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Aubrey Cain (Character)
from "Kidnapped" (2006)

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"Kidnapped: Sorry, Wrong Number (#1.3)" (2006)
[Aubrey's speech]
Aubrey Cain: Um, for the past ten years, we've been hosting this event, and for the past ten years, my father has been the one to deliver this speech to you, his captive audience. The door's locked, Jim?
[crowd laughs]
Aubrey Cain: Um, so you can imagine my surprise when he pulled me aside this morning and asked if this year I would do the honours. My first reaction was one of terror. This is some room to address. Boy, we've got financial wizards, nobel prize winners, masters of the universe - and then there are the men.
[crowd laughs]
Aubrey Cain: Um, for the past ten years, we have opened our home to you, our friends, in the spirit of helping those less fortunate than ourselves; and, through this, you have become our family. As someone once said that family is a haven in a heartless world, well, I think tonight we've proven that the world is not as heartless as some people may think. My father taught us that we have to be strong for those that cannot be strong for themselves, and my mother taught us about giving back, and when I think of the money raised here tonight and what it might accomplish, and when I think of the blessings that have been bestowed on my family, I am humbled; so, on behalf of my mother and father, and my brother and sister, thank you all for being here with us tonight, and for being our family. And, we'll see you right here next year. Cheers.

Ellie Cain: I know what you're thinking.
Aubrey Cain: No. You know what, Mom? Just save it. Dad already went through it with me, gave me the pitch. And, really, it's great.
Ellie Cain: Okay.
Aubrey Cain: I'm signed on. A pint of blood, a pound of flesh, an organ to be decided at a later point...

Aubrey Cain: You know, I always wanted my own watchdog. What's your name again?

Malcolm Atkins: We can't find your father or your mother anywhere.
Aubrey Cain: My family is getting smaller by the day.

"Kidnapped: Special Delivery (#1.2)" (2006)
Aubrey Cain: I like your tattoo. What does it mean?
Kenneth Cantrell: It means I had too much to drink when I was sixteen.