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Eric Olczyk (Character)
from "Playmakers" (2003)

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"Playmakers: Down & Distance (#1.8)" (2003)
Eric Olczyk: How do you do it? Stay on the job when you're up against something bigger than you are?
Coach George: You just keep showing up. Guys like you and me, that's all we can do.

Eric Olczyk: It's been obvious to every scout who ever looked at you: too slow, too awkward, lucky. It's a wonder you keep suiting up. It's a wonder you made it in this league at all. All the work it took getting here, takes twice that and more to stay. And still you're up against guys who are bigger, stronger, faster. Which is why you can't miss a snap count. A tendency. A tell. 'Cause when you know that two taps means pass, you haven't just leveled the playing field... you've actually got the advantage.

"Playmakers: Game Day (#1.1)" (2003)
Eric Olczyk: [narrative] You tell yourself it's for your brother, to screw your dad, because it's Sunday and that's what you do... who you are. But the truth is, you're scared to walk away. You hate the game, but you don't have the strength to leave it. So you play angry, like someone's gonna pay for this. And that's what makes you good, what separates you from the rest... what makes you a killer.

"Playmakers: Piss Man (#1.2)" (2003)
Eric Olczyk: I'm just saying... you got problems at the office, not at home. That's all I'm saying.
Leon Taylor: Look at you, getting all Dr. Phil on me.