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Lt. Col. Tom Barker (Character)
from "They Came from Outer Space" (1990)

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"They Came from Outer Space: Tennessee Lacey (#1.6)" (1990)
Lt. Col. Tom Barker: Well if it isn't Quincy Sullivan, purveyor of doom, gloom and sleaze.

Lt. Col. Tom Barker: They look harmless, but try to remember they come from an advanced civilization. They're capable of untold horrors. Right, Wilson?
Lt. Pat Wilson: That's right! Now remember, whatever you do don't damage them. We prefer to do our own dissections.

Lt. Col. Tom Barker: Oh, yes, one other thing to remember - when they're not chasing mindless bimbos, they're stuffing their faces. You know, when one of them gets kind of turned on, the other one emits smoke.