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Niko Bellic (Character)
from Grand Theft Auto IV (2008) (VG)

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Grand Theft Auto IV (2008) (VG)
[from trailer]
Niko Bellic: We're all looking for that special someone.

[from trailer]
Gordon Sargent: So you're in, big guy? Or are we gonna have to kill ya?
Niko Bellic: Well, since you put it that way... I'm in.

Niko Bellic: I'll rip your fucking heart out!

Niko Bellic: God bless this city!

Niko Bellic: [when drunk and hailing a cab] Yellow car!

Elizabeta Torres: Everyone's a rat!
Niko Bellic: Not me.

Ileyna Faustin: [about Mikhail Faustin] He did not used to be like this. When we were young, at home, he was beautiful. He was happy. He made me happy. But then something changed. Years ago. I never quite knew what it was. So many years I wondered what it was, or what was wrong with me that I did not see it in him, or I changed him.
Niko Bellic: Life is complicated. I... I never thought I'd live like this.
Ileyna Faustin: No?
Niko Bellic: When the war came, I did bad things, but after the war I thought nothing of doing bad things. I killed people, smuggled people, sold people.
Ileyna Faustin: And you don't worry about your soul?
Niko Bellic: After you walk into a village and you see 50 children, all sitting neatly in a row, against a church wall, each with their throats cut and their hands chopped off, you realize that the creature that could do this doesn't have a soul.
Ileyna Faustin: God is very complicated. You mustn't give up hope.
Niko Bellic: Well, I don't know about that.

Vladimir 'Vlad' Glebov: You remember Ivan?
Niko Bellic: No.
Vladimir 'Vlad' Glebov: [shows picture] This guy.
Niko Bellic: Oh, yes. You guys had a little kiss.
Vladimir 'Vlad' Glebov: Very funny. What would you see if I told he was going to rob your cousin?
Niko Bellic: I'd say: What problem does he got with my cousin?
Vladimir 'Vlad' Glebov: [phone rings] Hold on.
[answers phone]
Vladimir 'Vlad' Glebov: Hey. Hey, gorgeous, no. I can't talk right now. What are you wearing? Listen, I'll you back.
[to Niko]
Vladimir 'Vlad' Glebov: Sorry.
Niko Bellic: Who was that?
Vladimir 'Vlad' Glebov: Never you mind.
Niko Bellic: Was it Ivan?
Vladimir 'Vlad' Glebov: Oh, that's funny. You know, for a damn yokel you're a very funny guy.
Niko Bellic: [laughing] Yes. And for an annoying dick, you're really an annoying dick.
Vladimir 'Vlad' Glebov: Well, it is a shame then that I am the guy with the powerful friends, and you are the little punk who's only friend is a fat weasel who drives a fucking cab!

Gracie Ancelotti: [as Niko kidnaps her] I'll scratch your fuckin' eyes out!
Niko Bellic: Scratch my fuckin' balls, bitch!

Niko Bellic: Welcome to America.
Dimitri Rascalov: [in Russian] Fuck you... you dick.
Niko Bellic: Speak English.

Roman Bellic: We are going to die. I don't want to die, man! Not like this!
Niko Bellic: How would you like to die?
Roman Bellic: Having a threesome on my hundredth birthday. I don't fucking know! I'm scared you cold bastard. What are we going to do?
Niko Bellic: I'm not cold.
Roman Bellic: You're cold... all you care about is revenge and getting your own way.
Niko Bellic: And all you care about is money, and gambling it away on the internet. Oh! Isn't America great? I get to sit in front of a computer and play Mr. Rich Man and get into debt with crooks.
Roman Bellic: Okay, I messed up... I know I did. I thought things would be different. I don't understand this place so good. Oh, man. What are we going to do?
Niko Bellic: Stop sitting in front of the computer gambling our money? Stop getting into illegal card games? Stop spending all our money?
Roman Bellic: Yes...
Niko Bellic: Thank you.
Roman Bellic: And stop thinking about the Russians. Man, we just need to disappear as far as they are concerned. Disappear!
Niko Bellic: Okay, okay. But I want Florian and Darko. I need to know what happened. Give me that.
Roman Bellic: Fine. But leave the Russians alone.

Brucie Kibbutz: Do you wanna learn something, or do you wanna make fun?
Niko Bellic: Make fun.

[after the end credits]
Niko Bellic: So this is what the dream feels like? This is the victory we longed for.

Brian Meech: How you doing?
Niko Bellic: Good. Thank you very much.
Brian Meech: Good! Yes comrade, I am doing good. There is no "I", there is only "we" - it is a glorious system, comrade.
Niko Bellic: Excuse me?
Brian Meech: You're excused, comrade. You're excused, now go and mine salt for fifty years...
Niko Bellic: You're a dick.
Brian Meech: I'm a rich dick, friend. I'm young, and rich and loaded. Tell you what, have a hundred bucks. On Uncle Sam, Benjamin motherfucking Franklin. Freedom!
[Brian hands Niko $100 and walks off]
Brian Meech: [to himself] This coke is okay!

Niko Bellic: Minkov is dead. The country is safe.
United Liberty Paper: Not by a long-shot smartass.

United Liberty Paper: You think I don't know that? You think I've been sitting around scratching my balls with my head up my ass?
Niko Bellic: I'd be impressed if you had been.

Niko Bellic: I suck at life, but I bowl like an angel.

Niko Bellic: [Niko is transporting 2 dead bodies to a doctor and the trunk pops open on the way. Niko closes the trunk] Shit, were you guys trying to make a break for it?

Vlad Glebov: Yokel, fatty Roman's cousin. What's your name again?
Niko Bellic: Big mouth prick.
Vlad Glebov: Very catchy. Sit down. Cousin... Niko... that's it, Niko... not big mouth prick. You a funny guy.
Niko Bellic: I try.
Vlad Glebov: Yes... and this once, I let you take the shit out of me.
Niko Bellic: Take the shit?
Vlad Glebov: Yes, mickey about.
Niko Bellic: I don't understand.
Vlad Glebov: People who fuck with me get fucked with!
Niko Bellic: Okay, fine. Calm down.

[Niko drags Vlad's body toward the water. Roman runs over]
Niko Bellic: Eeeh, you're a big boy Vladdy.
Roman Bellic: Niko!
Niko Bellic: Well, I guess this is over.
Roman Bellic: What have you done?
Niko Bellic: What does it look like?
Roman Bellic: We're dead!
Niko Bellic: No, he's dead... we're fine.
Roman Bellic: He has powerful friends... serious people... I told you to be calm you hot headed chump!
Niko Bellic: I am calm. He tried to kill us. He screwed your girlfriend. What do you expect? I give him a massage?
Roman Bellic: Shit! Shit! Shit!
Niko Bellic: When I was in the army... we were going on a mission... to ambush a squad who had killed a lot of innocent people. They were our enemies... but we never did it. There were fifteen of us. All boys from the village. But one of us betrayed the group. It was a setup... for money! Twelve people died, three escaped. I know the traitor was not me... So for ten years I've been searching for the other two. One of them lives here.
Roman Bellic: Why are you telling me this now? Do you always get sentimental after you kill people?
Niko Bellic: You kept asking...
Roman Bellic: Wonderful! You're here on some revenge mission for something that happened ten years ago. And you don't care whose life you ruin on the way?
Niko Bellic: No.
Roman Bellic: Well what?
Niko Bellic: I don't know... I just want to know why they did it.
Roman Bellic: Let's hide the body, at least for a while...
Niko Bellic: Put him in the river...
[Together, they roll his body toward the water. A police siren wails in the distance]
Roman Bellic: Shit. We should get out of here.
Niko Bellic: You go. I'll catch up with you later.

Dimitri Rascalov: I want to buy you a present.
Niko Bellic: Will you wrap it up and put a pretty bow on it?

Brucie Kibbutz: Let's put some bitches to the sword, VIP style! YEAH!
Niko Bellic: He's a cool guy...
Roman Bellic: Yeah...

Brucie Kibbutz: Nicky, we gotta get serious.
Niko Bellic: All right man. If you want my advice, the only way you're going to get your balls back to normal is if you stop juicing or get implants.

Michelle: You're damaged goods.
Niko Bellic: No doubt.

[Niko delivers two dead bodies to a backstreet doctor for organ harvesting]
Doctor: Did they die of natural causes?
Niko Bellic: I suppose... A bullet in the head is as close to natural causes as anything in this city.

Niko Bellic: War is when the young and stupid are tricked by the old and bitter into killing each other.

Niko Bellic: [after having sex with a prostitute] Now I know I'm a lowlife.

Sara: I'm taking that impotent ex of mine for everything he has. My lawyer has found so many holes in the pre-nup it may as well have been written on Swiss cheese.
Niko Bellic: Great. Seems like the marriage was at least profitable.
Sara: I need to get something out of it. It's not like I was being sexually gratified. Impotent loser. Christ, I was spending a grand a month just on vibrators. It was ridiculous.

Gerry McReary: You handled yourself well on that bank job.
Niko Bellic: It was fun.
Gerry McReary: Fun? Too much fun - that's always been this family's problem. Fun, good causes, a good laugh, some stupid dream or some stupid distraction. But never any fuckin' focus. Never!
Niko Bellic: Mmm, focus...
Gerry McReary: All we've ever been is bitches. Working for guineas, working for niggers, any asshole with a buck. The whole lot spent in the proper manner, oh yeah, wine and women, as quick as possible, and remain a slave forever.
Niko Bellic: Very poetical.
Gerry McReary: Yeah, I know, national tragedy.

Patrick 'Packie' McReary: Oh, there he is, Mr. fucking crazy man... you wanna beer?
Niko Bellic: No.
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: Good. 'Cause I ain't fucking got none.
Niko Bellic: Very funny. Maybe if being a drunkard doesn't work out you can be a comedian.
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: Fuck off... and you, Kate, fuck off outta here.
Kate McReary: But aren't you going to introduce us?
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: Sure... this is Niko, some drug dealing de-fuckin'-generate from some armpit in Eastern Europe. That's my ma.
Maureen McReary: Nice to meet you.
Niko Bellic: Hi.
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: And this is my sister. Lovely lass. Scared to bits of life. And fucking off outta here right now, before I throw a fuckin' bottle at her.
Maureen McReary: Patrick!
Niko Bellic: Nice to meet you.
Kate McReary: Likewise. See you around. Bye.
[Maureen and Kate leave]
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: What a girl! I think she likes you. Word to the wise, though - she don't put out. Which is convenient, 'cause if she did, I'd have to kill you.
Niko Bellic: Understood.
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: Good lad. You got any drugs on you, boy?
Niko Bellic: No.
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: Shit... well, probably a good thing... we got some business to take care of. Come on.

Kate McReary: Oh, hey, Niko.
Niko Bellic: Hey, Kate.
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: Get your fucking hands off my fucking sister, boy.
Kate McReary: We're talking, not having casual sex, Patrick... I pray after the amount of practice you've had you'd know the difference.
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: Sure, I know the difference. One leaves you feeling sad and empty and alone... and the other's casual sex!

Niko Bellic: A Mafia controlled waste management plant?
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: You fuckin' guessed it. It's an Ancelotti operation. Ray tipped us off about a big payoff they just got. A fat cash payoff.
'Saint' Michael Keane: Ancelottis, eh? I can't tell none of those wop families apart. Ancelottis, Gambinos, Pecorinos.
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: It's the fucking Pegorinos, man. We're workin' for them. Pecorino's a type a cheese. Pegorino is a bunch of guido gangsters outta Alderney.
Niko Bellic: They're all Mafia though?
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: Course they are. Cosa Nostra and all that shit. Our family used to be bigger than all them Mafia families put together. Back in the day, that is.
Gordon Sargent: Not this shit again. I heard this speech a million times. The McRearys ran the city. People was scared to say their name let alone come near their place in Purgatory. Life was great. We were in charge.
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: It's fucking true. I'd like to hear you tell Gerald that it's a boring story. Me brother wouldn't take too kindly to that now would he? You know that Purgatory is called what it is because people were so scared of the McRearys. Did you know that, Niko?
Gordon Sargent: It's called that because people found the McRearys' stories so fuckin' boring. Listening to them was like being in Purgatory.
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: Fuck you, Gordon. I'll fucking come back there and kick your fucking ass in a minute.
Niko Bellic: I hear that Francis McReary is your brother.
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: Fucking Frankie, my brother. He may have a badge, but I tell you for a fact he's as crooked as the rest of us McRearys. More so. At least we ain't fucking hypocrites. Kate's the only decent one.
Niko Bellic: I can believe that.
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: You know Frankie do ya? I got a story for you if you do.
Gordon Sargent: Another fucking story.
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: Shut up, Gordon. So, Niko, when Francis and Gerald was growing up, Frankie becomes an altar boy. He swears to this day that he wanted to serve the Lord. Gerry knows the truth though. He only put on that cassock so he could pocket the change in the collection plate. Fact. That's Francis down to a fucking T. I don't even know if he realizes what a crook he is.
Niko Bellic: That sounds like the Francis McReary I met.
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: I bet. Model community leader, my ass.
Gordon Sargent: You're just worried he'll start clamping down on you, ain't ya Packie?
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: I'd like to see him try it. Not gonna happen with the things Gerry knows.

Derrick McReary: I haven't felt safe since Aiden O'Malley went inside.
Niko Bellic: Who's Aiden?
Derrick McReary: Me, Bucky and Aiden, we all cared about the same stuff. We came together for a cause we believed in. At least I thought I believed in it. I was young.
Niko Bellic: This was a while ago then?
Derrick McReary: Yeah. So Aiden got caught with something when he was somewhere he wasn't meant to be. Needless to say, he'll be inside for a time. Him and Bucky think I talked. Couldn't see no other way how he got caught. From what I hear, Aiden still rants about me to anyone who'll listen.
Niko Bellic: I know how it feels to be betrayed.
Derrick McReary: You got that look about you.

Niko Bellic: So, someone's been throwing out a load of diamonds?
Luca Silvestri: You could say that. Ray got that tweaker chick of his, the biker broad, you met her?
Niko Bellic: Yeah, she's pretty strung out.
Luca Silvestri: Ray got her to get her friends to steal the ice off of some club owner guy. Her friends are the Lost biker gang.
Niko Bellic: I think I worked with a member of that gang up on Bohan. He was called Johnny or eh, something. Did these bikers get so fucked on meth that they threw the ice away?
Luca Silvestri: Nah. It seems the club owner's got more connections than a subway line. He's in with the Ancelottis, the Dominicans up in Northwood, everybody. Ray come up with this plan to keep a bit of distance between us and the robbery. The bikers is taking the heat for this shit.
Niko Bellic: This ain't the easiest way to pick this shit up, even if we don't want to attract any attention.
Luca Silvestri: Yeah, me and Tuna was saying that before yous got here. We was saying that there's a lot of opportunities for this to go wrong. The bag could split. The diamonds could go missing real easy.
Niko Bellic: That's why we're going to be extra careful, right? We wouldn't want that to happen, would we?
Luca Silvestri: Course not. You know how pissed Ray would get if he found out some diamonds were missin'.
Niko Bellic: He has a temper?
Luca Silvestri: Are you fuckin' kidding me? The manager of one of his waste depots was holding out on profits a couple a years back. Ray fed him to a dump truck. There was this point where the sounds of his screams stopped and all you could hear was his bones crushin', then the pop of his skull goin'. I nearly lost my lunch.
Niko Bellic: Nice.

Ray Boccino: Where the fuck have you been?
Niko Bellic: Sorry... you know how it is.
Ray Boccino: I know how it is? Yeah, I know how it is sitting around with two million dollars worth of stolen ice, waiting to get jumped. If that's what you mean, brains. Were you followed?
Niko Bellic: No. I mean, I don't think so. This town's full of rats so who knows? What's going on? What's so urgent?
Ray Boccino: I need you to offload this ice for me...
Niko Bellic: So what you going to do for me?
Ray Boccino: What do you mean what am I gonna do for you, I look after you.
Niko Bellic: I don't need looking after, I need help finding someone.
Ray Boccino: I said I got connections, I'll see what I can do.
Niko Bellic: "I'll see what I can do." is not good enough. I want your word that you will find him.
Ray Boccino: Hey, I said, I'll look after you.
Niko Bellic: You know what? It's cool. Get someone else, I'll see you later.
Ray Boccino: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Are you fucking kidding me?
Niko Bellic: No! I keep doing these favors for you and you pay shit. I need this from you. A guarantee that you will find this man. I know he's in the city. So either you give me your word or go fuck yourself, I'm sick of this shit!
Ray Boccino: Fine. Fine you got it, you want my word, you got my word.
Niko Bellic: Good.
Ray Boccino: Who is he?
Niko Bellic: Florian Cravic.
Ray Boccino: Florian fuckin' Cravic?
Niko Bellic: That's right.
Ray Boccino: Okay. Okay, you have my word.

Gracie Ancelotti: So, you like the car? I didn't think a manly guy like you would drive something like this. You got a wife or girlfriend or something?
Niko Bellic: I'm picking this up for a friend.
Gracie Ancelotti: Yeah? What a gentleman. You don't meet guys like you in this city no more. All the good men are gone is what my dad says.
Niko Bellic: Your dad sounds real old school. You and him close?
Gracie Ancelotti: Nah, not really. he's great and all, it's just I don't like his tough guy friends. I only hang out with gay guys, you know. At least they won't try and get in your pants every ten seconds. Not that I don't like guys trying to get in my pants. I appreciate fun as much as the next girl... maybe even more than the next girl.
Niko Bellic: You having fun at the moment?
Gracie Ancelotti: Maybe too much fun. Call me Gracie, by the way.
Niko Bellic: Sure thing, Gracie.

Patrick 'Packie' McReary: Fuck, fuck, fuck. All that trouble for nothing. Kidnapping the bitch, holding onto her, fighting through them damn Russians... all of that for jack shit.
Niko Bellic: Look on the bright side, at least you got to meet Gracie.
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: Screw that. I got close to knocking her teeth out. That was about it. We ain't got shit now. Maybe we was going to have to give up them diamonds to fucking Ray Boccino but we woulda got a payday. Now we ain't getting shit.
Niko Bellic: Yeah, but there is no guarantee we woulda made any money out of those diamonds anyway. I've got a suspicion those were the ones Ray Boccino got me to handle a while back. They're bad luck. Me and some biker had to try to sell them to a diamond dealer and it turns into a blood bath. That was when those friends of Gracie's must have gotten them.
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: Stole 'em from you, did they?
Niko Bellic: No, they stole them from the guys I sold them to. Shit, these diamonds have been trouble since Ray first made me take them out of a trash can for him. Is good they are on their way to a landfill somewhere. Best place for them. The population of Liberty City would have been higher if we had.
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: You might be right, Niko. Whose fucking diamonds were they anyway?
Niko Bellic: They were not Ray's, I can tell you this much. Maybe they belong to this homosexual man, Gracie's friend. I don't know. Maybe to Bulgarin.
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: Bulgarin, he the motherfucker who busted up our peaceful hostage exchange? What in Christ's name went on back there anyways?
Niko Bellic: Some time ago, I worked for Mr. Bulgarin in Europe, smuggling people across the Adriatic. A ship sunk, the cargo sunk to the bottom of the sea, I had to swim for my life. Bulgarin lost a lot of money that night and he needed someone to blame. This was one of the reasons I leave Europe and come back here to Liberty City.
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: And now he shows up claiming the ice belongs to him? What are the chances?
Niko Bellic: Our paths crossed back when I was living in Hove Beach as well. My cousin and I moved up to Bohan to get away from him and another man called Dimitri Rascalov.
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: That's a real shame, I can see you fitting right down in Hove Beach, Niko. Probably a good thing you got out though. Wouldn't a met me if you'd stayed, would ya?
Niko Bellic: When you put it like this, I'm one lucky motherfucker, Packie.

Angie Pegorino: Yeah?
Niko Bellic: I'm here to see Mr. Pegorino...
Angie Pegorino: Well, I didn't think you were here to sell me insurance. So you here to work for him, shoot him, or arrest him? Or maybe all three?
Anthony Corrado: It's okay, Mrs. P, I'll deal with this.
Angie Pegorino: Yeah, I'm in a life threatening situation and I'm having a conversation here. He could have killed me. You're useless. Organized crime, my ass. With guys like you, it's no wonder this 'organization' is doing soooo wonderfully.

Jimmy Pegorino: I can't believe them Pavanos would treat me like this. The Pegorino name should mean something to them. It means something in Alderney even if it don't in Algonquin. They better not think of crossing that West River and not looking over their shoulders.
Niko Bellic: Too bad about Marco and Pete.
Jimmy Pegorino: Marco and Pete? Oh yeah, those guys didn't make it, did they? Well, too fucking bad. They knew what they was signed on for. Weren't complaining on the way out, were they? No they weren't. Happy to be on board with the skipper.
Niko Bellic: Yeah, well, they seemed like good kids.
Jimmy Pegorino: Ah these kids come and go. It ain't worth paying attention to them until they prove they can survive. I just move on and hire some wannabe wiseguys off the street.
Niko Bellic: It's that simple?
Jimmy Pegorino: Has to be. I only start paying attention to the screw when they start putting me in an awkward position. Either because they know too much and might rat. Or because they got too much power and they're too smart to get themselves clipped. Ray was nothing to me until he started earning big and sticking his nose in places it didn't belong.
Niko Bellic: Rats seem to get everywhere you don't want them to be.
Jimmy Pegorino: Only way you know is by finding their shit all over the place in the morning. Phil's different. He's been my man for a while. Only, how much can I do with a guy who ain't a full Italian? He's 90% Irish. It don't do too well for the reputation of us Pegorinos having St. Patrick that high up in our organization. You see the respect we're getting out on the street. Jesus.

Phil Bell: So you're a friend of Ray's?
Niko Bellic: A friend? No. I do some work for him.
Phil Bell: No, I mean a friend.
Niko Bellic: I don't understand. Whatever you say. He's a slimeball, but he pays...
Phil Bell: Sure, pal, sure. Listen to me... the thing about Ray is he's a good earner. He talks a lot of shit, but he's a good earner, capiche?
Niko Bellic: He's a rat, doing an impression of a man.
Phil Bell: That's pretty good.

Phil Bell: You scan this thing for bugs?
Niko Bellic: No, but we can be pretty sure it's clean. Chill out.
Phil Bell: Alright, alright. It's just that if we get caught on this one, you and me is going down for a long time. And that means that certain people is gonna assume we'll rat. Which means we'll get whacked.
Niko Bellic: You're working with the wrong people if you expect 'em to whack you if you go inside. Where's the trust, Phil?
Phil Bell: It's about survival. If someone who knew what I knew got flipped then the whole organization would go down. Whacking someone who catches some heavy time is just an insurance policy. And it don't help that not everyone in the organization is pulling in the same direction.
Niko Bellic: You mean that someone in the family would see someone else going inside as an opportunity to get ahead?
Phil Bell: You're a smart guy. Anyways, excuse me if I wanna be absolutely sure that we got out asses covered.
Niko Bellic: You're excused. What're we doing?
Phil Bell: We're taking a load of product off of some Russians the Ancelottis have been dealing with. You was helping those Irish idiots cause some beef between the Ancelottis and their Albanian muscle a while back. Since that little love affair ended, they've been getting this Russian guy to supply them with C. We just got the heads up that a shipment has arrived in Liberty City by boat.
Niko Bellic: That's what the talk about the docks was?
Phil Bell: Exactly. We're taking the C off the Russians so they can't deliver it to the Ancelottis.
Niko Bellic: Sounds straightforward. We take the coke so that the Russians and the Ancelottis have a falling out. And we make some money in the process by selling the stuff. Easy.
Phil Bell: Shit, you sound like you're saying all this just so it's clear on the wire tap. For the record I don't know what this man is talking about. We're rehearsing a scene for an acting class. I work in waste management. Everything we're saying is fiction, it has no bearing in the real world. Watch it Niko.

Niko Bellic: I'm an idiot... I move.

Niko Bellic: Stay calm. No one needs to die.

Niko Bellic: [When Niko crashes his car] You know what? I don't even have a license!

Niko Bellic: [During the mission No Way On The Subway after you've killed one of the Lost Bikers] Oh no! Your buddy's dead!

Niko Bellic: [Niko is nervously flying a helicopter through downtown Algonquin with Little Jacob in the co-pilot seat] "Jacbob, do you really have to smoke that thing now? The second hand smoke doesn't exactly help my hand/eye coordination! You know what... Fuck! Whatever. Smoke it!"