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Theo Rahme (Character)
from "White Collar Blue" (2002)

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White Collar Blue (2002) (TV)
Daphne Mullins: [about a murder victim] I see Mr.Gibson every six months to sign forms.
Snr. Constable Theo Rahme: What sort of forms are those?
Daphne Mullins: Green ones.

Snr. Constable Theo Rahme: [in a tuxedo after sleeping over at Sophie's] I feel like such an idiot dressed like this.
Constable Sophia Marinkovitch: Don't worry, you look great.
Snr. Constable Theo Rahme: Yeah, it's a good thing your underwear fit me.

Gemma Mancuzzo: Ah, Theo, nice to see you dressed for the occasion.
Snr. Constable Theo Rahme: [in tuxedo] Yeah, well, I'd knew you'd be here, Gemma.

Gemma Mancuzzo: Oh, Theo, you angling for a promotion or something?
Snr. Constable Theo Rahme: [in tuxedo] Yeah, I want your job, Gemma.
Gemma Mancuzzo: Good luck.

Det. Snr. Sgt. Ted Hudson: [to Theo and Sophie] What are you two pixies doing?
Snr. Constable Theo Rahme: [checking survelliance tapes] Watching TV, boss.