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Archbishop Warham (Character)
from "The Tudors" (2007)

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"The Tudors: Tears of Blood (#2.2)" (2008)
Thomas Cromwell: Your Grace. May we speak? I am here to inform Your Grace, as Archbishop of Canterbury, that the King intends to put a bill before the new session of Parliament.
Bishop Wanham: What does it concern, Mr. Cromwell?
Thomas Cromwell: In the first place, it means to deny the Pope much of the revenue he now receives from the English Church. It also means to lay indictments against the privileges of leading clergy in this country.
Bishop Wanham: Mr. Cromwell, what could be the cause of this further attack upon our Holy Church?
Thomas Cromwell: People can see for themselves that the monasteries are already sitting on a great wealth, which could be better applied elsewhere for the good of the whole commonwealth. For the good of ordinary, hard-working people.
Bishop Wanham: This does not strike me as an attack against abuses. But rather, an open attack upon our faith and the faith of our ancestors.
Thomas Cromwell: If that is your judgement, Your Grace, it is not mine. Neither is it the King's.