells us Ming has a new machine.
Vulton: Ming has a new machine every half-moon.
Garus: Yes, but they say it opens holes in the sky.