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Echo Echo (Character)
from "Ben 10: Alien Force" (2008)

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"Ben 10: Ultimate Alien: Absolute Power: Part 2 (#1.20)" (2010)
Echo Echo: [emerging from the trunk after Kevin's destroyed the other clones] Luckily, I always keep a spare in the trunk. That should be enough of a head start.

Gwen Tennyson: Ben, you promised we'd try it my way first.
Ultimate Echo Echo: Yeah, I lied.

Ultimate Echo Echo: I don't even like being famous. Between you and me, I wish I had my secret identity back.
Kevin Levin: My heart bleeds for you. Now you just bleed!

Ultimate Echo Echo: [as Ben prepares to finish Kevin for good] Paradox said I was the one who will do what has to be done. I gotta!
Gwen Tennyson: Then do it. Protect the innocent! That's Kevin, too.
Ben Tennyson: [changing back to Ben] You better be right.

"Ben 10: Alien Force: Alone Together (#2.2)" (2008)
Reinrassig III: Your friend interfered with the teleporter settings.
Echo Echo: Well, to be fair, we were a little... distracted, what with you trying to kill us... and all.

Echo Echo: You couldn't defeat it alone and I couldn't. If more of them come, our only hope of survival is to fight together. You know I'm right.
Reinrassig III: I know no such thing.

Echo Echo: Creeps you out? I can take care of that.
[Changes to Ben]
Ben Tennyson: See? I'm really just a plain old human.
Reinrassig III: That is even worse! Be gone, foul thing! I shall traverse to the transporter alone.

Reinrassig III: Microcephalic vermin-ridden carcass!
Echo Echo: That's an insult, right?

"Ben 10: Alien Force: Trade Off (#3.11)" (2009)
[Echo Echo and all his duplicates climb into Kevin's car]
Echo Echo: [all together] Then what are we waiting for? Go!
[At a look from Kevin, the Echo Echos change back into Ben]
Kevin Levin: You know, you coulda done that BEFORE you got in my ride.

"Ben 10: Ultimate Alien: Greetings from Techadon (#3.3)" (2011)
Kevin Levin: If it makes you feel any better, after it finishes you off, I'm gonna pound Vulkanus like nobody's business.
Ultimate Echo Echo: That does not make me feel any better.

"Ben 10: Alien Force: Vreedle, Vreedle (#3.6)" (2009)
Jet Ray: I'll wrap this up fast with Humungousaur.
[activates Omnitrix]
Echo Echo: Echo Echo. Oh, man.

"Ben 10: Alien Force: Undercover (#2.5)" (2008)
Echo Echo: Ready... to... go?
Kevin Levin: Please say yes.

"Ben 10: Alien Force: Unearthed (#2.11)" (2009)
Echo Echo: [No.1] Thanks, guys.
Echo Echo: [No.s 2, 3 & 4] No problem.
Kevin Levin: Dude, you're talkin' to yourselves again.

"Ben 10: Ultimate Alien: Map of Infinity (#1.11)" (2010)
Ultimate Echo Echo: If I'm lucky, I've got maybe five minutes left before I change back.
Kevin Levin: No time to be careful. Let's just run through here like maniacs.
Ultimate Echo Echo: Now you're talking sense.
Gwen Tennyson: Nothing scares me more than when you two agree.
Ultimate Echo Echo: [taking point] Uh-huh. Talk while you're moving.

"Ben 10: Alien Force: Grounded (#2.7)" (2008)
Echo Echo: You can't ground me! I'm a super-powered alien!
Sandra Tennyson: You're a super-powered alien who's about five minutes from forcing me to reconsider a lifelong disbelief in corporal punishment.

"Ben 10: Ultimate Alien: Double or Nothing (#3.5)" (2011)
Ultimate Spidermonkey: How's it hanging?
Hugh: Uh, would you mind letting me down? I have a... major fear of heights... and of falling and losing.

"Ben 10: Ultimate Alien: The Flame Keeper's Circle (#3.4)" (2011)
Vilgax: Enough. Destroy the boy. Destroy Ben Tennyson!
Ben Tennyson: Just so you know - I'm starting to take this personally.
[Activates the Ultimatrix]
Echo Echo: Echo Echo!
[Echo Echo attacks]
Julie Yamamoto: I hate it when he does that!
Gwen Tennyson: What?