'Big' Ben Healy
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'Big' Ben Healy (Character)
from Problem Child (1990)

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Problem Child 2 (1991)
'Big' Ben Healy: [finds his own dog in a yard sale] Nippy, what the hell are you doing here? They're selling you for a nickel?

Junior: Ahh, finally I get some room in here.
'Big' Ben Healy: You little psycho, this time you've gone too far.
Junior: Ah, shut your trap.
'Big' Ben Healy: You're an evil boy. And you've gotta learn to respect your elders. If your old man won't teach you some manners, by god I will.

'Big' Ben Healy: [in a tree, after falling out of the window] Help me! Help me!
Lawanda Dumore: What is that man doing?
'Big' Ben Healy: I'm 'Big' Ben Healy. I live here.
Lawanda Dumore: You live in that tree?