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Dr. Juliana Tainer (Character)
from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (1987)

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"Star Trek: The Next Generation: Inheritance (#7.10)" (1993)
Dr. Juliana Tainer: You were like a baby at first - a one hundred kilogram baby, but still...

Dr. Juliana Tainer: Deanna Troi - is that who you're going to visit?
Lt. Commander Data: Yes.
Dr. Juliana Tainer: Your father would be so pleased.
Lt. Commander Data: Pleased?
Dr. Juliana Tainer: Well, he was worried that the sexuality program he designed for you wouldn't work.

Dr. Juliana Tainer: [about her mother] She thought that Noonien was an eccentric scientist who was far too old for me. We decided to marry secretly to give her a chance to get used to our being together. We slipped away to Mavala IV and got married there. A Klingon and a Corvallen trader were our witnesses. It wasn't exactly the wedding I had hoped for, but... somehow Noonien had a way of making even the oddest thing seem romantic.

Dr. Juliana Tainer: [answering an earlier question from Data] No, I wouldn't have left you behind if you'd been my biological child.
Lt. Commander Data: Hm... Is that because you place more value on biological life than artificial life?
Dr. Juliana Tainer: Absolutely not! I cherished every android your father and I created as if it *were* my child, even Lore - despite the fact that he turned on us, despite the dreadful things he did. Dismantling him was the most difficult thing I ever had to do. I was afraid that if you turned out like him, I would have to dismantle you too... And I couldn't bear to do that. I'm not trying to justify leaving you behind. I'm just sorry I did.

[Dr. Tainer has praised Data's violin play]
Dr. Juliana Tainer: And considering that giving you a creative aspect was my idea. Oh, your father didn't really see the point. He thought that since you didn't have emotions, there would be no real need for you to express yourself. Somehow, I had the feeling the opposite would be true.
Lt. Commander Data: I do not know for certain. But I believe it is during my creative endeavors that I come closest to experiencing what it must be like to be human.
Dr. Juliana Tainer: Well... I'm glad I insisted.

Dr. Juliana Tainer: On Atrea, there is a saying - that a child born from parents who love each other will have nothing but goodness in his heart. I guess that explains you.