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Reed Garrett (Character)
from "CSI: NY" (2004)

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"CSI: NY: Some Buried Bones (#3.15)" (2007)
Detective Mac Taylor: [Noticing Reed walking into his office] Reed.
Reed Garrett: [Walking into Mac's office] Mac, um, I told them I was family.
Detective Mac Taylor: [Walking over to Reed] You okay? What's Wrong?
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] I knew Brian Miller.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] The Kid you found in the maze.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] We worked on the college paper together.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] We were friends.
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] I'm sorry.
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] look, in can't say much about the case right now.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] I get it, I just, I wanna tell you what i know.
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] Okay.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] Um, well he's under more stress than the usual.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] You know? He was spending all his free time writing, writing this piece for the college paper, he's been writing it for the last year and a half.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] He said that it was his Watergate, You know? It was something that was gonna put him on the map.
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] Sit down.
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] So uh, do you know what this article was about?
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] It was about kings and shadows.
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] What's that?
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] A rumor, it's a society that exists on campus.
Reed Garrett: [to Reed] Like a fraternity?
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] Minus the kankers and the pranks yeah, it's really, it's dark stuff.
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] So it's like a cult?
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] Yeah, written by blue bloods.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] you know? At least that's what people believed.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] Brian said he was, that he was gonna get inside.

Reed Garrett: [to Mac] He was gonna expose all their secrets.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] He said that the article was gonna piss off a lot of people.
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] Did you ever read what he wrote?
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] He wasn't finished.
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] And you think someone wanted to make sure that he wouldn't.
Reed Garrett: [Nodding his head] Yeah.

"CSI: NY: Taxi (#4.20)" (2008)
Detective Mac Taylor: Who's your source Reed? Who told you about the carvings on the neck?
Reed Garrett: I don't know his name.
Detective Mac Taylor: How do you get in touch with him?
Reed Garrett: He contacts me.
Detective Mac Taylor: What's he look like?
Reed Garrett: I can't tell you that.
Detective Mac Taylor: You can, and you will.
Reed Garrett: Look, when i wanted a story, you stayed true to the code of your office, and now, I'm staying true to mine.
Detective Mac Taylor: This is not a game. An innocent man is dead.
Reed Garrett: What are you talking about?
Detective Mac Taylor: Your blog. You accused a driver named Jimmy of being the Cabbie Killer.
Reed Garrett: I didn't accuse anybody. I reported the information that i was given.
Detective Mac Taylor: Without confirming it!

Detective Mac Taylor: Jimmy the cab driver was also known as police officer James Chameides. He was moonlighting as a cabbie out of Five Brothers Garage.
Reed Garrett: No, wait a minute. I thought Chameides was the work of the Cabbie Killer. He was... dumped from a cab.
Detective Mac Taylor: His own cab! After he was brutally beaten and murdered by three men. Vigilante justice. Now, where do you think they got the idea that Jimmy was the cabbie killer?
Reed Garrett: You're not blaming me for this guy's death?
Detective Mac Taylor: I'm blaming you for putting the target on his back.

"CSI: NY: Like Water for Murder (#4.17)" (2008)
Reed Garrett: [Yelling to mac from a crowd] Hey Mac! Mac!
Detective Stella Bonasera: [to Mac] Looks like you got company, I'll see you inside.
Reed Garrett: [Yelling to Mac] Two woman, same kind of jobs, Is this a serial killer?
Detective Mac Taylor: [Telling the guards] He's okay.
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] Reed, i thought you were working the city desk for the paper.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] Nope, not anymore.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] I got my own blog now.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] New York 24-7 News.
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] Don't you wanna get your facts straight before you sensationalize a story?
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] I thought that's what i was doing.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] You know? Help me out.
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] You got two female victims, both floaters, both brutally murdered.

"CSI: NY: Personal Foul (#4.19)" (2008)
Reed Garrett: [Talking to Mac on the phone] Hey it's reed, I'm about to put up a new blog post about the Cabbie Killer and i was hoping that maybe you could help me with something.
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] I gave you this number for personal reasons, not professional reasons.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] Yes i know, but I'm just trying to put together a real profile on this guy, you know?
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] I mean, don't you think that people have the right to know about who they're afraid of?
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] Look, I'm impressed by your determination, Reed, maybe even a little bit proud, but you're a journalist and I'm a detective on this case.
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] you're crossing the line here.
Reed Garrett: [to Mac] Yes but isn't that what lines are for?
Detective Mac Taylor: [to Reed] Not in my business.
Reed Garrett: [to mac] Come on. Throw me a bone, Mac.
Detective Mac Taylor: [Hanging up the phone] Good-Bye, Reed.
Reed Garrett: [Talking to himself] Well, you won't give 'em a story, then i will.